Mermaid Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mermaid Dream Symbol – Dreams of mermaids brings news that tough times are coming. You may be caught up in a disaster and it could be of your own making. It can also mean you are suspicious of the good things that may suddenly come into your life. Everything may seem great on the surface. You may be hearing and seeing all the right things. Yet you have a feeling that things are not all as they seem. You may feel there is something fishy about an offer or suspicious of someone who goes out of their way to support you. This may not be normal.

mermaid-dreamsMermaids in your dreams can represent deception that surrounds you. There may be great temptations that can turn your life into a disaster. Hurt you. Make a fool of you if you fall for their false promises. There may be those pushing you for their own agenda. You may fear that once you give them what they want they will desert you.

You may sometimes indulge in temptations that can become addictions. You may find you succumb to greater temptation that become beyond your control. Dreaming of these sea creatures can bring warnings not to repeat past mistakes that make you look the fool. They may warn it is not wise to trust those who have set you up in the past. It can be about not being naïve. Remember the old saying, “if you always do what you have always done, you always get what you always got”. Trusting those who have proven their betrayal can be falling for the same mistake.

If you are the mermaid or merman in your dream, this could be about your own vanity. It could be a message to let you know how beautiful you are. You may not acknowledge your own personal beauty.

Alternate Mermaid Interpretations

A mermaid is a symbol of misfortune, and traditionally seeing a mermaid on a sea voyage meant that the ship would sink. If you see a mermaid in your dream, it is often an omen that a current project or ambition will fail to bear fruit and would be better off abandoned. Additionally, mermaids are connected to the sea, which is a powerful symbol of the subconscious. If a mermaid brings you a message in your dream, this is a message from your subconscious, which should be heeded.

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  1. Every time I sleep with friends or family members they say I glow and look like a mermaid
    What does it mean?

  2. Veronica parra on

    I had a dream two mermaids were telling me how I can turn into a mermaid and that I needed yo sacrifice my love. i loved being under the water but I began to lose my beeath I woke up grasping for air.

    • I dream of a woman came from the sky and when she hit down on the water she turn into a mermaid, out of the water she rod a motorcycle in the hall asking for her boyfriend with one side of her head shave with a white feather stuck in her hair,, I was sitting with my husband and grandchildren

  3. I’ve had a dream continuation every since I was about twelve of a merman coming to speak with me and share our problems. I’m nineteen now, and he has aged with me, and I think we’re in love now. I’m starting to get pretty weirded out by it. Haven’t seen anyone who looks like him in real life or anything.

  4. I dream I was the mermaid and I was swimming every form of water that I could see. Based as what I have remembered, It’s like someone is chasing me. and I dream also being a mermaid turning into a human form walking along a place as if I am a mermaid that was having two feet for the first time. after that, I saw someone with me. It’s more like he’s my companion all along trying to escape with those who are chasing us.

    • How weird is this right I had the exact same dream, I had like a person with me I’ve never seen before who was trying to help me escape, and I changed back to legs when I was on land and people were shooting as us in the water – it was so vivid and clear

  5. Elizabeth. Vernon on

    I dreamt that i was a mermaid and there was a great white shark after me and then i dreamt that i was a mermaid and they were calling me ariel in the dream and for me to come. Home and then i dream that im at the beach and as i go closer the water start to rise and i can see huge big sharks in the water and im adraid to go in so the water rises and im swept in to the ocean what does this mean could u tell me

    • Isaiah dream star on

      The shark represents the need to run away from something or someone. Maybe the fact that you were Ariel represented the feeling of weakness. And the fact that you were called home, but a big shark came to you represented a hard time finding a way back to a homely environment. Just a suggestion, I’m not a professional.

  6. I had a very strange dream. I sat on a bus with my friend and in front of us sat two girls that used to bully me in highschool. My friend left the bus on the next station and I felt uncomortable sitting there alone so I’ve changed my seat. But no seat was good enough so I kept changing it until I found myself in a room. The room was very bright it had a lot of green plants it was mostely made of woods and it had some strange religious things hanging on the walls. There were many people sitting in rows and I was among them. Then a woman came she was somehow old and I found her very unpleasent. She said that she would teach us some prayers. In my dreams I kept thinking to myself: “God help us all this is a devil’s servent” I was scared and I wanted to leave that room but my legs wouldn’t move. Few moments later there was no floor beneath us instead we were in a pool in that very same room. We were still in rows swimming and the lady in front of us was now a mermaid. She said we would do some rituals. I was now even more frightened than before and I began to pray the Lord’s prayer. Then the mermaid approached me I was scared to death she placed her hand on my shoulder and looked at me. She was now very young and pretty. She said: ‘Don’t be affraid. Everything will be allright.’ She sounded very sincere but I couldn’t trust her so I kept praying. Then all of a sudden another mermaid appeared. But this one was smalll she had very long dark hair and dark eyes she was beneath us watching us. One girl in the row saw her and she was scared she was panicking. The mermaid in front of us looked down. She became frightened too. She told us to leave the pool fast. I left the pool last and I looked at the two mermaids. The small one began swimming towards “our” mermaid like she wants to fight her. Then our mermaid gave her an angry look then she looked arround to see if we were all gone. She saw me and she gave me a warm and slightly sad smile then she dived into the water and fought with the little mermaid. I somehow felt guilty for not trusting our mermaid before but I also wasn’t sure which one was good and which one was bad. For sure our mermaid had that warm aura surrounding her but she also seemed cunning. After that I left the room fast and entered the bus. We left immediately. I realize that my dream has many elements in it but I wanted to describe it fully because I want your opinion on it.

    • Isaiah dream star on

      Mary, I think your dream represented the fact that you are a cautious person. The dream you decribed indicated that you have a hard time trusting people, possibly because of the influence of someone you knew or still know.

      I feel that you have a hard time trusting people based on influence – due to the fact that mermaids in general can be associated with deception. But, when you told us that one of the mermaids ended up been trustworthy & she fought for you – I feel that represented that need or potential of a person that you need to trust in your life.

      Sorry, I don’t know if that’s helpful, I’m no professional, but, I just gave an explanation based on my own understanding.

  7. I dreamed about turning into a mermaid. I was laying on a table and water was gently gushing from out of my mouth and eyes and ears. I had a lovely colorful tail.The room was blue and there were people watching me through a huge window. I think they were student doctors. I wasn’t scared in the dream. But it weirds me out everytime I think of it. Thanks for sharing everyone.

  8. I looked into the clear water and saw several mermaids swimming and setting on corral. I looked over near a building against a wall. There’s lemons had a few bad spots on them but still look edible. I tossed them into the water for the mermaids to eat Only one found it appetizing. What could this mean

  9. I dreamt about a mermaid swimming in front of me. I was trying to save my sister from drowning but then the mermaid showed up so I froze until the mermaid swam away.

  10. I had a dream about a mermaid thanking me about helping her kid, but i was afraid of it so i kept on crying and she said you will have fortune, what does that mean

  11. I had a dream i encountered a mermaid at which looked tied down to a dock, but as i got closer i realized she was rusted and silvered to the dock unable to swim when i tryed to free her we both ended up falling into the water and since she couldnt swim i drown with her holding her so she wouldnt have to be alone. What do you get from this dream?

  12. My dream was, I WAS the mermaid and I saw the ship steak and saved this man that I supposedly knew already. I swimmed towards the shore like to save him and once we were on the shore, I had transformed myself to a human and we had intimacy but the feeling was very strong between us as in we loved eachother. Then, I transformed back into s mermaid and went back into the ocean. I was happy and he was happy.

  13. I had a dream of a mermaid but it was a skeleton of one and it crawled away but before it disappeared it screamed at me. What does this mean?

  14. Actually I was performing in a water performance as a fake mermaid an thought I’d drown trying to go down an end the show but I didn’t I could breathe struggled but still breathing. An i got out an took the costume off

  15. my dream was this mermaid was busy following me when I try 2 run away she just come to me and great me then I was calling my friends to wait for me the mermaid also scream but it was a different noise what does it mean

  16. I dreamt that I was riding with these two man in a chariote I’m wearing a white dress suddenly we’re on the sea im in the sea side and they are in the sea turned into merman and saw my sister drowning in the sea They helped my sister after helping they swim away. Can some onecinterpret my dream I’m so confused. Thank you so much

  17. i dream taht i’m in an ocean, i see about 5 mermaids,they want to put me in a box they want to kill me .what does it mean ?

    • My friend dreamed that I was a pregnant mermaid that pulled a snake out of another mermaid that was pregnant later to be with my new love safe on land.. What does that mean?

        • i dreamed i was in shoppers drug mart in the cosmetics section and i had to help a mermaid give birth. through her tail… eew

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