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Missionary Dream Symbols – Dreaming of a missionary symbolizes your willingness to take chances. You are determined to pursue what you believe to be right. Do you make it your mission in life to help others? Do you give a voice to those others cannot hear?

Missionaries are willing to sacrifice their own time and effort for the greater good. Perhaps you have been sacrificing yourself to the people around you and haven’t been receiving any benefit in return. You may be the type of person who is constantly giving, without every expecting anything back.

Your selfless nature may be tested if you continue down the same path. Perhaps your dream is telling you to look at the people around you and see if they are all acting in your interest in mind.

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  1. christie breaux on

    I had two dreams, the first one was me in a mission field and I look to my side and saw a man and my spirit in the dream it was my husband but I couldn’t see his face only his teeth and body. and We where both in the dream I was saying its and he was saying its her.

    2nd dream
    I was at mission field well it felt like mission field in my dream and I look and saw him running down the hill the same guy and I said oh its him.

    what does this mean spiritually in a dream because was a God dream

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