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Ankh Dream Symbol

An ankh comes from the symbols of Egyptian immortals Osiris and Isis. When a man dreams of an ankh it can mean, there is resurrection in some part of your life. And, for woman, it can be a reminder to recognize your personal power. An ankh can show you the way to the hidden wisdom within your soul. An ankh in your dream can remind that you hold the answers within.

Ankhs can also symbolize life within the universe. They symbolize bringing hidden wisdom to the surface to help you see with deeper understanding. An ankh can also bring you protection as you navigate the trials and tribulations of your waking life.

Arrowhead Dream Symbol

Dreaming of an arrowhead represents persevering to achieve your goals. You have a plan to achieve success. It can also represent open communication and benefits from travelling for business.

A broken arrowhead warns of failures about to cross your path. It may delay moving forward towards your goals. Be prepared. Finding arrowheads symbolizes abandoning your goals. Have you had ideas or plans that were not successful or failed to be more than ideas? Remember, it is alright to move on.

Seeing a lead arrowhead can mean you will be told in no uncertain terms about your weaknesses. This could be in person or in written form. And, it may be relentless. A gold arrowhead indicates there is something you have to write in a letter and send. You feel forced into doing this and prefer to hold your own counsel. A copper arrowhead is a sign you will have much pleasure from material things.

Crescent Moon Dream Symbol

The moon has a long history of being worshipped by people all over the world. Dreaming of the crescent moon can be positive reinforcement that you are on the right path. Or, it can mean, you are on the wrong path and need to get back on track. Hat can it mean for you?

A crescent moon in your dream can symbolize life changes and new beginnings. This maybe you or for someone close to you. Be open to new opportunities. If you or someone close is trying to get pregnant, or is already expecting a child, this is a sign of success. When the crescent moon progresses through the moon’s natural cycles in a dream, this indicates the baby will come into this world without any problems. If unusual things, or something out of place occurs during part of a moon’s cycle, this indicates you may need to see a doctor to ensure everything is progressing as it should be.

A crescent moon also represents your intuition, wisdom, and creativity. Dreaming of a crescent moon can man you will start a new project. This is a message to follow you gut instincts when working towards your goals. This is a dream that confirms your intuition is spot on.

Four-leaf Clover Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a four-leaf clover is a sign good luck is about to enter your life. This can be socially, in your relationships, and financially. But, be warned, this type of dream can mislead you. Dreaming of a field of four-leaf clover will not mean you will have a lot of good luck. It is most likely to mean that many people will share in the same good fortune. However, dreaming of a four-leaf clover means there is something positive coming in your life, no matter how small.

Garlic Dream Symbol

Garlic can have many meanings. On one hand, it represents fertility, but it also represents protection. On the spiritual level garlic is a sign of good. It is generally a sign of good health and wellbeing. It protects you physically from illness and help you to face your fears.

Dreaming of smelling of garlic can warn there are arguments and dramas around you. Eating garlic can mean you may being going through tough times now, but your resourcefulness will turn that around. Are you already consciously following a life plan to turn things around? When you do, luck will enter your life in the future.

Cooking garlic is a sign to take better care of your health. Using garlic to cook with can also indicate you receive news that makes you think deeply. Dreaming of just seeing garlic, without eating it, is a sign you will have a triumph in front of an audience and you will feel really proud of your achievements.

Buying garlic warns to watch what is happening in your business or job. This can mean there is gossip or rumors being spread around about you. Be wary of any deals you may be about to do. While things look good on the surface, you need to dig a little deeper. Someone is trying to deceive you. If you go ahead, you can fall victim to your own short-sightedness.


Horseshoe Dream Symbol

A horseshoe in your dreams is a sign of good luck. It can also mean there is a wedding coming up in your life. This can be yours or someone close to you. Either a friend or member of your family. It can also represent making a commitment to a relationship. When you dream of a horseshoe it is advance notice that business matters and social gatherings will bring good news and luck sometime in the future.

A horseshoe turned the wrong way up is a sign of bad luck. It is a sign you may be putting energy into something that is not worthwhile. Is there something like this in your life? Seeing a broken horseshoe is also a sign of bad luck and of sickness around you.

Finding a horseshoe sitting on a fence can mean your interests will grow into a passion. You will have success beyond your wildest dreams. Finding one in the road is a sign you will profit from an unknown source.

Horseshoes can also be worn as a sign of protection. And, nailing a horseshoe above your door can help to keep evil spirits at bay. Horseshoes are generally a sign good things will overcome evil.

Rabbit’s foot Dream Symbol

A dream of a rabbit’s foot foretells of good luck. It is a sign there is happiness about to enter your life. A rabbit’s foot charm wards off evil spirits and is a sign of fertility. They bring positive blessings for all occasions. Wearing a rabbit’s foot for luck in your career or job can foretell of great wealth and wellbeing as your hard work turn into success.

Skeleton Key Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a skeleton key is a reminder you hold the answers within. A skeleton key can open all locks, so you have access to everything you need. You hold the key.

Skull and Crossbones Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a pirate’s skull and crossbones is a warning you may not have the intellectual capacity for what you want to take on. You may have to learn more skills or be more organized if you want a chance at success.


Wishbone Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a wishbone from a chicken represents family togetherness and hope for the future. Seeing a larger piece break off the wishbone is a sign than things will have a positive outcome. Ending up with the smaller piece is a sign there will be disappointment of some kind in your life.


Palmistry Dream Symbol

Dreams of a palm reading represents major changes in your life. These can be negative or positive, but what matters is how you deal with them. Rejecting them will just bring more negativity and make your life harder. Is that what you want?

A woman dreaming of palmistry is a sign someone will show you mistrust. Have you done something to warrant this? If you have your palm read, you will have many male admirers but women may shun you through jealousy. Are you a threat? Reading someone else’s palm is a sign you will be recognized for your ideas and ideals. Keep believing in yourself.

Pendulum Dream Symbol

A pendulum measures time and energy. Dreaming of an old pendulum clock can represent your outdated attitude to things. It is a time to consider what works in reality and adopt a new perspective. It can also mean that you need to put your plan on hold. Now is not the right time for success. Pendulums represent the rhythm of life. The natural order of things.

A single pendulum, swinging on its own, can represent your choices. You may be changing your mind between one choice or another. Are you feeling indecisive? Are you confused? If it stops swinging in your dream, this can mean you have the answers to your problems or questions.

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