Lullaby Dream Symbol


Lullaby – A lullaby is a soothing, loving dream symbol that reminds you of the care and support around you. Many of us remember being sung lullabies when we were small children, and they comforted us because they told us that everything would be all right and that our mother and father would take care of us and keep us safe.

To dream of hearing a lullaby signifies much the same thing: comfort that everything will be all right and that God or the Universe is taking care of us. Of course, the lullaby dream symbol also reflects our own emotions about our parents and our childhood.

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  1. I had a dream of me in my bed waking up alerted to the sound of a rattle sound & seeing a Western diamondback Rattlesnake come from my door way & go pass my bed. Before the snake went pass my bed it stopped It seem like it kinda smiled at me ,it lean on my bed to look at me & got down While all that was going on the lullaby “rock bye baby “was playing the whole time also as the snake came in I thought I saw baby crawl out .I’m really good at remembering detain Of my dreams but i missed that .I spend all night trying to understand this dream But I’m still not sure

  2. Help me out. I keep having a dream where their are two huge cages facing each other I’m in the middle right side. Monkeys. Left side. Giant snakes. Cages doors open snakes start stacking monkeys then me. Dream goes black and a lullaby plays

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