Mermaid Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mermaid Dream Symbol – Dreams of mermaids brings news that tough times are coming. You may be caught up in a disaster and it could be of your own making. It can also mean you are suspicious of the good things that may suddenly come into your life. Everything may seem great on the surface. You may be hearing and seeing all the right things. Yet you have a feeling that things are not all as they seem. You may feel there is something fishy about an offer or suspicious of someone who goes out of their way to support you. This may not be normal.

mermaid-dreamsMermaids in your dreams can represent deception that surrounds you. There may be great temptations that can turn your life into a disaster. Hurt you. Make a fool of you if you fall for their false promises. There may be those pushing you for their own agenda. You may fear that once you give them what they want they will desert you.

You may sometimes indulge in temptations that can become addictions. You may find you succumb to greater temptation that become beyond your control. Dreaming of these sea creatures can bring warnings not to repeat past mistakes that make you look the fool. They may warn it is not wise to trust those who have set you up in the past. It can be about not being naïve. Remember the old saying, “if you always do what you have always done, you always get what you always got”. Trusting those who have proven their betrayal can be falling for the same mistake.

If you are the mermaid or merman in your dream, this could be about your own vanity. It could be a message to let you know how beautiful you are. You may not acknowledge your own personal beauty.

Alternate Mermaid Interpretations

A mermaid is a symbol of misfortune, and traditionally seeing a mermaid on a sea voyage meant that the ship would sink. If you see a mermaid in your dream, it is often an omen that a current project or ambition will fail to bear fruit and would be better off abandoned. Additionally, mermaids are connected to the sea, which is a powerful symbol of the subconscious. If a mermaid brings you a message in your dream, this is a message from your subconscious, which should be heeded.

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  1. I was walking along the river when I came upon a doll. I picked it up and it turned into a baby. I carried the baby with me. And a merman swam up to me. It handed me a doll and swam away. The doll then turned into a baby as well. The dream continues but that’s about it with the merman … that and he looked like a character that goes by the name anxiety/Virgil from a show of I’m into

  2. Well first I saw a wizard who was plotting something I forgot. Then he rubbed some seeds on the plate and added his magical red liquid. When it started to glow, he put them on the diamond shaped red container on the top of his magical stick. With the glow of his stick (sort of like a lamp), he started to walk and I was (or someone was) with him and following his path there was school benches where we had to jump and he manages to escape. I know I was with him and following him and so I tried to jump like him and I fell. But I don’t know how I didn’t fell, it was a boy who fell. So I’m confused whether I was following him or that boy was following him. Then my dream changed to something else where I saw a mermaid who was small and I had to turn her into a human. She became human and big but umm.. actually she didn’t have a hole so I had to make it with some stick or so but I didn’t find one so I had to do it with my fingers.

  3. I had a dream that I was a human-mermaid and no one knows. There was some kind of an occasion I don’t remember what, but there was a villain who kept taking people from land and took them to the sea, including my ex boyfriend and his family. In the end I managed to save everyone and my ex found out that I was a mermaid. Not sure how it ended but I remember standing at the edge of the water at the beach with someone.

    I have no clue what my dream means and I am not sure if I can tell my friends about it since I have my current boyfriend now..

  4. I had a dream where I was a mermaid with some other people that I didn’t know and in that dream you have powers and like when you’re in danger you glow a certain color and you start to have visions of who your true love is and I all was really weird and I want to have the same dream again tonight

    • i had a dream that i wore a mermaid suit on the sea,it was raining then and feeling like a mermaid,i swam like a mermaid,but i’m having a hard time paddling,but i tried myself to swim smoothly,so i keep on swimming.

  5. Cherry Mae on

    I was dream mermaid with my brother in the middle of the sea . But the mermaid had nothing to say she’s only smile to me. Whats was the meaning of my dream?

    At the end of my dream, i was shout and call, brother, brother! After 3min. His come to me he help.. ( parang sinadya ng brother ko na iwan ako para matoto, nakasakay kc kami sa isang layag na lumulutang sa dagat…) at ng humingi ako nang tulong, bumalik naman sya…

  6. I had a dream that I walked into mine and my boyfriend room, he was laying in there bed as normal but had a mermaid covered up I could only see the tail what could that mean?

  7. Sir i had dream that i am scraping the sand on the sea then afterward i went into the pool from there im seeing black mermaid and then when im on the pool im waiting for myself to become a mermaid.. What does it mean?

  8. Desai miles on

    I am always seeing a woman in a dream but people are saying that she is a mermaid, that I need to make sacrifices to her before my way can open…. but I don’t really know if this it real … any help please

  9. angelina jean on

    I deamed of being a mermaid and I became one… I am now part of the Oklahoma fresh pod. did this happen to any one else.. I need help,

  10. Was dreaming about my sister and her bf swimming in the ocean. There was a house that me and my older sister and my client friend and others inside. I saw them chatting with my sister and her bf in the window then suddenly there’s a big stunningly beautiful mermaid with a golden hair jumped off into the sea, as the two was just calmly turn their heads towards the mermaid who jump off. Then there was another mermaid. I can’t believe of what I saw. Then the mermaid suddenly in front of me and she was saying something, then she turned the sea as if she was angry on us and the house with full of water and we survived. but she didn’t stop there, she made another huge wave that the house turned upside down, we girls trying to repair the damage before the second one coming, then my sister said get inside the room so we won’t be washed away from the ocean. Funny thing was, my friend broke the hammer then I tried to fix it..

    • I had the same dream were my friends and family members were there but ,instead of us just swimming in the sea . I saw two girls but they didn’t look like mermaids , one of them said to play a game (i dont remember the name of the game though) then as soon as she said that the other mermaid went swimming as fast as she could . But instead of trying to go get the other mermaid . She made this pink thing surround her and then she saw her friend swim back , she just laughed . Then right as the pink was being to touch there skin they jumped out of the water . Once their feet went out of the water they turned into mermaids . That was yesterday. Then i went to sleep lastnight and the she same two girls that i saw the night before . Except that night instead of first seeing an ocean i saw the two girls swimming into a huge two story mansion . But as soon as the turned back into a person with legs and not a tail , they went on the highest balcony and as soon as one of them st stepped onto the balcony there was a huge wave , with people kids grown-ups elders ,everybody . The waves kept growing they got bigger and bigger and bigger until the water was on the balcony washing away everything that was on there including the one girl . As soon as the wave picked her up . She swam out into space but there was just a pink head out there ,no planets . She pulled out her right eye and put into a hole that perfectly fit her eye that activated one side of the pink head . It said something but it was very mumbled so I couldn’t hear exactly what it was saying but ,it was something like something big was going to happen . Then everything went black and i woke up .

  11. Helen Sophia on

    I had a dream where I help a friend that went to river to do some sacrifices after she forgot to put the money she was to sacrifice to into the river which is with me then she left and I went back to put it getting their I saw the head of the mermaid coming out angry that my friend didn’t put the money, then I ran to her telling her am with it she says I should put it in the water I did. then later I saw my self in their coven where one of the servant told me that their head mermaid wanna see me and I came with a friend I waited. she came and saw my friend trying to sink inside their main water she helped her out then after I told her am going she ran to me and starts caressing me and kissing me telling me she loves, that no one wants to love her well but she dose to me then I woke up.

  12. Ester Buezo on

    I had a dream where I was with my family at Honolulu for vacations and we were swimming in the ocean and there were thin wooden planks, like sticks, but connected together and when the waves moved they moved with it, note the waves were frantic, erratic and somehow even scared. The planks were only sustained by being tied to a large thick metal gate and there were about four, their position as a E floating around in that formation. Near the farthest west plank and a helicopter that wasn’t flying well grazed our plank and flew a few over to the East and exploded, a small encased explosion, but Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio appeared, casually swimming to the surface and he asked for help. A guy offered to help him and they same underwater and disappeared without a trace. Then my family and I were weirded out and decided it would be better if we headed to wherever we were staying. Surprise! My oldest sister left a weird plant (I know bringing a plant to the ocean is weird but it’s a dream) and I volunteered to go get it and since it was underwater I went and took my camera to come help me see. Plot Twist! Underwater people lived there like nothing ever happened and I somehow walked on their village but my head wasn’t submerged and I could still breath, when I arrived I couldn’t feel the little sand village usual turn so I kept going straight and when I had arrived where the plant was, it wasn’t there (I couldn’t feel it with my feet) so I checked my camera that helped me see underwater and I saw valleys of raked sands with lil seaweed plants so I tried zooming out but that was how far I could zoom out. Then I scanned the area and called my older sister and she stood on the valleys of sand and then I searched an area to my East and I saw the mermaid’s head and she had her arm over her forehead and I told the guard who dissected her and I went inside this building right next to beach and I remember seeing a dude carrying three cookies on a plate and I said smiling, “Cookie I see, cookie I take!” and I took a cookie and went to werever my family was staying. Then I realized that the length of the mermaid’s tail underwater was enormous, but outside water she was human size. Her tail was as long as the U.S. and then as I visualized that she attacked the U.S. for some reason and I awoke,

  13. I had a dream once that I was a mermaid that was created by scientists, along with two others, and he forced us to live in his private lake. Then two more mermaids that were new to it came, and one of them was so stuck up, and was rich, and the scientists mansion had a party, and this woman knew about us, but we weren’t supposed to exist. She tried to capture us, but we escaped farther into the lake, and one of my friends got her tail cuaght in the motorboat the woman used to try and catch us, and she ended up dying…then I woke up because of my alarm…

  14. I keep having nightmares recently, and they all consist of a really creepy mermaid and she always asks me for a leaf, and I can’t give it to her. This happens every night and it’s really scary.
    Does anyone know why this is?

  15. My dream was I was in the water with a mermaid and we were waiting for me to change into a merimaid. She said I know and you know you’re a mermaid but you just have to bring yourself there. I had two friends who are not friends I know come forth and told me they always knew! And they were trying to help me with my change. But I was in the water as myself just no fish tail. And the only reason the mermaid said I could see her is because I am one. Interesting. All the interpretations given can be all of them. There was one friend who I had a few falls out in the dream but she was in the crowd with my family I didn’t know she knew. But everytime I put my trust again in her, something happens. But also past mistakes seems fair and the fact that I do want to start a new project on YouTube but I don’t see myself as pretty as the rest of them. I’m 27 years old.

  16. I dreamt about swimming with two of my sisters 1 who became a mermaid by getting bitten by a mermaid. There was a big fishnet separating the ocean and a manatee came over the net and started to chase us. We were swimming away scared from the manatee just missing get bit but couldnt exit the water because my sister would be noticed. But the manatee would not leave us alone so finally i pulled her and carried her out of the water everyone on the beach was staring and trying to get close to her. I carried her the bathroom and locked us in. We were trying to dry her legs i could see we were almost there because her legs looked scaly but with feet. All of a sudden the bathroom door flew open and there was many young girls who claim to be mermaids also and they took my sister with them to be with their sea mother.

  17. I’d dreamed about me being a mermaid. Escape to those who want to catch me. But still can run because I can turn my tail into feet but those people knew that I am a mermaid so I am always running to escape them. Then just a moment I didn’t know that I am running in the water. Have power can run into the upper of the water without getting wet from It.

  18. I just had a dream last night of catching a blue mermaid and sold it. Later, when someone opened the container she was able to escape and jump in the water. That time we where in the deep see where I saw plenty of mermaids swimming with our ship. I tried to catch another one but I caught a fish, so I let it go.

  19. Last night i had a dream where i was running away with tears and eventually i was at the end of the cliff trynna suicide or something (thinking if i should jump or not) and i saw a slim body with a tail swimming across and) and i woke up cause of the noise my lil brother was making and the rest of the dream i cant remember.

  20. 3:39AM. I just woke up from a weird dream, there was a very large mermaid stuck in the sky… alive.. floating. I remember recording her and the mermaid looking into my camera! It was soooooooo weird!!! I wish I knew what this meant

  21. Last night I had a dream. Me, a creature with shark head with mermaid tail and my 3 friends were hanging out in the outdoor pool. Suddenly, my friend said something like having dyed hair while swimming is dangerous as the hair dye will spread into the pool and attract mermaids as they need it for their tails. Suddenly, the very next moment, my hair dye spreaded out into the pool. I immediately jumped out of the pool and the shark mermaid creature noticed me. It charged at me with full force and even jumped out of water to chase me all the way. It was trying to bite me. But I just kept running and running.

  22. last night i dreamed about me and my friends which is i don’t know who they are. we are all a mermaid, then someone is chasing us and we keep on running away from them then we met this one human(also idk who she is) then she didn’t believe us that we are a mermaids until i show her when i damped both of my feet on the water (here comes the weird part) its like the water slowly in circles my feet up to my hips and the color is blue which is my favorite color also then let me make it short suddenly my friends got caught then they give this shell to those who are chasing us and im the only one who didn’t caught and that’s where my dream ends..

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