Losing Something Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Losing Something Dream Symbol – If you dream of losing something, this indicates an insecurity in the thing that the item you lost in your dream symbolizes. For instance, if you dream of losing your shoes, this indicates insecurity in your ability to achieve your goals and o go to the places in life that you want to go.

If you dream of losing clothes or some other article that helps people look decent, this indicates insecurity in your sexuality, in your appearance, or even in your ideas of how other people perceive you. On the other hand, if you dream of losing a valuable possession, then you possibly have a tenuous relationship with a person with whom you associate that object, or else you fear betrayal from another side.

When you dream of losing something this can be a warning that you really have lost something, but you may not have noticed yet. It can also be a warning you need to reorganize your life. You may be distracted by your everyday responsibilities. Losing something in a dream can also symbolize lost opportunities. This can be lost relationships, even parts of yourself or your personality. It is a reminder that change is constant, but that you may also need to put more effort into to the things that matter to your future success.

Loss of body Parts

A dream where you lose body parts can be a scary dream. It symbolizes some type of loss in your life. This is a warning you need to take action to prevent more loss happening to you. Losing a limb can mean you worry about things not working out to plan or that something will be lost to you forever. Is there something worrying you? Losing both arms can mean that relatives may cause you loss of some sort in the future. You may need to be more careful who you put your trust in.

Losing a body part is a warning you need to take better care of yourself and those you care for in the future. Is there some part of your life you have been neglecting lately? Losing a leg in an accident is a warning you will suffer a loss from your life. Losing a hand in this way means that what you lose you no longer need anyway.

Dreaming of losing body parts in a sterile, hospital environment is a message to let you know that although things will be in turmoil for a while everything will work out in the end. Losing a limb to stop a disease from spreading or to save your life is a strong warning you need to take a long hard look at the relationship with your partner. This dream warns there is hidden trouble within. Talk to your partner about their feelings.

Losing a body part in an accident is a warning to take care. If it is due to an animal attack, someone is gossiping about you. A female losing a limb in a dream indicates you may soon lose your confidence. A man losing a limb can mean you are comfortable in your present surroundings and may fear change. Dreaming of losing limbs in a violent way represents that your life will be torn apart in some way. It can also mean it is a time to reevaluate your life to ensure you are on the right path. Seeing your limbs cut off in a dream can signify your health may decline sometime soon.

Lost Purse or Wallet

Dreaming of losing your purse or wallet can represent the need to make a life-changing decision soon. You may need to search for more information to reach such an important decision. You may be worried about making a mistake. It can also mean there may be ramifications in relation to whatever you are searching for. Losing your purse and your money is a sign you will soon be searching for something important in your waking life.

Maybe you are searching for a change of direction in your life. Or, you may be looking for a romantic partner to help fulfill your life or you just want to try something new. Do you find yourself standing at a crossroad?

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  1. Daniel Roberts on

    I have been having this recurring dream of looking for misplaced items (shoes, backpack) in an area of the dream that is for storage lockers . This isn’t the first time I’ve drempt of me looking for misplaced items in rows of lockers . While looking for the lost items I remember thinking of just stealing other people stuff because this task of looking was so frustrating. I’ve taken things like money and wallets and shoes from gym change rooms before in real life .. I’m wondering if I’m just doing a “remember when?” Or if I’m feeling guilty for doing this? The subconence is a powerful thing ..

  2. Ebitimi Igbaseimokumo on

    I lost a book in my dream and was searching for it in my aunt’s house. I don’t know how it got there in the dream, but I believed it was there, although I couldn’t find it. What does this mean?

  3. I had a dream where everything that I need everyday I.e clothes make up shoes keys etc were in a huge cage which I was dragging around with me with a normal suitcase aswell. I then lost it all and was going through different houses with complicated layouts to try and find it all. I never found any of it

  4. Percilla greyton on

    What if you dream about loseing a gift. And i also lost ballons. Because ive had the same scenario of losing a gift bag but everything else is changed. And the gift was a boxed-bag and the design was changed each time.

  5. mine is not a dream it happen physically I have lost 3 panties I can’t find them what does it mean

  6. I have a recurring dream of losing or having something stolen at the airport, I spend the entire dream looking for it but never finding it, and then I wake up. It can be my car at the parking lot, a suitcase that the porter took and hid and won’t tell me where it is at.
    I am having PTSD flashbacks during the day time, usually, violent incidents that happened growing up with my father which I buried long ago. Recently I concluded he was an evil man who would beat me, steal money from me, make you work long hours on his projects, etc. To the public he appeared a nice guy, but actually was not he would lie, cheat and stab people in the back. Anybody. I realize now the things he did was because he was in competition with me (and everyone else) and wanted you to fail in life and be miserable, He did this to everyone, but seldom got caught,

  7. Jill Johnson on

    Strange dream. I was going through security at the airport, on my way to catch a plane. I wandered somewhat dazedly through the maze of airport walkways, escalators, passages through stores, rooms in which people were doing Tai Chi, others were in a pool, lounging, then through a theater. Somewhere in there, I realized I had lost my purse. I backtracked through the maze. I found it, but then as I went more and more frantically through strange rooms – like in an abandoned castle- lost it again. Where was the gate and the runway? Then, I couldn’t find my sweater, my shoes. I had nothing except for the shirt and pants I was wearing. Would they even let me on the plane? Where was I going anyway?

    I awoke to the news and images of a post apocalyptic burned Santa Rosa, CA, a desperate plea for help from the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in response to our President’s blame-the-victim tweets and lack of help, alongside happy posts from friends in Europe.

    What does it all mean?

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