What Does It Mean To Dream about a Woman


Woman Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a woman can mean many things. It depends on what else happens in the dream. An old woman can warn of an illness soon coming or there may be bad news about someone you love. It can also mean that something negative happens while you are traveling somewhere.

A sick woman can represent the death of someone you love. This could be from a long illness or a sudden accident. Talking to a girl can mean there will be trouble in the family. Women represent the cycle of life and can bring messages you need to recognize that life goes in cycles – birth, death, and rebirth. And, so it goes. A working woman can mean happiness will soon cross your path.

Women visiting your dreams can represent cattiness, lies, betrayal, and arguments. Dreaming of a white-haired woman warns of loss. In this type of dream, a white-haired woman can mean bitterness and regret. Is there something you missed out on? Has this left you bitter and twisted? You need to get over it to move on.

A beautiful woman foretells of love coming into your waking life soon. A woman with brown hair signifies you are in love. A blond woman is a sign prosperity and abundance will soon be part of your life. A bald woman can bring news of a long, happy marriage. Women dancing in your dream is a sign there are lucky times around the corner.

Women fighting with each other can mean there are tough financial times ahead. This can be a warning you need to be prepared. Maybe you need to put a budget in place and stick to it. Seeing an elegant woman can warn there is death around you. This could also relate to an embarrassing situation or something you have done that others look down on. Dreaming of a divorced woman is a sign there are misunderstandings of some sort between friends and family.

Seeing a woman’s face clearly can mean there is much stress in your waking life. A pregnant woman can warn there are new tough challenges and obstacles ahead. Seeing yourself talk to a woman is a sign you are being moody in your waking life. You may need to address this before you alienate all those who care and support you.

Many women hard at work warns there will soon be arguments and misunderstandings between family and friends. Seeing a woman die in a dream can mean a relationship may soon end with someone who plays an important part in your life. Brushing a woman’s hair can indicate you may fear you are unable to successfully achieve what you need to do. This will relate to something new you have taken on. Do you worry you are not good enough to succeed?

A woman that works hard is a sign there will soon be a new job or career to get excited about. A woman who is a stranger to you can symbolize your secret desires, wants, and needs. A nice woman brings untold luck and gains in all areas of your life. A woman brushing her hair symbolizes rain will soon come. Has there been drought where you live in your waking life?

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  1. I had a dream last night about a young brown hair woman I am friends with in the dream was physically close with me, hugging me and giving me affection making me feel comfort in my dream.

  2. What does it mean when you dream of a woman who looked like a magical portal but turned to a supernatural woman? I know this has a meaning, I can feel it!

  3. Mary Aquitania on

    I dream about where i was at my bed where my eyes were slightly opened and then i saw a woman’s back looking at the mirror but i didnt see her face, she has black hair and i think a black dress?. what does it mean

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