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Maggots Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of maggots is in reference to the negativity in your life. You may be overthinking everything and keep missing great opportunities. This may leave you feeling hopeless. Or, feeling left without a purpose in life. You may even feel better playing the victim. People giving you sympathy keeps you center of attention. But, indulging in negativity is not going to help you achieve your dreams. You need to get over whatever it is that creates this negativity. You need to get on with living a wonderful life. It is your choice.

maggot-dreamsKilling maggots can indicate you want better communication with those you love or care about. Killing maggots is about cleansing your emotions of negative energy. Do not fear criticism. Others will always judge. It is their nature. It is how you handle that sort of thing that matters. The people important to you or your life will see through this sort of thing.

Using maggots while fishing is a sign you will clear your life of all that no longer has a place there. This will be people, material things, projects, and hobbies. What was once a passion no longer holds your attention. Getting rid of the old makes room for new opportunities and people to cross your path.

White maggots in a dream means that something is worrying you. You just want to get rid of the problem that constantly plays through your mind. Seeing maggots eating away dead meat can be a message of renewal. It can also mean there are repressed issues you need to resolve. If they remain ignored, they may disrupt your life with much negativity.

Stepping on maggots symbolizes the negativity that lies deep within. For some reason you repress this. You refuse to allow it out to the world. You need to get this out and let it go. This negativity will do you no good. It can turn your life into turmoil. Alternatively, this can be a sign of your perseverance and resilience will help you move through a period of turmoil. This may be a sign you will come through this time even stronger.

Maggots sucking on you indicates there is someone around you that sucks your life energy and success from you. They are friends with you solely because of what they gain from you. They have no problem sucking you dry and taking credit for your successes.

Alternative Meanings

Maggots are a twofold symbol. First, they represent pestilence, disease and filth. However, maggots are also great cleaners and bringers of order and purity. They are used to clean out infection in critically injured patients when antibiotics are useless. They are also a barometer for household cleanliness.

Dreaming about maggots can be a very disgusting experience, but they serve as a warning that something in your own life is equally as disgusting as the scum that they feed on. They are also a sign of hope. As long as you are still able to dream about maggots you have a chance of correcting the problems that are affecting your life.

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  1. A couple nights ago I had a dream about having a surgical procedure to remove what the doctors thought was a benign tumor from my uterus. But in the video recording they took it was reviled to me that my uterus was full of white maggots. I still deeply disturbed by this dream. I’ve been trying to conceive a second child with my husband for almost a year and a half with no luck. I’m now on Clomid (due to anovulation) to try and help with conception. Any thoughts to whether this a good sign or not would be appreciated.

  2. I can’t remember my dream entirely, but I do remember the maggots. They weren’t on me or on food, they were just in my house. I can’t remember where, but I remember that they were in an unusual place in my house and being horrified. That’s really all I can remember of my dream. All the dream meanings that I’ve read do make a lot of sense to me and what is happening in my marriage right now. Looks like I have some decisions to make and some work to do…

  3. Last night, I dreamt I had a pain in my abdomen and chest area. In the dream it was painful. The next day, a large sack containing three smaller sacks of maggots fell out of that area. The skin did not rip or tear but just simply separated. The sack fell to the floor and maggots were everywhere.
    I stood hunched forward with my hands over the gaping wound staring at the mound at my feet.
    Still so vivid and disturbing

  4. Good day I dreamt there were white maggots coming out my left arm in 3 different places my husband was there and he was helping knocking them away but the just kept coming out at one point he put a piece of takeover one if the location and I kept asking him why he did that? Wouldn’t that just keep them staying in my arm? It was shortly after that I woke up. The dream has been bugging me ever since.

  5. I was dreaming that it was raining maggots and i was running to clear them off me as i was running there was a stream by so u jumped in and went deep under the water to get them off me once they were off i felt cleand and fresh . Can u explain what this means please xx

  6. Joyce blunder on

    My husband dreamt I was eating a rotten peach with maggots.He woke up laughing so much.He has been texting and phoning another woman.He got caught 3 weeks ago.
    Our marriage is not really a marriage.

  7. I had a dream that I had a lump on my ear. It popped and out came a load of gunk and loads of white maggots. I’ve just recently come out of a 20 year relationship where my partner cheated on me. What does this dream mean!!

    • It all depends on when u had the dream before u came out of the relationship or after? Years ago i had a dream of throwing up maggots but it happened every time I slept with this guy until the 3rd time when i had the same dream nn when i woke up i was still puzzled had a cross above my bed nn i just happened to look up nn it was now turned upside down I know no one touched it cause i lived alone nn it was left there long before I moved in well that was the last of him for me he was just unclean for me. So see what triggered that dream it could mean u were getting the signs nn u didn’t listen

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