Lollipop Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lollipop – A lollipop is a dream symbol of immediate, appetitive desires. The desires represented by the dream symbol of a lollipop are desires that your subconscious has, even knowing that they are unhealthy or will have a negative effect on you in the long run. If you dream of eating a lollipop, this indicates that you are valuing short-term pleasures over the long-term good, and this tendency will have long-term negative consequences in your life.

lollipop-dreamsAlternatively, a lollipop can symbolize childhood innocence and uninhibited enjoyment of simple pleasures. The other people, items, settings, and dream symbols surrounding the symbol of the lollipop will give further insight into the meaning of this dream symbol.

Lollipop Dream Symbols

Dreaming of lollipops indicates you will have a surprise or embark on a new adventure. They also signify indulgence and the sensual aspects of your life. Negatively, lollipops can warn not to be a sucker. You may need to be cautious in a relationship. They may be trying to use you for their advantage. Do you know who this is?

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