Motorbike Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Motorbike Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a motorbike represents your solid progress towards achieving an important goal. You are moving forward and look forward to freedom. This could be financial, spare time, or more time to pursue other things. Motorbikes can symbolize your wild side. Have you been taking risks? Behaving recklessly? This could warn you do not want to destroy your life or put it in danger.

Riding a motorbike is a sign that though life is challenging it is full of fun times. It can also symbolize your desire to take action rather than watch the world from afar. Dreaming of being in a motorbike accident means you have taken a risk. It may not be successful. Riding pillion on a motorbike can mean you feel out of control of your life or that you are having an affair of the heart.

Feeling the wind blow through your hair as you are riding means that you long for the freedom to do whatever you want. Being close to a motorbike can mean you like to obey the rules. You do not want trouble with the law. Being chased by someone on a motorbike is a sign you are avoiding your responsibilities.

Watching a motorbike travel through the country indicates you will soon move your life forward. This relates to exploring new opportunities rather than taking action. Dreaming of speeding can mean your easy-going outlook on life may soon come across some obstacles.

Seeing a drunk rider symbolizes that the pressure from work may be overwhelming. You need to ask for help. Learn to delegate work where you can. Seeing a large group of motorbikes indicates you need to take care of yourself. Are you feeling negative? Down on life? If you continue this way your life will fill be filled with misery. Avoid being insensitive to others.

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