Maze Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Maze Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a maze is a symbol of frustration and a lack of direction in one’s life. You may feel as if someone else is using or manipulating you (“a rat in a maze”). Alternatively, you may simply be in an overwhelming situation without a clear idea of how you got there or how to get out again. If you feel fear in connection to being in a maze, then either the situation or the people controlling the confusing situation are threatening.

Alternatively, this may be a warning against a choice you are considering making. If you do not feel fear with regards to the maze, then the situation you find yourself in is a positive one, and you are able to view your current dilemma as a challenging puzzle rather than as a threat.

If you dream about watching others in a maze, then you are in a position of authority over someone and are causing confusion in their life. Be careful about the possibility that you might be causing someone else anguish by your choices.

Additional Maze Dream Meanings

When you dream of a maze it can represent frustration. Are you lacking direction in your waking life? Are you feeling as if others manipulate you for their own agenda? You may find yourself in a situation without understanding how you ended up there. Feeling the fear in a maze can mean there are toxic people around you who threaten you in some way. Is there someone in your life who makes you feel uneasy?

A dream of a maze can also warn you about a decision you are about to make. If you feel no fear when in the maze, this is a positive sign. But this can mean you need to stop and think longer about the decision you are about to make. This might not be the right time. You do not want to make the wrong choice for it could lead to failure.

Watching others in a maze symbolizes your authority over others in your life. This can be a warning you may need to be more mindful that the choices and decisions you make can cause hurt to others.

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  1. I had a dream, I got dropped off in what I thought was a school yard, but it was dark, like pitch black, and it was snowing and windy and I couldn’t see anything, I found my phone In my pocket, turned on the flashlight, and tried to navigate around the brick building, this turned into a brick maze, surrounded in darkness and snow storm, everywhere I turned there was more walls, and I couldn’t find my way out the snowstorm pursued, I couldn’t see anything, excepts the light around me from my phone, I was in a maze of brickwalls in darkness trapped in a storm, panicking I woke up still panicking and its left me shaken, to this day I remember it clearly and want some help understanding this

  2. Alicia Nelson on

    I keep having a dream my family and i are at disney. We go back to the hotel and have to walk through a bunch of like studio apartments to get to our room. Its kinda a maze but we know where we arr going. Hidden everywhere are coppedhead snakes which we are afraid of. We often have to move them to get through doors. They never bite but they are huge and we are very careful. Today was first time it tried to strike at my kitten. This time i was carrying my kitten and my dog was on a leash. Our hotel room is an rv that we then drive through a crowed street.


    Saturday I dreamt of you. We were in a house but had floor beds(mattresses). Then we got up and went outside into a maze. After we got out we in a mall walking hand in hand ( IN LOVE). Then I saw someone: ‘I don’t know who’ and woke up.

    Dream is from a girl who dreamt about me(male)

  4. I just had this dream that someone (a magician I think) left me this magical map, every time I pulled on a corner the paper would change and say something or make some shape. Once I pulled on it and it turned into a map of a maze, it showed me the right way to go with arrow. I didn’t know when I’d need the map so I tried taking a picture with my phone but it wouldn’t show up on my phone.

  5. I’ve been having a reoccurring dream about a maze, it mostly looks different every time but it’s always the same thing. Im in a maze with somebody I trust and the maze is sinister some way also it’s infinite. There’s always a path you must follow to get out and things in the maze that want you off the path and stuck in the infinity of it. The person I’m with always goes crazy and ends up running off into the infinity. Quite honestly it’s terrafying. Something to add is that most of the time I don’t start in the maze I am in a regular dream and end up being pulled into it. Can this represent anything, I think it obviously represents my terror of infinity but I’d like other opinions.

  6. I used to have a recurring dream when I was younger about being in a maze game. Each person in the dream was split into a team (I was always red) and the first to the centre won a giant ball of gum. When walking through the maze I could hear whispering and people talking. You’d know if someone had made it to the centre because the entire board the maze was on would tip, and all the losers would fall off. The red team were rubbish, we’d always lose. The worst part about this dream was that every time I’d wake up from it and be alone in a dark room, I’d have auditory hallucinations. I could hear the whispering and my balance would always be off, and my sight would be blurry.

  7. Anuradha Katyal on

    Hi.. I dreamt that I am in a maze and m enjoying solving it. Following that there s a dark room and I want to explore but others are skeptical. Then we start climbing a ladder I get stuck at the top but as I was trying hard..someone woke me up and I couldn’t see what happened. I always get such vivid dreams.! What does this one mean..

    • sharice billett on

      Thank you for the information this is becoming a reoccurring dream almost nightly it never changes much it is happening more frequently over the past year and a half

      My ex is in them always. But vanishing from room to room. I know someone else is never far behind me I know I am being conned and played with for amusement ..the dream is becoming concerning more frantic I look for someone or something in it . I am very intune with many things and have a tendency to have dreams that warn of things to come…

  8. In my dream of this maze I find love and the when I get out of the maze he is left behind
    Any thoughts ??

  9. In my dream i am running through a house that acts sort of like a maze. I pass through many doors that open into more rooms and hallways, a lot of stairs that are slippery. Hot on my tail is a black wolf. This wolf is chasing and i get the feeling it wants to attack. It never caught me. I woke up shortly after meeting an old woman that was sweet and happy to make my acquaintance. She was wearing yellow rain gear.

    If you have any ideas you should throw them my way. It was a very interesting dream. My email address should be sufficient for now. Thank you for your time.

    • I’ve literally just woke up from a dream so similar to yours. I was running from a young chubby boy in a house that felt like a maze and i was going through all these doors, ruining up so many stairs until i opened a room that a older lady lived in. She calmed me down and told me he couldn’t get me and if he did she’d protect me.

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