Moon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Moon Dream Symbol – Dreaming of the moon can represent a hidden part of yourself that you do not know very well. The moon often symbolizes femininity and your intuition. It can also signify your moodiness. Seeing two moons in a dream can mean you are torn between two choices.

It can also signify the two extremes of a situation or of a person. Seeing five moons is a sign there is major chaos and turmoil going on in your waking life. It is also a strong message to follow your gut instincts at this time. Do not ignore your intuition.

Seeing a crescent moon represents the cycles in your life. It can also signify renewal and movement forward in your life. It is a sign that you are on track to achieve success. It can also symbolize a new relationship blooming into a new romance. It is a sign you need to take things slowly as you are on the right path. Dreaming of a full moon brings new beginnings and opportunities. It is a sign that something will reach completion and you feel pride in achieving success.

Seeing an asteroid collide with the moon, causing a massive explosion, represents there are chaos and turmoil in your life. Is your life completely out of control? Are you refusing to face responsibility for your life? Do you indulge your every whim? You need to reassess what you want out of life.

Jumping up to touch the moon in a dream represents your ambitious nature. You are someone who aims high in life. This dream is a reminder that you can do anything you want to in life as long as you use perseverance to work through any roadblocks.

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  1. I had a dream where I was standing in my friends yard and noticed a small fire behind his pond about 150 yards away. Then an explosion came from the fire and it wasn’t a mushroom cloud but the blast went straight up into the sky and it lit up the entire surrounding area like a big flash of lightning does sometimes. Next I noticed some debris had fallen and caused small fires in the yard all around me. I ran up onto the porch and then looked up and saw several moons (hard to tell how many but if I had to guess I’d say 10-13) and they were all forming a circle. The sky was red and cloudy but the moons were clearly visible. Any thoughts?? I’ve been so confused about this and not sure if it’s just one of my many weird random dreams. I tend to have those a lot lol

  2. sooo its was weirdest dream ive had by far. i just finshed closeing down my kitchen at work. (didnt realize i was in a dream yet) i went outside to the bar got my normal drink a generous amount of whiskey wild turkey 101 and lit up one of my favorite cigars moontrance and sat in the corner of the deck. happily enjoy the night see all the people i feed and then just happen to look up and smiled at the full moon and was then jawdropped. at the same time looking up at the moon a asteroid collided with the moon and it exploded and the sound blew right threw my body riddleing me to the core to where i feel out of my chair still holding on to my whiskey and protecting my cigar. as i looked back up to the sky i saw red sparkles? or something lighting up the sky one last time. then super symbolic heavy metal starting playing over the bar and a girls voice was singing but i could make out the words and i felt fear and was scared and so out of contorl i was screaming at the sky no no nooooooo in tears crying. the last thing in the dream i did was slam my tall whiskey threw the glass at the wall and stared at the cigar. if this is a dream this wont hurt and put the cigar out on my chest on my heart tattoo. thankfully that brought me to wake up. too many nights i sit under the moon enjoying its company and i cant be under a moonless sky which is why i forced myself awake

  3. I dream t this morning (10/22/19) that the Moon was about 20,000 miles away from Earth. It shocked me to say the least. Not only this, but a barrage of rockets was streaming towards it and everyone could see this with their own eyes. Bright white sparkling trails crossing space to impact with something on the Moon.

    A second part of this dream showed a large crystalline pyramid belong to some U.S. government facility being blown to bits by some unknown force in the sky. The federal government would not answer the public’s questions and concerns! Then came daylight and hundreds of alien spacecrafts (mostly of saucer shape) were teasing our defense systems rapid changing flight patterns. We could not hit them with anything!

  4. My dream went like this. As I was about to take a shower (I guess) I looked out to the window and saw a bright glowing orb outside. (It’s as big as my wrist when compared) When I looked closer it is a full moon. Then an eclipse started to happen. (It was also daylight when I saw the bright full moon but the sun was behind and I couldn’t see it but I know it’s day.) The eclipsed moon is also because of another moon but it is dark like a new moon but I can still see the craters and everything on it. It was not glowing like the 1st moon. And then it started to like float in circles. Like a balloon. (It’s also as big as the 1st moon) then a triangular thing landed on the roof our house then I heard a ticking sound like a countdown. I ran because I assume it’s a firework. Just as I closed the door when I was in, it exploded. But not in a messy kind but it like shot a straight line in the house. My father and cousin was in my dream. I told them it was from Nat Geo. Haha then I woke up.

  5. I had a dream several months where I saw two suns the size as our sun when i was cycling and then I pointed out to my sister that there was five moons in the shy. What does that mean?

  6. Just had a dream that I was at the beach in my family’s home with my wife, mom and now deceased father. My father and mother were getting ready to go out somewhere and my wife was still sleeping. I looked out side and it was daylight but then noticed it got dark within 10 seconds. I then asked my father if there was an eclipse and ran out to investigate. As I am looking up at the sky the sun turned into the moon and BAAAAAAAM…..The moon just exploded into fragments. I was like….WTF????!!!!! I looked at my dad and asked for a cigarette (I quit smoking three years ago) I then saw fragments raining down and destroying the buildings around me. I then saw some of the fragments freeze in time, then reverse like I was watching everything get destroyed in reverse. After that the earth seemed to be spinning like a top from the explosion and was turning night and day very rapidly. I then looked down the street to see if the ocean was affected and saw the water rising all the way down at the end of the block with waves getting closer.

  7. I dreamt of two full moons side by side.. I was amazed at the sight, then suddenly when I looked up again the 2 moons became just 1 moon. After that I saw a cloud with reddish color.. what could this dream mean?

  8. I recently had a dream of two large full moons side by side. One moon was shaded darker and the other was much lighter. The dream was in black and white. I find this interesting since I’ve been self reflecting on a certain person in my life that brings unnecessary negative vibes and I’m thinking of distancing myself from that person even more than I already have. I’m very conflicted about this decision because this person can also be positive to be around at times.

  9. Abigail Thornton on

    Okay, so I had a dream that we were all looking up at the sky from the balcony of probably a sixth floor overlooking a beach and it was daytime. Suddenly we noticed the full moon was moving very fast across the sky, would set and then rise again, all within the space of a few moments. Suddenly our building began to sway and lean deeply towards the water. I told everyone we had to move, to get out of the building as fast as we could, but it collapsed before we could make it out. Then I told everyone to jump in the car and drive inland as fast as they could, as it was likely the water would be sucked out to sea and there would be a huge tsunami. Basically the world was collapsing around us, but we were all still alive and running through the chaos into town…meaning?

  10. Debasis Roy on

    I saw a dream in which I was with the person whom I love in real life, but she seems to have no interest. I was sitting with her when I saw the moon first changing it’s shape into a sword and then a face of a women. What can it symbolise?

  11. This was a dream which shook me up kind of, I saw one full moon on the right, one crescent moon on the left of full moon and a shining star right next to crescent moon. Then it followed by few arguments with someone in my dream who is not much related to me and I feel that’s because that guy was kind of manipulating me 2 days ago
    What does it mean?

  12. Hi everyone i think i ll get my answer here .I had a dream of a single moon tat is in the last stage of completion and i used to admire it daily and also i used speak with it as i find solace in it .As moving into the dream i m showing my brother the moon tat is going to be completed in a day

  13. (This is part of the dream)I went outside and stand next to my cousin. When i turn around i saw the sky and saw a huge like littlely HUGE dragon was floting in the sky . It looked like the acients dragons it was green dark and had like goldish beard i wasent that scared but I was amazed of the creature, my cousin immediately took out her phone and snapchated it so i did the same but i couldn’t get a good view of it cause there was a statue of his head that it was in my way. (Idk how i saw the statue of the dragon head in the bottom of my phone )just floating i tried my possible to not see it because i was scared and got more scared if i pay more attention to it.I dint pay that much attention of it and went inside . Then the dream keeps on and idk why i wanted to go outside but when i open the door of my house to go outside i see the sky and there all all kind of shapes of moons.I think all the faces of the moon was there . I dont know how much moons were there were but it fill all around the sky like a circle but i just saw the front. But somehow i wasent that scared i just saw it weird and i just stayed inside. When i woke up i felt scared and worried strange dream first time seeing this on my dreams.

  14. What does it mean seeing a small moon running entering a big moon and both of then moving very fast to the side where the sun sets

  15. I dreamt, for the second time, of the moon softly bursting into tiny little moons that flew around the sky. I really wish I knew what it meant because the vibe was rather nightmarish and I was very confused and scared in my dream.

  16. Amandeep Pathania on

    I have a dream in which I saw a single moon. On that moon there are three symbols. I do not understand what is it about. I had this dream twice. On both dreams the symbols changed. Please let me know if you have any update about it.

  17. I just woke from a terrifying dream of looking at the moon only to see that out wasn’t round but a perfect square. I tried to shout and couldn’t find my voice. When I looked up again, it was still square and a crescent moon was in the opposite part of the sky.

  18. Christopher Durbin on

    I dreamt that there was a huge electrical storm surrounding the moon. Lightning around the full moon flashed like fire in the sky and then the moon suddenly exploded sending fragments out to space to the right side.

  19. I frequently dream flying towards d moon. Praying on am also dreaming the moon.stars and the sun together .

  20. I have been searching all day to try to understand my dream last night. My thoughts before going to sleep were “what is the difference between a prophecy and witch craft”? So with this I fell asleep.
    I awoke this morning feeling so tranquil, relaxed but curious as to the meaning of my dream
    There’s a hill, not a huge hill but a rolling hill. To the right a small wooded area of pine trees to the left of the field a great old oak tree. The sky is a beautiful dark blue, a few stars as it’s bright and a few clouds all highlighted by the stunning brilliance of 3 full moons. They are not in a line but a triangle with the two bottom moons furthest apart.
    I’m not scared, afraid but look at all its beauty.
    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated

  21. I had a weird vivid dream of being outside on a sunny day looking up at the sky with 2 other people. And saw black holes appearing and an explosion of rainbow colors mostly red orange and yellow was filling the sky. Then we saw 3 full moons following each other in a line and 2 of them had a blue glow ring around it while the moon leading did not have one. I also saw cloud platforms leading to somewhere. My mood was not really scared but amazed and speechless. But during the explosion from the black holes i couldnt think or feel any mood.

    • in the dream i had last night i was in an open street with lots of people there, i saw a familiar face, heard a familiar voice nd was trying to find the owner of the voice when i looked up and saw the strangest thing in the sky…. i saw five crescent moons….one was facing up and below iT were were two other crescent moons one facing left nd the other Faced the right. then there were two big glittering crescent moons forming On both sides of the other three moons leaving it in d the middle at midday.

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