Dreaming that You Are in Love – What Does it Mean


Dreaming about love and feelings of love can have a significant impact on us when we are awake. The person, place, and situation surrounding your dream will all determine what it means when you dream about love.

For most people, these dreams will include someone that you know in our waking life. This could be your partner, someone you are in love with, or a family member or someone that you hold dear to your heart. The act of love in a dream, often signifies that you care about someone or something.

If you find yourself lonely in your waking life, this dream could be a wish fulfillment dream. Sometimes the act of being in love in your dream can represent a longing to find happiness in your own life.

These dreams are most common when we enter a new relationship and experience falling in love again. There is a broad range of emotions that we experience when we dream about someone we care about.

Dreaming of love can indicate you admire someone in your waking life and this is reflected in your dreams. There may be unexplained joy in your heart manifesting in your dreams. When you dream of your partner this can warn you may be becoming obsessed with them. Just be wary you do not get too pushy, or you may push them away.

Caring for the ones you love indicates your family life is happy and contented. Your relationships with each other are balanced and healthy. Dreaming of having fun together confirms you take the time to spend much quality time together. Your bond as a family unit is strong.

Making love in a dream can symbolize your desire for a deeper connection with the one you love. You are ready to take the relationship to the next level. Do you fear being rejected if you let them know how you feel? A dream of making love can mean you are ready to make a life commitment to the one you genuinely love.

Dreaming of being in love can also say that you are single and alone at the moment. You would dearly love to find your life partner. It may be a time where you need to open yourself up to more possibilities. You can never find love if you give up on giving it a chance. Get out of the house more to meet new people.

Being in love with someone you are not in love with in real life can mean you are strongly attracted to an aspect of their character where you are lacking. It may also say you are comfortable in your current situation and are not seeking change.

Dreaming of being involved with the love of your life in real life reflects your feelings about that person and the relationship you share. Being in love with a relative in a dream reflects your happiness about something that is occurring in your waking reality.

Being in love with a stranger indicates you are accepting a new situation or new things in yourself you have only just discovered. Maybe you are opening up to old feelings you have not allowed yourself to feel in a long time.

Dreaming of being love with someone you have a crush on in real life is symbolic of the type of person you desire as a partner in your real life. Do you have a crush on someone you think will never notice you? Or, is it the type of person they are that attracts you?

Being in love with a celebrity in a dream, especially ones you do not like in real life, indicates an acceptance of some trait in yourself that you see in that celebrity. It can also be a reflection of something happening to you in your waking life. Loving people you recognize in a dream represents your commitment and attachment to that person in your waking reality.

Kindness and Tenderness

Dreaming of love is a sign you see yourself in a realistic light. It can also mean you have a healthy, loving relationship with those closest to you. It can also say that you need more love and affection in your life from someone in particular. Dreaming of looking for tenderness can mean you need to accept your true self before you can expect others to take you.

This type of dream is a sign you need to do some work on healing those parts that need work to stop the hurt. Be wary of becoming what others see you as being, instead of standing up for your truth. Avoid becoming a doormat for someone else.

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  1. I dreamed that we were renovating. We pulled out this huge side of a building. It was about 30 feet x 2 ft. We pulled it out and I saw about 3 dead cats. Then they came alive and their kittens all of a sudden were appearing. The moms and kittens were SO joyful!!!!
    What does this mean?

  2. I have dreamt my boyfriend broke my microwave in my house because of his anger problems… he then walked out screamed something (can’t renember) and punched the fence. I was trying to quieted him down as he might wake up my house mate. There was a lot of anger in his face, eyes and body but I couldn’t calm him from breaking my things from his own frustration. ????

  3. i had a dream that my dog killed my cat and it was terrifyingly gruesome and now i’m up and i’m too afraid to go to sleep.

  4. I had a good dream about hiker he was on parade and followed me into a dark alley where people were waiting to kill him on the balcony and I directed hitler to run after he said something in German he instructed me to follow him into a beer house and hide in the cellar he gave me a machine gun and the people found us so I jumped out of the cellar and shot them hitler congratulated me and gave me a hug then he came to my house and saw a lot of Soviet war art painted on the walls in my room and said it was impressive and told me to paint more of the third Reich then I woke up

  5. I dreamt I was eating an enormous marshmallow and when I woke up my pillow was gone. What does this mean?

  6. I want to share this cause I want to understand the meaning…
    A few years ago I dreamt this… I was with this boy in the motorcycle then I asked if he really likes me then he stopped and said yes he really likes me after that he said I will be waiting for you then I woke up… (it happend a few times then stopped)
    Yesterday night I dreamt him again but he got older maybe a young adult as if the time passed in my dream, well he is so popular among women but he choses me then we went in a labyrinth (there was another dream about this but without him it like full of monsters to kill ) and have some romantic experiences as kissing and hugging then he said again I will wait for you. (i took down notes so I can remember him how he was hahaha)

  7. Irl I’m married to a man. But last night was the happiest dream I ever had. I met a woman. I fell in love with her. It was mutual. It was love at first sight. The love was peaceful, trusting, equal & sincere. She thought I was the most beautiful as she was to me. She had a gorgeous dainty face framed in a pixie dark brown hair. She had no name. She was a strong, stylish, independent woman who ran her own business. We got on so well it felt as if she is the one to grow old with, and not my Husband. I almost did not want to accept that I woke up to reality and lost her. She was more real than my reality. And she truly made me happy, wanted and loved, somethzing that do not happen in my reality. Can I go back and not wake up and be with her forever?

  8. Good morning. I just want to share my fream last night. At first i was lying down in a bed inside the shower room and it is actually weird. Then the shower water keeps on falling into my face like it is waking me up or something. Then i woke up literally.

    Second instance after drinking water.

    I had a dream again that i was about to sleep in a double deck below bed and i saw a frog in a wall. Im about to sleep with the little kid which is my nephew And put all the beddings to me with mu nephew when i saw the frog is jumping to us then all of a sudden the frog is inside us and it is in my neck like kissing me or biting me i dont know.

    Can you help me what isbthe meaning of this?

  9. When I was expecting my first son 8 years ago .i woke up crying coz I’m my dream the was a bar between me and my son .then 4 years down the line I lost my kids to foster care coz of the sort of man I was with .he is my sons dad no longer with him

  10. Dreamed with golden lioness chasing me after finding two baby golden lioness in empty street hiding from her, one was eating by the lioness and the other one saved by me..in the middle of all this a black panther running towards me but just passed along without stopping .
    Does anyone knows the meaning??

  11. I like a girl who used to work where I do. She has now left for a new job…and we swapped numbers to keep in touch. I’ve only known her since summer 2017 but in that time we became good friends. However, she is engaged to someone else. She was already engaged as well when I met her. Usually I don’t persue taken girls as it goes against what I believe in, but with her it was different – I couldn’t bring myself to stop liking her.

    I could be wrong but despite being engaged, I believe she liked me to some degree due to some things she would say to me. I obviously never told her how I felt – she’s faithful to him and I respect that. As much as I like her I would never run the risk of losing her as a friend and telling her, unless she became single. Unlikely as that is…

    At least while I’m awake.

    See a few weeks ago I had a dream that I said ‘I love you’ to her about 7 times. Each time she was 100% unresponsive. Not even moving her eyes, let alone talking. Statues move more. Any idea what this represents?

  12. Hi ,
    I dreamt I was in a shower helping a pregnant woman ( a woman I don’t know, in real life or in my dream) but then she turned around to seduce me and I submitted. Invite dream she cornered me but while she was kissing me she was biting me and I started to bleed out. I was not scared nor worried but before I knew it I was in a bloody shower!

  13. I dreamt I was in a shower helping a pregnant woman ( a woman I don’t know, in real life or in my dream) but then she turned around to seduce me and I submitted. Invite dream she cornered me but while she was kissing me she was biting me and I started to bleed out. I was not scared nor worried but before I knew it I was in a bloody shower!

  14. Hi,

    I had a very very intense vivid dream of Heaven last night. It was not positive in the least bit. It was scary as hell. I am an analytical person and realist, but I do not consider myself to be negative in the least bit. I see situations as negative but not insurmountable.
    This was a dream that put me right into a state or freaking out.
    My daughter showed me a portal that she had found to Heaven. She is only 6 years old. She grabbed my hand and off we flew. I was very aware that I must be dreaming. It was very surreal and even noted how this must be how Wendy felt to be taken to Neverland.
    On arrival, there was not the warm reception
    of acceptance. There is a cobblestone village of houses that “feel” empty. We go through the entrance of one of the houses.
    I decorated each room for you and daddy and Corbin (her brother) too. When did you find this place and how long have you been coming here? I am beginning to feel my stomach sink. I am taken over slowly by darkness cold and fear. Honey, Heaven is not a physical place you can visit. You only go to Heaven when you pass away. It “felt” pervasively empty throughout even with lights on. Each room looked as though she took great care in making it special and unique while still looking like a child made them. I am overcome with sadness. I want to escape. I want to drag her out. Just when I thought it can get no worse. My husband walks in. He says he had some trouble finding this place. He said I should not be upset because my daughter was proud of herself and she was happy. I told him do you not understand that either she is dead or we are all dead.

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