Months of the Year Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dreaming of the seasons represents the state of your emotions. Seasons are a reminder that everything changes. It is a symbol of renewal and rebirth. The way the sun moves across the sky symbolizes human evolution.

Months of the Year


Dreaming of January signifies new beginnings being the first month of the year. You may even make new year resolutions, set goals, and make plans for the rest of the year. This is also a message to stay open minded to embrace the changes that cross your path. It is a time to be creative. Embrace the changes that come into your life for they will bring positive growth for your future.’

January dreams can be a prompt to look after your health or to keep any new year resolutions. How often do you make new year resolutions that you keep? You may look at your goals to see if you set your sights too high.


Dreaming of February can symbolize illness and possible health issues. It may even signify emotional fatigue during the dead of winter. This is a time you need to take care of yourself.


Dreaming of March can mean you will suffer disappointments. It is also a messenger for the coming of spring. Soon there will be rebirth and growth. It can also be telling you to keep going no matter how hard things get. You may need much persistence and patience to get through these times.


Dreams of April can bring messages of prosperity and abundance coming into your life. April Fool’s Day in a dream can mean you are behaving foolishly. Are you acting the fool? O you need to take things more seriously?


Dreaming of May is a message that prosperous, fun times are coming. It can also mean you have disappointments that ruin your pleasure and fun in life. A dream that highlights May Day can mean you will get the help and support you have long been waiting for.


When you dream of June its message can be it is a time for more fun and laughter in your life. This is the start of summer and a time for summer vacation. Dreaming of June can mean there you have too much to do with not enough hours in the day to do it all. You may be longing for a break away from it all.

Seeing a calendar with June marked on it more than once can mean you do not take life seriously enough. It is all well and good walking through life with a light-hearted attitude, but there are times where you need to take things seriously. Not everything in life can be fun all the time. This is a message letting you know you need to make some changes to the way you see the world.

Dreaming of starting a summer job can mean you need more money in your waking life. Are you looking for a part-time job to help you out financially? Dreaming about summer vacation you may be worried about the major life changes going on around you. You may need to slow things down so you do not worry so much.


Dreaming of July represents the middle of summer. A time where work is not necessarily on your mind. This is a time for letting go of your worries and enjoying some time out. You may also get the time to catch up on things you have not had time to do the rest of the year.

Having fun in July is a sign you need a break. Or, it can mean you are not taking life seriously enough at this time in your life. The 4th of July represents independence, socializing, and fun. It can mean there are a few things you may need to change if you are not getting what you want out of life. This is a message that you have control, and only you can make the choices and decisions to get you back on track. There is no point blaming anyone else for the challenges you face. Dreaming of enjoying summer with your friends and family is a positive sign for the health, wealth, and wellbeing of your family and friends.


Dreaming of the month of August can mean there are some unpleasant surprises coming to your personal and business life. This is a warning that any important plans in August may go awry. It can also mean that your communication with others may breakdown. You may need to make compromises to get things back on track.

Seeing a calendar open at a day in August can mean you will meeting interesting people while traveling. You could become lifelong friends. Dreaming of planning a holiday or business trip is a sign something sad will happen to you or someone close to you. You may have to spend a lot of time and money to get through the tough times. It may be that those you care about behave badly and you wear the brunt of the consequences for their actions. Do not take it personally for they are reacting to some news they have only recently received. They may need your support.

Dreaming of a hot August day is a sign you will solve a long-standing issue that has caused you endless stress and worry. But, if the dream makes you feel nervous or you try to find shade from the heat, you may get bad news very soon. Be prepared.


Dreaming of September is a sign that prosperity and abundance will soon enter your life. You have a positive outlook on the world around you. You are rewarded for the hard work you put in to achieve success.

If you dream of the horrific events of September 11, it symbolizes your fears and deep held anger. Maybe you feel vulnerable. Do you feel helpless? Is your life out of control? This may be a stressful time in your waking life.


Dreaming of October has many meanings. It is a time of changing seasons. It is also the month of the Hallows where magical energies come alive in the physical world. To dream of October symbolizes achieving success and also new beginnings. Something in your life will come to a conclusion so something new can begin. New people may come into your life that become lasting friendships.

October dreams can also indicate that there is someone you miss deeply. It may be they have passed over or that you are no longer friends for some reason. Whatever the reason, you miss the friendship. Is thee nothing you can do to reconnect with this person? October is a time for changes. A happy dream of October indicates positive changes. Feeling cold in the dream can mean the changes can be negative. But, whatever the changes are, you can choose to make the best of any situation.

Dreams of October can also mean you are right to say no to someone one or something. You may have to maintain your resolve as they try to convince you to change your mind. It can also warn not to make sudden changes. Take time to think through your decisions. You may need more information to make the right decision.


Dreaming of November can indicate your lack of interest in something or someone in your waking life. But, still they persist to catch your attention. November also represents abundance and prosperity. Your hard work will pay off.


Dreaming of December symbolizes family togetherness and happy reunions. It is a time of year that is difficult for many, but it is an opportunity to reconnect and bury disharmony. It can also represent prosperity, but it may mean you lose a dear friend. It is also a time of year that brings great joy but for some, depression.

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