Magician Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Magician Dream Symbols – Dreaming of a magician represents charm, power, and influence. It is a message there are times when anything and everything is possible. Is there something you want to achieve? Have you used influence to set you on the right path? Use your charm to help move your goals forward. The magician is a sign you have the ability to connect with the powers held within your soul.

A dream featuring a magician can be about your sexuality, and your ability to control your emotions. Your dreams can show you how to channel your emotions so that they work for instead of against you. You can tap into energy beyond your expectations to improve the world when you stand in your truth. Just believe in yourself.

A magician can also warn you use your energy to achieve things the easy way. This is not always good. Do you look for the easy way out? How often does this successfully work for you? The magician can represent wise counsel that advises to look within to find better ways of walking through life.

Magicians are the masters of illusion. This can be a message to look at what illusions surround you. Who creates illusions? Is it you? Are you deluding yourself? If this is a negative dream, avoid lying and deceiving others to get what you want. For, if you do, your life will be fraught with drama. Is drama what you want?

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  1. So recently i had this dream, i was in a field and i saw someone it was a magician and i have never seen this person, he showed me a trick, than i left and i saw this guy i again have never met in my life and i dont really know what happend but i know it ended with me and this stranger on the floor kissing and the kiss felt so real i cant stop thinking about it. Did anyone else have a similar dream, do you know what it means i really want to know

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