Maggots Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Maggots Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of maggots is in reference to the negativity in your life. You may be overthinking everything and keep missing great opportunities. This may leave you feeling hopeless. Or, feeling left without a purpose in life. You may even feel better playing the victim. People giving you sympathy keeps you center of attention. But, indulging in negativity is not going to help you achieve your dreams. You need to get over whatever it is that creates this negativity. You need to get on with living a wonderful life. It is your choice.

maggot-dreamsKilling maggots can indicate you want better communication with those you love or care about. Killing maggots is about cleansing your emotions of negative energy. Do not fear criticism. Others will always judge. It is their nature. It is how you handle that sort of thing that matters. The people important to you or your life will see through this sort of thing.

Using maggots while fishing is a sign you will clear your life of all that no longer has a place there. This will be people, material things, projects, and hobbies. What was once a passion no longer holds your attention. Getting rid of the old makes room for new opportunities and people to cross your path.

White maggots in a dream means that something is worrying you. You just want to get rid of the problem that constantly plays through your mind. Seeing maggots eating away dead meat can be a message of renewal. It can also mean there are repressed issues you need to resolve. If they remain ignored, they may disrupt your life with much negativity.

Stepping on maggots symbolizes the negativity that lies deep within. For some reason you repress this. You refuse to allow it out to the world. You need to get this out and let it go. This negativity will do you no good. It can turn your life into turmoil. Alternatively, this can be a sign of your perseverance and resilience will help you move through a period of turmoil. This may be a sign you will come through this time even stronger.

Maggots sucking on you indicates there is someone around you that sucks your life energy and success from you. They are friends with you solely because of what they gain from you. They have no problem sucking you dry and taking credit for your successes.

Alternative Meanings

Maggots are a twofold symbol. First, they represent pestilence, disease and filth. However, maggots are also great cleaners and bringers of order and purity. They are used to clean out infection in critically injured patients when antibiotics are useless. They are also a barometer for household cleanliness.

Dreaming about maggots can be a very disgusting experience, but they serve as a warning that something in your own life is equally as disgusting as the scum that they feed on. They are also a sign of hope. As long as you are still able to dream about maggots you have a chance of correcting the problems that are affecting your life.

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  1. I had a dream where an unknown person and my Mom were gardening. They were placing a white seed like object on dirt, one after another, in a straight line. I stopped helping when I noticed they were maggots. I stood nearby and the person helping my mother, unknown male, began to want to hand me a handful of maggots. I refused. Some would trickle out of his hand and I began to get scared. I kept looking around myself making sure none were on me. My fear woke me up from nightmare.

  2. I dreamt that white maggots were in my & my room mates beds but not our skin but stuck in our top sheets and only hard dried ones on our bottom sheets. When we checked our hair there were some in our hair. We checked under our rugs & they were there too. We began dumping all the maggots in the rug & stepping in them to kill them.

  3. I dreamt I was vomiting maggots and I was very lost and confused on my dream, they stayed lingering in my mouth and I couldn’t get them out. The maggots were huge and quite fat

  4. I dreamed my head and left ear full of maggots and i was watching it from the aside
    that left head feels pulsing in reality, because of high blood pressure but it can indicate i have something bad in my head left side?

  5. I was a dream a swarm of flies above my head were mating with maggots. I was sitting crying below it watching and my sister stood beside me whispering something on repeat till I woke up.

  6. One happy girl on

    I have dated this scumbag guy for 3 years and finally decided to be done with him. I know this might sound gross but I dreamt about myself having a pimple on my nose and popping it…when I popped it, a maggot game out. I was really freaked out when I woke up from my dream because I had never dreamed about maggots before. I interpret it as having something worthless and negative in my life like scum…finally getting out of my body..I guess in the form of a pimple. I am ridding my scum and not allowing it to affect me any longer.

    • Oh my gosh I had the same type of dream! A pimple or some type of blemish on my face! Friken weird! And gross!! Had nothing to do with an ex but I think that because I have been out of work and I’m worried about bills I had this dream.

  7. I had a dream of maggots eating away at my head I was trying to kill them and get them out of my hair with water or whatever I could find … I was too ashamed to get help but when I finally got to the crown of my head a French fry felled out with an huge maggot on it then this girl came to help me and they asked why didn’t I come earlier I said bc I was ashamed …

  8. I dreamt that I saw plenty of white maggots in a bow,they were crawling on top of each other, I was looking at them from a distant, then they disappeared one by one, only few was left, maybe three or four in the bow ,then I woke up. what could that mean?

  9. I keep having reoccurring dreams about maggots eating away at the bottom of my feet, it’s terrifying and a bit painful.

  10. In my dream, I happen to touchdeep a fella in his armpit and on bringing it out, it was filled with white maggots but I noticed they weren’t moving, seems they were all dead. I got confused and scared, pls what could this mean?

  11. I dreamed last night a lot of maggots in my bed and in my back and hair, In my dream I’m trying to remove it all because it’s scared me a lot, I kept on dreaming it even if I woke up a lot of time last night because of that, and still In that dream Im still trying to remove it all in my hair and back. What does it mean?

  12. I dreamt I opened the fridge and saw maggots on big and small pieces of meat. I began to wash the meat n scrubbing it. I was about to clean it with vinegar but I woke up.

  13. I dreamed I was pooping maggots. Lots of them. I squeezed my but and their squashed juices poured out into the toilet. Oh it was disgusting and scary. I flushed the toilet. A few was left around the toilet and then I woke up…

  14. I dream of a bird that splashes poop on my face and suddenly it turns to be maggots and i swallow some of them

  15. What abt seeing maggot physically in ur house witout any dead animal or any filthy thing around. Wat does dat mean

    • Teresa Jackson on

      That same situation happened last night in my house there was nothing there but maggots about 6inchez from the shower. I need to know how and why did that happen

  16. Melvin L. Yealu on

    I dreamt where said a hole in my head and I took two maggots from in it and killed them both. This really scared me and make me confused for the whole night up to this morning.

  17. had a dream that it was a white maggot in a burrito with rice in it so im not understanding what does that mean can anyone help

  18. In my dream I noticed boils under my arm pits and back. I tried popping them, but it was painful and they wouldn’t burst. Then I noticed a cut on my left hand I started to push and squeeze it bursted open and started oozing pus and white maggots. I kept pushing and squeezing to get them all out. There was one black worm like creature I couldn’t get out of the cut. I was able to pop the boils after my cut was cleaned out. Still makes my skin crawl.

  19. I had a dream of maggots coming out of my sculpt and trying to remove them without success as dey keep on coming out.

  20. In my dream, i saw my sister in law filled her right chest with a lot of maggots as it is bleed. And i really get confused to help how to get all maggots away from her.

    • I had a similar dream but in my case it was my actual sister and maggots were all over her lower body when she took her clothes off in the bath and i was trying to help get them off…do people with answers actually respond to these things?? It would be nice if someone did because im am seriously worried this might mean something serious

  21. I had a dream that there were maggots all over me and every time i tried to get them off i couldn’t, there would be more. When i pulled my sleeves up they had left huge lumps all over my arms.

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