Machete Dream Symbol


Machete – The machete is a symbol of cutting through the underbrush of life. Underbrush consists of things that have to be slogged through but do not benefit us at all, but rather hinder us. Things that are commonly considered the ‘underbrush of life’ are bills, debt, school, and work. If you dream about a machete it means that you desperately need to escape from your everyday routine and find out if there is a better route to accomplishing your dreams.

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  1. Helo, my wife dreamt dat I bought new Matchete and everybody comes and was using the new Matchete to cut sugarcane and eat. What is the interpretation please?

  2. Hi there,

    So I had a dream where I was using a machete to try and kill a man. I’m trying to chop him from the base of his head and I’m hitting him again and again but he is not phased by it.

  3. Can you tell me why I was dreaming of fighting with a machete over and over again. Chopping off limbs and heads. Very brutal.

  4. Hello there, please help me to Interpret for me a dream of a man sharpening a Machete and that man use to be my neighbour some time back and now is successful in life. Thank you

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