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Lynx Dream Symbol – Lynx brings secrecy to your dreams. Take a look within to see what you hold close to your heart protected from the world. Things are not what they appear to be. There are illusions. Created by you? Created by others? Peel these back to get to the heart of the truth. These are life lessons.

Lynx can also come to warn you to wake up. Someone deceives you. Who could this be? Take a closer look to find the truth. He also brings playfulness to your life. He reminds you to push the boundaries. To break free of self-imposed routines. Lynx shows how to look within. You know how to see the truth when faced with challenges.

A visit from lynx can also mean you feel guilty for not trusting someone in your life. Who do you dislike? Who do you not trust? What is the reason? This can be a female friend consumed with jealousy at who you are.

Dreaming of black lynx can mean you do not see your relationships clearly. You may need to find objectivity. Who do you feel is an enemy? Take time to understand this person and surround them with positive energy to help you move past them. They are likely to erupt and bring whole lot of toxic energy into your life at some time. You want to move down your own path and bypass these situations.

Dreaming of lynx can also mean you are impatient at this time. This can be connected to a fear of losing your freedom. Your independence. This can mean you need protection of some sort. You will need to fight to keep your independence and eliminate toxic people from your life. He warns to be aware, alert to others’ cunning nature. There is someone around you who is a manipulator and has their sights on you. Who can this be? You need to remove this person or people from your life.

Seeing lynx can also make you aware of someone you thought of as a friend is treating you with hostility. This can mean an end to the friendship. Alternatively, it can mean there are those close to you working against you. This could be a friend who outsmarts you to get the upper hand over you. You will feel very upset at the loss and betrayal if this happens. Learn the lessons and move on.

To see a lynx in your dream can indicate secrecy and hidden motivations in your waking life. The lynx will often indicate specific traits such as speed, stealth, camouflage, and secrecy. These cats are hidden in the wild and are difficult to spot if you don’t have a discerning eye.

The lynx is often found in colder climates and can indicate the need to slow things down and rethink what you are doing. Lynxes are very stealthy creatures and can indicate that people around you might be keeping secrets that you don’t know about.

When Lynx crosses your Path

Lynx crosses your path to remind you are a keeper of secrets. People have a deep trust in your integrity and trust you with their deep, dark secrets.

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  1. I had a dream that I was looking out into a forest and watched 2 lynx. One was very large and looked almost like something other than but still had the head of a lynx. The larger one was chasing the smaller one and eventually caught it. It was a bit of a sickening feeling as I watched the larger one tear the back of his neck open and the smaller one lay still until an opportunity came and was able to escape. Not sure what to make of it.

  2. Last night or early this morning, I dreamed about a Lynx with two sets of eyes. Then it appeared the Lynx was eating it’s tail. the tail seemed to have been removed with a clean cut, and the Lynx (or me?) was eating the wide end that had been cut. The blood was not running out, but it we dark red and warm and still inside the tail.

  3. I dreamt my home was surrounded by lynx. Every time I opened the door they were there circling. Lurking. I only felt slightly threatened but they were very calm. I’m a very honest person and cannot think of any secrets. Could they be protecting me?? I’m curious to hear someone’s opinion. I did feel like I couldn’t leave my home but didn’t think they would hurt me

  4. I was back home in Texas with my Mom in the dream. My dear Brother had committed suicide the week prior in real life. We found his body after he told me he was dead while i was in a half awake sleep state. In the dream, the llynx walked into our home as our door was open. At first i was shocked to see him but felt he came for me. He looked into my eyes and we connected. He was huge and looked super soft. He crouched on his haunches and lefted his front paws around my waist. I knew he was all pure love. As i crouched down to his eye level, i looked toward my Mom who was holding her breath that i would get face to face with a wild creature. I came to my knees and his furry paws hooked the back of my neck. The love was mutual and sweet. It is as if he is with me now.

  5. I dreamed a lynx was in my house and attempted to hurt me and my family, so we decided to kill it but I was too sad to do it

  6. In my dream i am living next to a river like with in feet of this river it is in a hut thats done shaped yet some how water tight in this dream i have a lynx that keeps me company at first it attacks me and we end up building trust for one another then i am placed in what i can only picture as a war scene out of ww2 or something along those lines fighting to protect me and her ( i will explain soon ) so i am fending off my hut from the hill and thos lynx saves me and then this dream fast forwards to the lynx transforming into a woman that i have never met yet seems that i have known her my whole life blonde hair blue eyes 5,4 slim built and a heart of gold from what happens in my dream then we lay their cuddle laugh and seem that time stands still then all of a sudden the valley where we are living in this dome shaped hut floods and we are trapped inside when an what i can recall from my dream tries to sneak in and do me harm she transforms back into the lynx fights off this otter and right after that the flood destroys the house she changes back and we are struggling for our lives i save her after she becomes unconscious from the struggle and hitting her head we come up to a house with a deck and i bring her uptop and get her concious again and she cant remember who i am and just walks away then the dream ends i have been having this exact same dream more than once a year since i was i want to say 14 or 15 and i am 27 now it feels so real when it happens i wake up crying like i have been balling my head off like i have lost a woman i spent my life with what does this mean

  7. I had a dream where my house was slowly falling apart leaks in the roofs of rooms that sort of thing my house is in need of repair so I think that has been playing on my mind so I guess that’s why I dreaming of my house being a lot worse , but as I step out to my backs I can see a lynx and a black panther upon my shed just under the trees that hung above the shed the panther stepped forward a bit but the lynx seemed to stay where it was giving me a strange look as if it wasn’t sure of me or a “snide” look as to put it I am pregnant at the moment and only have 2 weeks left I also have 3 children and I’m in a relationship also I’ve tried to look it up to understand but not understanding to well

  8. I had a dream I was arrested by undercover police ..were Fema ..They wanted me to deny JESUS..I would not I had fear of them killing me but new I would go to be with JESUS.. I started to speak loud to them about JESUS .The Holy Spirir was speaking..They became afraid of me…what can this mean???? I also remember ..I was looking for humans..I new they were not human but looked very human.. They hated me ..

  9. I had a dream I was arrested by undercover police ..were Fema ..They wanted me to deny JESUS..I would not I had fear of them killing me but new I would go to be with JESUS.. I started to speak loud to them about JESUS .The Holy Spirir was speaking..They became afraid of me…what can this mean????

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