Mercury (Planet) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mercury (Planet) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of Mercury symbolizes good luck in financial and business matters. With Mercury being the closest planet to the sun, it moves the quickest of all the planets in the solar system. This signifies you need to pay attention to the detail in the dream to get a deeper understanding of its meaning.

When Mercury visits your dreams, you may be restless or bored with your everyday routine. It is a warning you need to make an effort to change your life for the better. Things will not change with you sitting at home wishing for things to come to you.

You need to get out into the world and make things happen. Mercury can warn that your life is off track. Dreaming of Mercury symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, and communication. This planet refers to your mind and how you perceive the world. Are you having trouble being heard? Do you have trouble communicating with others?

Mercury’s position in the sky can have a significance on the way you express your thoughts and how you communicate these to the rest of the world. Seeing Mercury in a strong position in the sky indicates you have the skills, abilities, and knowledge to understand and act on new ideas. Follow your natural instincts.

Negatively, Mercury can bring conflict, lies, cheating, and fraud into your life. You may need to take time out to face up to things if any of this type of negativity is commonly affecting your life. You may need to question the loyalty of the people you trust.

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