What Does It Means To Dream about a Man


Man Dream Symbol – Dreaming of an unknown man can mean soon decisions will need to be made. This can also mean there are new things for you to learn to help you improve your chances of succeeding in life. A man appearing in a dream can be a sign of depression appearing in your waking life. Is there something or someone getting you down? It can also mean that an old, dear friend may reappear in your life and inspire new positive energy within you. This can be a really happy time.

If the man you see in your dream leaves you feeling content with a sense of belonging, this can be in respect to the growth in different parts of your life. This may be a reminder you need to express your true self. Do not be afraid to show your spirit and passion for what you believe. We often have to make tough decisions and judgments that may not be right ethically in the type of world we live in today. Sometimes the mainstream opinion may not be ethical. Let your intuition guide you onto the right path. It can be a message to remind you there is much more to the world than what is within your immediate realm of attention. Interacting with others allows you to hear alternate points of view, which can enrich your world perspective.

Dreaming of a fat man can mean you are on the receiving end of someone’s tough decisions. It can also bring abundance. It depends on your situation. A naked man symbolizes there is something you fear. A bearded man can mean there is trouble in your waking reality. Is someone persecuting you at work or in your personal life? This is a time where you need to deal with these types of things. An old man represents jealousy? Who brings out the green-eyed monster in you? Or, is someone close jealous of you? A very old man can also bring happiness.

A woman dreaming of a man can mean you have the hidden strength you need to secure your future. You do not need to rely on others. You know just what you need to do to achieve success. Dreaming of a rich man is a sign your self-confidence will grow. A blond man can symbolize vanity and a dark-haired man can warn of someone who speaks with false flattery.

Dreaming of a man you are attracted to can symbolize your sexual desires and wishes. Perhaps you are in a relationship that has become stale and you need to rediscover your passion that you once had. Alternatively, if you are single this could indicate your longing to find someone who is right for you.

Trusting a man is a sign you are a risk taker in your waking life or you need to let go of your anxieties. Are you stressing out about the risks you take? Seeing a lot of men can mean you achieve success. Dreaming of a dead man is letting you know that you have the ability to cope with any of the tough things life throws at you. You just need to try. A healthy man in a dream means your working life will have special meaning filled with satisfactory accomplishments. An honest man means you will have a successful working life. A strong man brings an omen of many disappointments.

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  1. Im also dreaming a man that we are attending of some event that he has in the stage i didnt know that is like a farewell party and his the one there like saying goodbye for us and suddenly its become a meet and greet that they have to find patner and he is in participant there when his name call of the emcee that he must to go the girl he wanted to be a partner or date something like that and he walk through my place and bring something stocking or socks its not clear on my dream but he came to my place and talk to me then he walk away!,i know that man we talk sometimes but not really close,i hope i can know the meaning of my dream about him and yet often he came to my dream

  2. I have a reacurring dream about me having twins. I playing with them, having fun, and the man (about 22) walks in. I ask him a ton of questions including how old I am. He tells me I’m 19 and we feed the twins and put them to bed. Then we go to our room and lay down and go to sleep. Every single time I dream this, he tells me he wants another child. What could this possibly mean?

  3. Barbara Windham on

    I have been having recurring dreams randomly of a man holding me in my bed and not letting me go. When I would try to run he would hold me and when I would try to yell for my sister to come help me no loud sound would come out of my mouth. Only a whisper. Eventually I woke up and I could run and talk. My most recent encounter involved the man again. He was Caucasian and he was old because he had a really thick gray beard and he was dressed in a suit. Not only did he hold me and not let me go or call for my sister. He was kissing my neck and he even went so far as to kiss me in my mouth. He kept trying to put me to sleep. I was saying The Lords Prayer but that didn’t help. He did something to me that he thought was going to put me to sleep but I just faked like I was sleep and he eventually let me go and got up and left out laughing. I could smell him as well. He smelled very musty. I do not like this to happen. What can help me stop having these kind of dreams? Please help me.

  4. Elizabeth Sofia on

    Hello, I hope this says something since I have been confused for awhile. So, I had this dream when I was 15 and I still remember it. There was this man, I was him. I (or, him I guess) walked past the mirror. It was a dark, orange room. The man (or, me? I don’t know at this point) had black, kinda blue hair and a full white suit. His pants had light grey stripes over his pants. I can go into full detail but it doesn’t really matter. He/I looked at the corner of the mirror and saw a black figure in the dark orange room and then I woke up. I really have not had an explanation to this. Please explain, I have been confused for a little too long at this point.

  5. He wasn’t exactly a man more like a guy, he was in all black, black hair, tall, lean, pale skin. Except the room around him was white, and he was leaning against the wall looking at me. I wasn’t afraid, I almost had a sense of longing or being at ease/calm. I bumped into him later on, and he held me short of lovingly. What does this mean.

  6. Erica Jamora on

    In my dream theres a man left a letter on me it says that he will find me sooner and just wait

  7. Shannon Solomon on

    I dreamed a celebrity was looking for me calling my phone he wanted to date me.. it seem like he was in love with me.. I never got to see him after i found out he liked me.. I actually called a number in my phone it was a number he called me from.. I said did someone call Shannon from this number and the girl on the phone replied his name and said he had not been in since he called ..so I was out looking for him.. all day then when i got home its was like 100 celebrity men standing outside my house taking pictures and just hanging out all celcebraties N mens

  8. ma.elena jarito on

    I dreamed of a man its like a dark picture a shadow I dont know I’m not sure all I’m sure is its a man and voices as wel I heard someone say ‘youll get some money very big money ‘ I dont know where it came from but its very loud I remember it its bothering me until now . and about my stomach I dreamed my stomach stabbed with a sharp thin black methal and when im pulling each of it I really felt the pain its like its not a dream its more like a reality . and my neighbors daughter actually were almost in the same age shes in my dream she talked with me in my dream I’m at the bathroom and she’s outside of the door she cry she cry she’s talking with me and I ask for forgiveness . this is all happened lastnight its all in my dream why’s that ? Whats the meaning of all of it ? Its bothering me .

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