Lobster Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lobster Dream Symbol – Lobster can visit your dreams to let you know it is time to come out of your shell. It is not a time to hide away from the world. Although hard emotional experiences drove you to retreat, you need to allow yourself to be more vulnerable. Facing the world will help you grow and understand the ways of the world better.

Be open to new opportunities. Embrace change and all the world offers. Open yourself to living life without hiding away. What do you hide from? Who hurt you that you need strong armor for protection? Have faith in the changes around you, even though you might try to resist.

Lobster dreamLobster wants you to know to have faith in yourself and that the universe is delivering you untold gifts. You may not think. So. Have faith. Just embrace them. Shed your shell so you can grow and chase your dreams. Lobster brings you strength. You can overcome all challenges with persistence. She can also indicate great wealth and abundance is coming to you soon.

Dreams of live lobsters can mean there are minor annoyances around. Who or what annoys you? Why? However, when you dream of eating lobster this is a positive sign. It can bring news of something lost or you receive repayment of a long lost loan. Alternatively, it can mean you are overconfident. If you are not careful you will fail. Eating a lobster salad can mean you will enjoy the greatest success from your ideas. She comes to remind success will not change who you are.

Additional Lobster Dream Meanings

Lobsters in a dream indicate you may have been hiding away to protect yourself. But, now the time is right to venture out of your shell. The time for healing is over. You cannot go through life emotionally cutoff. With walls constantly up to protect you. Allow yourself more vulnerability. You cannot grow without experiencing life emotionally. Although things may sometimes be painful, have faith that you can create a positive life. The universe will only send you what you have the ability to handle.

Lobsters symbolize strength, courage, and perseverance. You stand up for what you believe in when dealing with problems. It can also mean prosperity will fill your life soon. Though keep doing things you need to do.

Dreaming of lobster can mean you are having trouble dealing with a problem or issues in your life. It can be you feel pressured by someone who always brings up an issue that irritates you. Someone may keep reminding you of your negativity when you ask for advice. This may hurt you. You may feel all alone because others support may not be what you seek. There may be someone trying to control what you do and think. Alternatively, it maybe you that nags someone about their mistakes or dishonesty. Never letting them forget what they did. It can be a warning to treat others as you would have them treat you.

Eating lobster in a dream can mean you feel free of others’ control. Free of their nagging reminders. Free of the negativity. Free if their misunderstanding you and your misery. It is a time to enjoy life. Take time out for rest and relaxation. You enjoy not having to put up with others’ persistent criticism. It can also mean you abuse your personal power to stop someone from making you feel guilty over something dishonest you have done. You may threaten to reveal things about them to stop them from bothering you.

When Lobster crosses your Path

Lobster crosses your path to remind to stand up for your beliefs. Do not let others bullying attitudes stop you from speaking out and taking action.

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  1. Hi there,
    I dreamed i was on a beach on holiday and while all was peacefull and serene out of the sudden the beach was fluded with turtles very cute, i thought in my dream that they are coming to put the eggs in the sand. And then i saw lots of lobsters that at first i thought they were scorpions. I got scared and i flew. As i was watching from above i realized they were lobsters so i came back down. I also saw a lot of red crossed litlle spiders but i wasn.t that much afrad as in real life i take spiders in my hand and put them away safe or some i just kill who are annoying me. And then after all this i felt that the peacefull and serene holiday became a bit buzzy and crowded.
    Hmmm after that my fiancee proposed and as soon this happened two ex boyfriends and his curent best friend (female) came to the island to look for us and share their love feelings. I was afraid and jealous anxoius and started suffering before anything happened as i was sure that my heart will be broken again.. then i went in the see and just lied there floating, peacefully.
    I haven.t dreamed in a long time so this is new.

  2. I had a dream that I kept finding live lobsters in the ceiling of my house. And they were something to jump and be afraid of like a spider. Very bizarre.

    • Adrienne Gremillion on

      Could be that you want to address your fear of your own courage and using your power. You might be conflicted about coming out of your shell.

  3. Karlene Lewis on

    I dreamt I gave someone some money to buy lobsters that person gave a next person all the lobsters and the one that was left she broke off the claws and ate them and gave me the rest

  4. The Red Woman of Horticulture on

    I study horticulture in college and finals are coming. It’s a very stressful time for me! I dreamed last night that I was breeding lobsters (but my knowledge and background is in plant breeding.) I a huge tank of them from my “breeding program.” They were all descendants of ONE absolutely enormous lobster I saw 12 years ago at a high end grocery store I worked at back when I was younger. (I thought I didn’t need college back when I was 19, BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!! Hint, hint, people.) I must have propagated these lobsters a-sexually like a plant cutting or something! I offered one to my dad to eat and he was very excited cuz he likes to eat them and cuz I “grew it.” (I often give my parents stuff I grow, so giving it to him was only natural. He got the biggest one.) It’s really really really weird cuz the lobsters were so plant-like in their behavior and reproduction, but they were live lobsters. I do NOT eat seafood of any kind (it’s not sustainable!!!!) And I didn’t eat them in my dream. I was just a confused plant breeder with a tank of lobsters in my room. Hoping this is an omen for finals and my future because I’m going through a career change after being unfairly slandered by a mean coworker. (Wikipedia: workplace psycopath and READ THE ARTICLE it might save your career.) I’m terrified I’ll never have a successful career after what I went through and I suffer from extreme anxiety, especially around people I don’t know. I hope the lobsters are a good sign for little old me.

    • Adrienne Gremillion on

      Yes, they are! I’ve been doing dream study and using dream guidance for 22 years! Your willingness to breed a successful new career is showing its gifts even if you feel a little unprepared for it! You will be available to offer a true gift to others, especially ones who you hold in some esteem. You’ll transfer what you already know and that will be a great advantage. The lobster breeding also tells you that you are currently breeding your own courage, power, and perseverance to be able to stand up to criticism. You are in the process of self empowerment! ( Only take in that which resonates with you, for this is YOUR dream!

  5. in my dream i was throwing up the lobster or crawfish and was literally pulling it leg for leg out of my throat could feel it leaving my stomach and after wards in my dream my bottom gums were swollen and the rightside of my face i have no idea what this mean but i woke up uncomfortable

    • Adrienne Gremillion on

      Might be rejecting your own ability to stand up for yourself. There’s something you might feel compelled to say and cant yet. So your ability to express and be fully yourself is hampered by the fear of offending someone and appearing less than generous. Or, you are feeling to vulnerable and worn down to speak up right now.

  6. I dreamt that we found a large red lobster just beside the house under the bathroom window, my husband picked it up and placed it inside the window into the bathroom.
    Next thing I’m needing to use the toilet and having to go while this lobster is still in the bathroom and I’m having a small freak out because I’m not sure if it’s alive or dead and my imagination is making me think it’s eyes are following me and that it’s grasping for air.

    Reading what you’ve written about the lobster, hit quite a few chords with me. It definitely has given me something to think about. Thank you.

  7. I had a dream that lobster were attacking me the we’re coming at me from under my car chasing me as I was trying to get in my car very crazy because I am no a lobster eater so don’t know what it means

  8. priyanka devi on

    i dreamed a lobster come through my umblicious and also human baby too ……what that mean???

    • Hi,
      Hope someone can help me with my dream.

      I dreamed i scooped lobsters (alot of them small and big)out of my right knee…

    • Adrienne Gremillion on

      Are you desiring to birth a more courageous you? Do you desire that your child Carrie’s his own power, and doesn’t hide in his shell?

  9. In my dream my I was cradling a lobster who happened to be my little sister suffering from
    A bee sting. I was at some big hotel/amusement park/spa and was desperately trying to find the first aid tent but kept being pointed in the wrong direction. The lobster got really dry so I sprayed water on it and it pinched me. I woke up.

    • I dreamed that I was on a beach with my boyfriend and we were catching lobsters in some shallow water but was deep enough to dive a bit and I catch like 4 or 5 he caught 1 and he decided to stay on shore while I caught the lobsters it is like they kept coming to me to be caught. One I caught I flipped it over like I was checking for eggs and I put it back and continue catching lobsters.

  10. In my dream we lived in a home with dogs and all kinds of animals. The ground was covered with water and almost like a lake type land for our pet lobster. I was in the bed (that was above the water) and I was extraordinarily tired in my dream. I was looking down at the lobster in the murky darkish water and in my dream my family had it for a long time. The lobster came to the surface and like sneezed or something, being pushed back and I thought it was so adorable. Like a puppy I tried to lift it and hold it against me on the bed but suddenly it was aggressive and I was terrified it would attack me. In my dream I was so tired I couldn’t even open my eyes to defend myself and all I did was keep my arms a little while the lobster was on my chest to keep it away from my face. I remember thinking “I forgot about lobsters” and when it was on me it was moving, caressing me like cuddling with a person and I was thinking “how strange that lobsters move like people.” Though the claws weren’t biting yet I felt the little mouth sucking/biting across my arm and I kept trying to shake it away. I was so exhausted and terrified I couldn’t even move. All of a sudden my dog (a dog I have in real life a pit mix) came and sniffed the lobster and this huge loud noise of screaming and barking and chaos woke me up in real life and as I was waking from the dream and into the real world I was able to open the claw off of my dog’s snout but when I woke up there was no noise or lobster (clearly) and my dog was no where in sight.

    • Omg SO weird I just had a very similar experience. In my dream, I was at the beach with family. We caught two lobsters. They were still alive swimming in a bowl on my bed. I fell asleep in the bed and someone walked in the room. I was so tired I couldn’t move too. But I kept thinking of the lobsters that were going to get out and get me. Then my dog moved in real life, and I woke up screaming.

      • Adrienne Gremillion on

        Can you accept the lobsters as a positive symbol to be open to the gift of strength and temerity?

  11. In my dream i felt sorry for the live lobster and didn’t want to eat it. It then became my pet. Not sure how to interpret this but some of what you posted definitely relates

  12. In my dream, I felt like my dads second family didn’t want me to eat from the seafood soup,
    I argued and called my cousin out, as to way I don’t deserve to eat that soup. She quickly said
    She wasn’t denying me soup and quickly began to dish some out. The first scoop was an empty lobster tail, and she asked me to throw away, the second scoop was a huge, long tail with no shell. I don’t remember eating it, just appreciating how beautiful it was. The soup was a Dominican soup called Sancocho. It’s a soup I make a lot but instead of making it with seafood, I make it with chicken and beef. I’ve been battling with a bunch of dream meanings but this one, I can’t get out of my head.

    • Adrienne Gremillion on

      Could you be calling on your own internal beauty and power in this family, and am uncertain if it will be thwarted?

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