Medusa Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Medusa Dream Symbol – Medusa is that woman with the hair of deadly snakes whose stare could turn you to stone. She is a terrifying figure to see in your dreams. When Medusa visits your dreams this can be a sign of stress. You may feel your problems are multiplying.

medusa-dreamsNo matter how hard you try or how many challenges you overcome, there is another waiting on the other side. You may not seem able to get on top of things. Feel there is no relief from the negativity. This may fill your life with misery.

Dreams of Medusa can also represent fear and temptation in your life. Is there something you currently fear? What tempts you? Do you have bad habits such as drinking and smoking? Do these things worry you in your waking reality? You may even be fighting to overcome these. Use strength and courage to overcome these.

Medusa can also represent a woman you see as a monster in your real life and who you fear. Has someone like this crossed your path? Maybe a fearful step parent or an abuser from your past? They leave a lasting impression of negativity you may never want to revisit.

It could be this person is currently in your life. This could be a toxic person who drains you of your energy. Everything is about them and their negativity. You may even be trying to extricate them from your life.

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  1. I was having a dream with my cat in it and she was inside a purse I had and we were running out of a store and ran into this neighborhood with like old brick and stone houses and the lawns were all dirt and barely any grass and nothing but weeds and so I turn and I bump into a house that has a barn and a small house and Medusa statues were in the three open doors of the barn and they were all like a jade green? Kinda darker but then on the wall next to those three doors it was an unfinished mural that was Medusa’s face with her hand reaching out and stuff, once I turned around I heard a bunch of screaming and singing similar to what I’d say a siren would sound like and my cat popped her head out of my purse cause ig she heard it too and i got scared. I tried to run away from it but it felt like I was running in circles and all of a sudden I got dizzy 😐 buyea that happened

  2. I dream about winning Medusa head as a consolation prize. The snakes on her head were lemon like greenish color. I wore the head like a crown in the dream. I was so happy and felt fulfilled as i woke up. But in my real life, i dont any have stress or stressed about anything… Can someone pls help me with the meaning??

  3. I cant 100% remember my dream but i no it wasnt scary medusa didnt scare me she was no threat. I feel like medusa is misunderstood shes not evil at all. She was raped and abused a god i forget which one turned her hair to snakes so medusa wouldnt ever have to fear being hurt by another man again..

  4. I seen her in a form of a Dark Grey & Black Ghostly Smokey lookin Shadow with Golden colored eyes. She was so angry trying to break free as I was leaning against the closed door in a hallway, locking her away felt so easy then Medusa’s eye turned red then silently disappeared! I Opened the door and she was gone through a window I saw a beautiful view over a broken fence after then woke up.

  5. On several occasions she’s appeared simply as a visage; once as tiling in a Florentine bath house (?), and last night as a kinetic portrait in some kind of museum of magic. On both occasions she wouldn’t manifest or attack me, but her image was so powerful it permeated as such an evil, demonic fear, seeming to follow me wherever I turned, that it felt my mind was trying it’s best to reject it?? Even awake, I can recall both images and I feel like I freeze up

  6. I had a dream where I was medusa and had all the hair of snakes. I was trying to get this guy to look at me? Why am I the monster?

    • show & Be your Beautiful self outside more:) it’s a Good Sign. Medusa maybe also saying there’s something negative about the person. Follow your gut and pay close attention to good or bad signs

  7. I had a dream that I saw her, but her snakes were golden. I don’t know if that means my problems are getting worse or not. Whatever the case may be, I’ll never let loneliness and depression take over me.

  8. Yes I believe I’ve been going through serious stress at school and socially as well, but in this dream she wasn’t attacking me, she was actually in love with me and we had sex and she was damn pleased. Even if her superior wasn’t happy with her act

    • I dream exactly the same…. But i disired other woman that wanted me as well. But then her disire turned in hate. And started fighting me and saying that i was involved with Was strange sudenly we were not normal persons i get that feeling

      • She loves you, you should contact a voodoo priest or a reader to tell you more, or contact me that will attract great fortune to you. Same thing happened to me. Have you ever dreamed about that again?

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