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Lover – Your lover in your dream is a powerful dream symbol, and the exact meaning of this dream symbol depends in a large part on your own life experiences, especially your experiences with love. The dream symbol of a lover symbolizes relationships and life choices. This, of course, may indicate a real lover in your life, or it may indicate that you are soon to have a lover in your life.

This dream symbol may also represent beneficial opportunities and the chance to make important decisions for your life. Be on the lookout for new chances and opening doors. The exact meaning of this dream symbol will depend on the other symbols, people, and emotions surrounding it in your dream.

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  1. I dreamt that I fell in love with a man but this man was an angel. The dream is vague now but I’ll try and remember as much as possible. This man in my dream was a police officer that has been helping out at my store the past few weeks.
    Okay, so I fell in love with him (reasons unknown) and it seemed like we had a bond\connection\history something! But he had to leave (remember he’s an angel) so he did with no explanation and I was heartbroken. So I would pray to him hoping he’d show up so I could talk to him. Then all of the sudden I was on like a train car type thing holding on the bottom of it and there were two people standing above me and they kept taking a bracelet off of my wrist and throwing it and they would say “you have to let go and go get the bracelet” or something along those lines. But I always ended up clutching the bracelet in my hand. I also remember feeling waves of mist on my back as if we were going over a bridge above water. When I awoke, I had this overwhelming sense of love and happiness toward this man, the officer who I’ve only spoke to a few times before. Any explanation?

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