Locust Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Locust Dream Symbol – Locusts appearing in your dream symbolizes some part of you that needs urgent attention. There is a lack of emotional satisfaction. You may feel that your creativity is slipping away or you may not be able to think straight. Locusts signify punishment, adversity, and turmoil.

locust-dreamsThey destroy everything in their path. Do you feel there are parts of you shutting down? Maybe you feel empty. Is there something you have trouble making a decision about? Locusts can also mean transformation and natural lifecycles.

Seeing lush fields stripped bare by locusts can come as a warning you may hit rock bottom if you do not take action quickly. It can also mean violent storms are coming. If you are eating locusts, this means your hard work pays off financially.

Dreaming of a swarm of locusts is a reference to occupation by armed forces if you live in conflict areas. This can mean death and destruction swarming around you. If you hear locusts buzzing, this is a sign you have been secretly hoarding money and it has done very well.

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  1. Samantha Manangan on

    So in my dream, I was being chased by swarm of locusts. It’s kinda weird because its color coordinated. In the morning, I’m being chased by yellow locust and red locusts in the afternoon or at night. The only time I’m not being chased is when its midnight. The people from my past was also in my dream, as well, as an alien turtle, Disney princesses and villains. My dream was really weird.

  2. I dreamt that i was in my home and I saw myself holding a huge locust (10″-12″) long a brown and there were a few others in the room looking at me but in the dream I remember I don’t like to see them nor let them touch me so I pelt it out the window and went into another room where there were a lot more around my door and windows and even in my curtains these were mostly green but they were starting at me and for some reason the understand when I talk and ask them to leave but the never did they continue to stear at me so I took a pest spray and began spraying them a few flew away but I got up from my sleep

  3. Johnny Wildman on

    I had a dream I saw a swarm of locusts who landed on me. I walked into a restaurant and someone took a picture of it for Instagram.

  4. Mary Wilkinson on

    Last night I had a dream I was on some kind of balcony. I am afraid of heights so am am stuck on this nalcony with nuns on the other balconies when a giant locust appears. They flee and leave me defenseless on this balcony. I am thinking it will eat my head off, however, it is crawling on the ground. The next thing I realize is I can jump off the,balcony as it is not that far off the ground.

  5. I had a dream were I was leaving g from my friends house and I was walking down the street and everything turned bright yellow. I started to hear buzzing and they all started coming. For some reason they where really big as long as the length of my arms. They weren’t attacking me but they could have been attacking others but I looked up I. The clouds and they opened up and I saw a golden gate. The rest of my dream kinda fadded out

  6. Just woke up from a dream where I was in a swarm of locusts, I for some reason knew they were coming so I covered my face with my hoodie and just kept walking, everyone else was running and screaming, but I was still just walking through them, although they were bitting my legs bad and it was painful in the dream, this was all in the end of my dream, before that it went on a long time like a big story in a dream, and the ending, locusts

  7. In a dream l was picking locust , l picked the small sized greenish white into a plastic , l then dropped all of them out of the plastic
    Then collected the giant locust into a 2litre juice bottle , somebody then said , you have to be careful before you coock you must remove something at the back of all those locust
    As it may be infectious

    What may be the meaning of my dream ?

  8. My 7 year old daughter had a dream that specifically a “giant locust” was following her around an unfamiliar house. She said It was funny & scary. The locust kept coughing and saying “give me my medicine or I will eat you!” Wtf?

    • Nate Richardson on

      I have had a few dreams with threatening locust. One of the dreams the locusts stood upright and where about 8 feet tall. They where eating piles of bloody human bodies sectioned out on tables outside on a bright sun shiny day. It was a nightmare naturally.

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