Magazine Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Magazine Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a magazine is a sign you have a very interesting life. Reading a magazine relates to the external influences around you. Seeing a woman’s magazine can refer to the women who influence your life. For further understanding, you need to look at what else was happening in the dream. Seeing a business magazine relates to financial matters.

Being featured in a magazine can refer to your physical self or the way you interact in your personal relationships. This is a sign you take time out to better understand yourself and your inner emotions. Seeing your picture in a magazine can mean someone close asks for your assistance.

You will be glad to help out. It will be good for the relationship between you. Reading an editorial is a message from your subconscious telling you that you need to look deeper.

Seeing a magazine on display signifies you will have success. Seeing one in a waiting room can mean you will succeed through sheer persistence. You just need to have complete faith in yourself nd work hard. Reading a magazine can mean you currently have peace and harmony in some part of your life. A dream of working for a magazine is a sign there will soon be new people coming into your life. It may be a time where you meet your life partner.

Selling or buying a magazine indicates someone new has caught your interest. This can be related to your personal life. Or, it may mean you are looking to change your career or go into business. This is a sign of future success. Being adaptable to meet changing needs is a great way to achieve success. This is a reminder to stay focused on your goals or you may need more knowledge to help you achieve the success you desire.

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  1. I am a Ugandan who has never left Uganda but of recent am having American dreams, two days a go I dreamt being given a magazine which had the images of son of the president of America, I got Interested in the magazine especially on the image in which he was naked with only a small pant, I looked at it with keen interest in him as if I was falling for him. What does that mean?

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