Meat Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Meat Dream Symbol – Dreaming of roasting meat symbolizes domestic bliss. You enjoy the role of looking after you family and friends. Beef is a sign that you enjoy your surroundings. Eating pork is a sign that conflict surrounds you.

meat-dreamsYou will be able to find solutions that put you back in control. Bacon is a good sign as it brings positive messages that your life will no longer be boring. A new opportunity will present itself soon. Ham is a sign prosperity is on its way into your life.

Chicken or pork in a dream usually relates to financial matters. You may need a financial plan to help you move your dreams forward. Seeing sausages can mean you will have success and eating them means you will have a good home life.

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  1. Anthony Rizza on

    I dreamt of being with my deceased aunt in a super market. I told her to get a cart and get in line with me in front of the butchers glass case. It was full of meat. I couldn’t decide so I told the butchers “you choose” he showed me 3 piecse of identical meat in the palm of his hand. Then I woke up.

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