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Mansion – The mansion is the symbol of wealth and nobility. Dreaming about a mansion is not the same as dreaming about a large suburban home. A mansion is distinct in that it is located on at least ten acres of well-groomed and landscaped property. And likely includes many more acres beyond those that are landscaped. In addition, a true mansion is usually very old and carries with it a title.

If you dream about a large house, it means that you will be financially secure. If you dream about a mansion it means that you will be successful in all of your endeavors.

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  1. Laurel Chaykowski on

    I had a dream that we had bought a large mansion (or a very large, old house). Mostly green colors throughout. As I explored, I came across a playroom that had a slanted floor, narrow stairs to other levels, all seemingly in need of repair and all with round corners. Yet any furniture I came across was rich wood and in pristine and clean shape. At one point, I went to the end of a hallway and looked out the window. It was very dirty. I saw a snow-scape outside with bare trees. The man who was my husband in the dream was a movie star. (Mind you, we have been watching a series with this star in it for the past week).

  2. I keep dreaming about a big modern beautiful home. On a very nice and expensive golf course. What does this mean?

  3. I dreamed that I was at a gala at a huge, modern looking mansion with a pool. I remember walking up and down the mansion and then coming across a mirror and saw that I was dressed in a tuxedo, this is where I asked why was I dressed up for and walked into the loft and saw that there was a gathering with beautiful women wearing night gowns and the men wearing tuxes too. I remember that there was this awesome white sports car with the keys in the ignition, looking ready to be taken for a ride. One of the things that seemed out of place that although I was dressed formally my hair was not combed. Either way this was quite a pleasant dream

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