Millipede Dream Symbol


Millipede – A millipede is a dream symbol of a hidden danger in your life. Millipedes are scavengers, are difficult to see, and can be poisonous. Therefore you need to beware of the millipede dream symbol, as it is warning you of a danger that you did not previously know you faced.

The rest of the significance of the millipede dream symbol will depend on the other symbols and events surrounding the millipede in your dream, as well as the emotions surrounding the symbol in your dream. For instance, if the millipede is connected to a particular person in your dream, then the warning is about a danger coming to that person or coming to you because of that person.

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  1. George Phillips on

    I had a dream of a black millipede crawling along the wall, so I put the millipede in a glass jar and then put that jar into a bucket where it eventually got out of the jar but stayed in the bucket.
    I was scared of the millipede until I got it contained in the bucket.

    What does this mean?

  2. Good evening.
    I had a horrible dream last night.I don’t really remember most of the dream but I was sleeping and while I was sleeping a millipede fell on my pillow and then I started screaming in terror then woke up.I really don’t know what this means because I’ve been coming across millipedes recently while I was in KZN.It doesn’t sit well with me because I’m not feeling well,I’ve been ill since March 2018.
    Warm Regards.

  3. Goretti Chidera on

    In my dream last night, I was with my younger brother and a neighbor, but for real live i don’t no that neighbor of mine in that dream. we where all standing outside discussing. Immediately a minipede from no where came out.. but in that dream that minipede had another shape outside the normal one. His head side is kind of small than the normal minipede. I ran inside to look for something to kill it, but before i could come back it has been killed already and was surround by black soldier ants from no where. What does this mean?

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