Lobotomy Dream Symbol


Lobotomy – Dreaming of a lobotomy is a dream symbol of insanity, or a feeling of insanity. You may feel that you do not trust your own brain or reasoning power, or that others think you are crazy. This is a very negative dream symbol, as it indicates either that others cause you to question your own view of reality, or else that you yourself do not trust your own perception of reality.

The other people in this dream are very significant in revealing to what extent waking-life relationships are causing this feeling in you. If you dream of someone else having a lobotomy, this indicates a feeling that they themselves are not in touch with reality, or even a desire to forcibly change their perception of reality.

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  1. Hello, my dram was about that my parents made me lobotomy cure some modern lobotomy…i didnt remeber anything from the day but while dreaming i reavelead many thing related that they did it. I felt strange in my own mind. I blamed them that they did this for me. I think it was mom who did this. Yesterady i moved from my gf to my moms flat and she yelling most of time.

    Adrian (24)

  2. Daena P. mastin on

    I dreamed i had Superman’s Heat-vision power and every person in my village had two dots burned above there eyebrows, on the forehead.
    This was just like an episode of justice league i seen when i was much younger where Superman burns holes above Doomsday’s eyebrows to lobotomize him, irraticating arguement.
    As i looked onto the people i began to realize i must have done what superman has, incapacitated the townsfolk from arguement, because they we’re too stupid for intellectual conversation so they simple dident want to think about it”

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