Love Note Dream Symbol


Love Note – A love note is a dream symbol of communication between you and your lover. This dream symbol may indicate that you need to express affection toward your significant other more, if you dream that you are the one writing a love letter.

On the other hand, this dream may indicate that you want to express affection to your lover, but meet with resistance. Perhaps your relationship has become too ordinary and you need to rekindle the fire. If you dream of having a love note written to you, this signifies that your significant other has these feelings about you, whether they are spoken aloud or not.

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  1. Moirangthem Premio on

    In my dream. I have written a few sentences of word.and my crush undersigned on it.what that mean

  2. I had a dream where my ex tells me he has a new girlfriend, which was a lie. He calls the girl in front of me to confirm that she is his girl. Later in the dream the girl he called recognized me in a restaurant and tells me the truth that he just made that up and told her to follow along with what he was going to do but she did not understand why because he has always told her and his sisters his love for me. I then see him entering the same restaurant and run from him and he chases after me and he gives me this folded love letter. I just stare at the folded letter and it says in Spanish “I love you, my love” but I never opened the letter I just kept staring at it and I woke up right there.

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