Lotus (Water Lily) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lotus (Water Lily) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of the lotus symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and growth, innocence, and beauty. It serves as a bright light in hard times. The lotus flower is a symbol of hope. Seeing the lotus flower brings courage to help you deal with hard challenges. It can also be a reminder to be humbler.

There is a lot of wisdom around you. It may be wise to stop and listen. Instead of always being the first to have all the answers. This may be a time you need to focus more on your inner growth to help you through your current challenges.

lotus-water-lily-dreamSeeing a white lotus flower represents purity and innocence. This may be with respect to your spirituality. It can also mean you need to take action to support your true beliefs. A blue lotus flower indicates you need to listen more to your intuition. For it holds the answers.

Listening to your head over your heart may lead to more disharmony around you. Purple lotus flowers refer to the opening of your spirituality and compassion to the world. A red lotus flower represents your heart, and the compassion and love you show the world. Green lotus flowers are a unique gift and symbolize new beginnings. Rebirth from the old into a new way forward. The world is all you can make it to be.

With the lotus opening its petals to the world during the day and closing them again at night, this makes them unique in many ways. While they live in muddy ponds they manage to stay pure and innocent. Pink lotus flowers represent your heart. Your deepest emotions. Your heart’s desires.

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  1. In the evening in my dream i saw a pond of pink lotus flowers shining in blue water and there was a man behind it

  2. I dream that a girl and I went to pick beautiful pinks and white lotuses from the pond and take them to put in the vases to pray to Buddha

  3. Kalani gunarathne on

    I saw lotus flowers came out from leaven when I put them in water..ad I saw many fish but one is always jump out of the water,I tried to keep it in water but I couldn’t so I moved from them.I saw many lotus rpses and other flowers..
    Please explain this to me

    • Sujata Arya on

      I saw a very giant pink lotus blossoming in a great temple. The temple is named after the lotus. And me and my family is visiting that temple as tourists. We also prayed there.this dream came in the evening.
      Pls explain. Thank you

  4. Kalani gunarathne on

    I saw lotus flowers came out from leaven when I put them in water..ad I saw many fish but one is always jump out of the water,I tried to keep it in water but I couldn’t so I moved from them.I saw many lotus rpses and other flowers..
    Please explain this to me

  5. Last night I dreamt that I had writing on the coloured part of my eyes and it said ‘free the free falling lotus flower card’ :s

  6. i dreamt last night that water lilies were falling from the sky. very intense. then i saw a volcano under clear water and it shot water into the sky and i ran from it. several others erupted too. don’t have a clue what this means but it was very intense dream.

  7. Stephanie Kallner on

    Yes lot going on an i was in hospital an praying an had my eyes closed do to head pain again an. Had my hand on my 3erd eye an i first saw a green lotus big tons opening way up then i bit layer i did a pinkish purple one starting to open way up but not all way was just bit i think more it was right before i went home i been praying tons every day i have had other things too

  8. My leg is crushed by a falling rock in himalayas where i saw a beautiful place with single different lotus flower in pond near to me,the water is so pure and i drunk that water my injuries cured immediately.i saw a single different lotus flower with its root coming from some cave inside the water

  9. Shajid hasan on

    I dreamed ride a boat into the field of water lily and suddenly I see a fish net and a fish stick to the net and I collect this fish and came home .

  10. my mother use to ask the vendors for lotus seed to plant in our home i heard that in afternoon.. At night i got dream.. I was with my father and brother went to a krishna temple saw hundreds of loutus plants in knee depth water cirumferencing this temple..we stole some chosen about 4-5 lotus with seed, even one with a dimond embed on it to plant in our home.. We took shelter in temple i saw many jewel tank but thought in myself i came only for lotus so moved out with lotus and came home

  11. Some years back, I I was getting over a divorce. I downloaded some Buddhist music to keep myself calm and I kept getting visuals of myself either dancing or soaking my feet in a lotus pond. I only got to know much later the music was the heart sutra.

  12. I saw a lotus pond and I walk through it.
    There are some flowers also I seen.
    And I went into a temple passing it.

    • Figure it out yet? I’ve been dreaming about white lotus a lot lately. Great big ones, here in the high Rockies. ????

  13. I saw a newly open up pink lotus flower in a semi dry muddy area. After few minute someone pluck it.

  14. I saw a dream where lotus symbol appeared in my palm. Don’t understand what does this mean. Can someone guide me please?

  15. I had a dream that i had these dried flowers. Stuck in my hair when i pulled them out and put them in watervthey were a beautiful mauve colour likexa lotus floating i had tobget loads out my hair

  16. I had a dream where I was meditating in a temple with all these people. Then I heard a commotion from the elders about a lotus blooming. I looked up to see a huge, boat sized pink lotus. Then an Indian boy stood up and said something like, how privelaged am I to have such a flower bloom in the wake of my enlightenment. He said it with such with kind jest of a smile. Then he picked two figs that were barley ripe and I had a huge ripe fig in my hand. He gave a man one fig, then he sat next to me and smiled as if waiting for me to take the first bite. I felt honored and quickly bit into the fig. I knew he was Buddha.

  17. Rashida Contractor on

    Dreamt​ of talking, eating lotus petals, mostly white very light pink, in various ways cooked uncooked with someone in a sisterhood who eats red rose petals….

  18. While meditation I sort of gone in transe first I saw box of white color sweets made of milk, afterwards I saw white elephat decorated with red n golden color cloths on its head n back then I saw pink colour lotus it was closed n light appeared inside it n saw Goddess shadow sitting n had 4 hands I feel it sort of massage n I am trying to understand it. Can you please help me if you could interpret it.

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