Minotaur Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Minotaur Dream Symbol – When a minotaur visits your dream it can represent someone in your life that is intentionally nasty to you. They are going out of their way to ensure to make your life as uncomfortable as possible. It can also represent a horrible situation around you.

minotaur-dreamsSomething you have fund yourself involved in without even understanding why. This will be something really negative you feel you have been manipulated into intentionally. Do you feel someone has set you up? Is there a situation you just do not understand how you got involved in?

A minotaur in your dream can mean you may be facing more challenges than usual and a trusted friend has no sympathy. They may even be happy at all your misfortune when you pour your heart to them. There also may be someone around you that takes great delight pointing out your mistakes and failings with never a nice word to say. Is this happening to you? This is soul destroying so you may need to weed out those who cause added negativity to your life.

Fighting a minotaur and killing it means you can overcome all challenges you face. Dreaming of overcoming all the problems in your way is a sign of your courage and bravery. Possibly start eliminating all that causes deliberate negativity around you. The people and the situations. Trust your gut instincts in this as they will not steer you wrong.

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  1. Holysaintjoy Nikira Divergence on

    Your Website so far is the closest relation I have to what I experienced recently. I was having a conversation with a friend in real life on the phone. Specifically about letting go of all that no longer serves me to hold onto. Later that evening this friend of mine offered to do a chant ceremony of sorts from Buddhism/Hinduism Way of Life.

    As this friend did this I found that at first I was laughing when he started, I tend to laugh either when I feel like something is weird or just feels weird or new and I just don’t understand it. Well shortly afterwards I
    found myself all of a sudden going into a deep connection with it. My eyes were closed at this point in time or possibly just as this friend was starting. As this happened though.

    At first I saw a piece of half of a hollowed out tree. I saw the bark side first. But then it started to turn like a hidden compartment on the wall. I heard a voice say… It’s Missing. What’s missing I asked. It implied something that once hung there in the secret compartment. Something that was once there that was used to protect. It had two hooks to hold whatever it was.

    That being said shortly afterwards I found myself watching the wood and seeing at first a minotaur curiously watching as it comes out of the wood like as if it was apart of the wood. Even the designs on this minotaur has the energetic lines of the inside of the tree where the lines usually are through out the center of the tree that is not attached directly to the bark of the tree. Depending on your tree. In the mean time of the the there ends up being a line of bulls I think if not they were a combination of a minotaur and a centaur with a Staff of Sorts. However I had My Own Staff & I was connected to and had the ability to use all four elements surrounded me, kind of like character off of Avatar The Last Air-bender, when he is in is final stage and has mastered the 4 elements.
    Next thing I know is that the Minotaur and My Highest & Best Self was using energetically all 4 elements which allowed me to face and defeat the minotaur.

    But then As My Friend was still chanting on the other end of the phone even though I was connected still intensely in my minds eye (third eye) with what was going on. I heard his chanting continuing. While my friend was continuing shortly afterwards. The Chanting was causing the Centaurs/Minotaur’s Combination of energetic beings to disappear in a twinkling of an eye as some describe.

    Shortly afterwards I see what I think is Buddha for a moment. He says my name and then I respond yes. But as the chanting ends. Buddha and the minds eye realm disappears completely. Then I open my eyes and come back to this reality.

    Any Thoughts

  2. I saw a minotaur in an armour and it tried to save me from a burning ball of fire. I was in a castle and it was about to get burnt because of the fire but the minotaur ran as fast as it can and saved me from it. And I had a feeling of relief as I saw that happened. I am quite confused.

  3. This article is nearly right about you have to conquer a Minotaur in your dream (so impossible). But this article really surprised me with the truth. It came out after I didn’t believe my dream, and everything’s been screwed up. I realized the reality of this dream was connected to the outside. (Minotaur is a logical myth).

  4. Last night i had a dream where i would just see the dark silouete of a minotaur infront of me getting closer and closer at one point choking me but it was just a shadow i couldnt see any of its features. What kind of meaning would that have??

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