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Lock Dream Symbol – A lock is a dream symbol of the forbidden or the untouchable. This dream may involve you locking something away, or of you being locked out of something or somewhere you want to see. If you dream of locking something away, this is an indication of something that you value greatly, which you are afraid that others will harm if they have access to it. Consider why you feel this thing is threatened and must be protected, and especially who you feel you are protecting it from.

This will provide insights into possible relationship problems, along with helping you to understand why you are so protective of this thing. On the other hand, if you dream of being locked out, this indicates a feeling of being excluded or not trusted by the person who placed the lock.

Additional Lock Dream Symbols

Locks in dreams represent confusion in your waking life. A lock that works is a warning someone close to you is out to harm you. Do you know who this could be? The same dream, when you are in love, can mean you will win over anyone that stands against you. Just be yourself. A locked building can mean you will soon travel with success. This is a great time to travel. A lock you cannot open is a sign someone is trying to make you look like a fool, particularly in love. Is this happening to you?

Dreaming of locked filing cabinets and offices, and the keys are lost, warns that you need to pay attention to financial matters. There could be difficult times coming. You need to prepare. If you end up finding the keys in the dream, your financial situation may not become quite a bad as previously thought. You may need to put a budget in place and be careful with your money for a while to get through to the other side.

When you cannot get into somewhere because it is locked is a sign you are cutting yourself off from the people who care. Are you withdrawing from friends and family? Do you feel socially isolated? It is a time where you need to consider what makes you feel this way. Do you compare yourself to others? Are you being too materialistic? Do you measure up? You may be being too hard on yourself. Take the time to think about what is really important for you to achieve. Set realistic goals that will help take you down that path and moving forward. Maybe you need to give yourself credit for the positive things you have already achieved.

Seeing a closed door is a sign you may let your partner down or they may be the one to let you down. Do you know what I mean? Closing a door can mean you will suffer a minor loss or accident of some kind. Slamming a door can mean there is gossip behind your back. This will come from someone you trust. Shutting a door indicates you know about the gossip and have decided it says more about the gossipers than it does about you. You have decided to ignore them. It is not worth wasting your time.

When you dream of a locked door and you do not have a key to open it, take notice of the details. If you are locked out this is an important message. Take notice of the message in this dream. Being locked in can mean the door of opportunities are not open to you at this time.

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  1. My dream was as thus, i saw myself in a midst of friends but i left them in an upper room to go downstairs and as i was heading down a mad man was after me to rape me, But my friends came running to save me and successfully took me back to the room we were ealier on and locked the door with a padlock so the mad man couldn’t get in. I could see the pad lock and the key and how it the door was locked with i and my friends all in. The mad man was finally taken away by those outside while my friends assured me that i was safe. What could this mean

  2. what is the meaning a dream of getting a big strong padlock that is not yours on your door and you don’t have key to open to be able to get out. and then when you close your eyes asking God whats happening then it opens itself and when you get out of the house you realize that you are in a place you have never been before and you don’t know anyone. the place seem a bushy village. please help

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