Love Dream Symbol


Love – Love is a broad and overarching dream symbol. The obvious meaning of this dream symbol is what it is: love. You may feel love for another person, or you may be looking for love in your life.

The complete meaning of this dream symbol depends on the other people and events surrounding this dream symbol. In addition, the way in which love is expressed in your dream is highly significant. This reveals information about how you receive and experience love, and how healthy your relationships are.

Love is an extremely powerful emotion that will bring out a lot of feelings in a dream. To dream that you are in love with someone may represent hidden feelings that you have for that person in your waking state. You might have a dream that you are in love with a teacher that you were always very fond of or be in love with your best friends. These dreams will often bring your hidden feelings and desires to the surface and make you confront them.

Another powerful love dream is when you do show someone you love them in a dream. This will often revolve around an action that you do like helping someone in a time of trouble or saving someone from harm. These dreams are often reflective over people that you care about and will surface in your dreams. Dreams of love have many meanings and should always be analyzed with context of the dream and the people surrounding the dream.

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