Monkey Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Monkey Dream Symbol – Monkeys swing through the trees bringing intelligent messages of wisdom to help guide you through life. Monkey can come to remind you to spend time at play. It is not good to be serious all the time. You need to take time to relax and rejuvenate to help keep your focus.

Monkeys have the ability to form strong bonds, show compassion, and are sociable creatures. Very much like us. This reminds there are other creatures on earth like us. We are not alone. We are all a part of a community. One part of a whole. Are you feeling isolated? How can you change this?

monkey dreamsMonkeys are excellent problem solvers. They are resourceful and find clever solutions. When monkey visits your dreams, this can be a message to change your perspective to find better solutions to current challenges. Use your own resources. Trust your instincts. Be wary of listening to others if their solutions involve any sort of negativity. Are you falling for another’s flattery? Is something or someone not quite what they appear to be? Do you think all is right in your world? Look closer. Monkey may be warning things are not what they seem.

These amazing creatures may swing into your life to let you know to follow your instincts about what worries you. You may need to remove some negativity from your life so you can focus on what you need to get done. It can also symbolize immaturity in parts of your character. Are you being childish? Are you being selfish? What do you fear? Do you act or react from fear? You may need to change your perspective to stop fearing the future.

Dreaming of a group of monkeys may mean there is trouble on the way. A situation or someone around you may not be what or who they seem Who deceives you? Alternatively, a group of monkeys may mean you will enjoy the company of like-minded people who do not take life too seriously.

If a monkey sits on your shoulder, then expect thieves to visit. Dreaming of losing a fight to a monkey can mean you may be diagnosed with an incurable illness. An attacking monkey may symbolize your conflicts with others. Who are you in conflict with?

To see a monkey in your dream can suggest a selfish, self-centered or cheeky side of ourselves that is not concerned with the feelings of others around. A monkey or ape in a dream can also by a symbol of deceit. Alternatively the monkey can represent a more playful or mischievous side of you that is not exposed in your waking life.

To see a monkey copying someone it can indicate the childish or infant side of the dreamer who is having the dream. On the other hand if the monkey can also represent an unconscious wisdom within you. Ask yourself what your dream monkey reveals about you? Is the monkey a reflection of your playful personality or is a reflection of your wisdom. A monkey that is swinging from a branch is a sign that there might be something troubling you inside.

When Monkey crosses your Path

Monkey crosses you path to remind you good humor is great, but timing is everything. Make sure your jocularity is not at the expense of others.

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  1. Revathi Nandhakumar on

    Baby monkey is so cute and I’m having in my hand like baby and it’s looks into my eyes lovely…. Plz tell me the meaning… I’m requesting…

  2. I had a dream my husband and I were having fun driving out of town late in the evening. I was talking to my mom on the phone and about 30 minutes from our destination I started seeing something horrible. There were dead monkeys along the desolate freeway. At first I was so sad seeing two of them, but then as we drove further the sight of deceased monkeys increased to ten. As panic set in, I looked out the back window in confusion and heartbreak. Then a cold rush of fear came over me as I noticed shadows increasing in speed and clarity running towards us. For some reason I was in the bed of our truck and communicating with my husband through the rear sliding window. Before I knew it I remember going into defense mode, telling my mom as calmly as I could so she would not be worried I need to call her back. That failed, as I found myself throwing my phone, crying out to my husband who seemed helpless and unable to move to my defense, defending myself from angry monkeys that one by one starting jumping into the bed of the truck. One monkey clang on to my arm, then attacking me on my shoulder and back. I was struggling to pull it off while saving myself from being bit. It was very strong and aggressive. The other monkies for some reason disappeared as they jumped in the bed of the truck. After a good struggle, I found myself waking up in fear as I was losing the battle. ….Please help me find a meaning to this. I’m trying to avoid the recurring dream. It was very haunting.

  3. I dreamt that a monkey assisted me in defeating alligators and saved my boyfriend’s 1yr old baby brother. I later thanked the monkey with a banana

  4. Dreamt about a monkey that entered house and got up on the kitchen counter. Lured it back outdoors with an overripe banana. On the way out it crapped on the carpet which my niece cleaned up immediately. Never dreamed about a monkey ever. What’s up with this?

  5. I had 2 monkey dream each with a big gap first time I saw a flying monkey and the second time it was giant monkey

  6. Lesley Moore on

    I dreamt I was in my bedroom. Found monkey hiding on top of wardrobe. Called it down and we became friends . I looked after it and it me

  7. I saw in the morning that I am walking to my previous home road with my relatives and suddenly there were more monkeys(with their children) and they were agitated. They were running here and there. We all were frightened but we found a safe place with some friends.. Then monkeys were disappeared.. and then with friends we were talking about marriage of young women around us… and then I saw we were also eating the meal served in the banquet. What did it mean??

  8. I had dream in which i saw a monkey who was angry. I ran into a house which was familiar. I pretend before that monkey that i am dead still that monkey scratched on my upper hand on my left hand. But injury was very small. Like i had a normal scratch. There was another monkey with the angry monkey. But the another one was very calm. After scratching on my hand that monkey left with the calm monkey. That calm monkey didn’t looked at me nor did any harm to me. Just nothing. It came and it go. I wonder what this means?

  9. I have seen today morning that i am standing on T point road in jungle and there are a monkey and a lion. Seeing lion i am going on my path but lion and monkey are also coming behind me. Than i think perheps this lion will attack on monkey. But he did not touch to monkey and coming behind me than i think that now this will attack on me and than i stat pray.
    What is the meaning of this dream.

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