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Locket – Dreaming of a locket is a symbol of something that you want to hold close to your heart, either something with sentimental value or something that you want to keep secret. If you dream of putting something in a locket, this indicates a possession, a person, or even an idea which you want to keep safe and keep close to you.

Taking a photo out of a locket signifies the opposite: you are emotionally letting go of that person and no longer wish to keep them near your heart. Letters are another thing that are common dream subjects to put in a locket, and these letters represent communications you have with someone in particular.

Of course, the language centers of the brain are shut down during sleep, which means that any letter you dream of putting in a locket will likely not have writing that is intelligible or stays the same over multiple readings.

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  1. i had a dream that my mom and her boyfriend and us were driving up a mountain road..very narrow ones. i remember putting on my seat belt feeling scared. as soon as it clicked a cop on a motor cycle pulled us over.
    i had told the cop that no one had done anything wrong. i told him what he probly saw was the refelection from my locket. (im not sure what happened next)
    i remember this guy being naked i was all over him touching him and kissing him
    (dont know what happened here)
    next thing i know im crying in a room with my friends i dont know if he broke up with me or died but i was crying
    i took the locket off and laid it on the bed and woke up..can some one tell me what this means

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