Llama Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Llama Dream Symbol –┬áLlama brings trust, faith, and hard work to your dreams. She reminds you have the ability to endure tough challenges. You do not have to worry so much, for worrying makes positive outcomes harder. You may feel burdened, but have faith in your strength and persevere to overcome all challenges.

llama dreamsYou have the strength and endurance to see things through. You are adaptable and find creative solutions to clear negativity from your life. Stay focused. Work hard to achieve your dreams.

Llama can also visit to remind you need to focus on yourself at this time. Look into your heart to find what lies there. Make sure you are not living your life from your ego for you will only know false success. Following your heart will bring you true success.

When Llama crosses your Path

Llama crosses your path to let you know you do not have to sacrifice your personal goals and dreams to help others. You are always there when someone needs help, but often neglect to help yourself. Be careful who you call friend.

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  1. I never had a a dream about llamas but last night I had a dream with my friend in it telling me she had 3 gifts for me. When the van pulled up 3 llamas jumped out and ran to me and they licked my face and I felt comfort and loved by them and felt they felt the same way. I them took them home to where I live and cared for them. It was a mamma and 2 babies. The dream was so vivid, when I woke up I expected to see those llamas. Not sure what this means.

  2. I was woke in the middle of the night as my husband was flying for business to the Middle East ( which is weird because he is a Saskatchewan farmer) the house was dim and our Dalmatian dog was following us. Suddenly there was three llamas leaving the bedroom. A dad and a mom and the mom Llama was at the beginning stages of birth as only the baby llama head was visible. The odd thing about all of this was we never questioned the animals that were in our home.

  3. I had a dream last night that I was hugging a llama. As if I really was connecting to it and feeling its energy. When hugging the llama it felt very comforting – almost cathartic. What does this mean?

  4. I had a dream last night that I was hugging a llama. As if I really was connecting to it and feeling its energy. When hugging the llama it felt very comforting – almost cathartic. What does this mean?

  5. I’m very interested to learn the meaning of eating baby llamas. . I’ve had this dream periodically of finding & befriending baby llamas. Like a puppy, they follow and play with me. Then I discovered that a neighbor had killed the baby llama to eat it. He said he took it to be butcher to fit in the pot. I see its head being cooked. I touch its tooth to see if it gives, testing for doneness. I later discover a place near where I live, where many dead baby llamas were disposed of.

    I read interpretation of llamas as a spirit animal or what llamas represent; but I’m uncertain of the full interpretation in this scenario. A little insite please?

  6. I was driving my car down the road when a llama ran across the street inferring of me followers by my daughter and she said I can’t catch him mom and she talked him before train tracks with a great thud and hurt herself and the llama. I parked my car there in the road where I had stopped and told her not to worry I had the llama and would pack or neck across the street to safety. Then suddenly as I was walking across a great great worry over me that the llama would bite me and someone would hit my car. I instantly woke up.

  7. I had a dream where a llama was eating all of my hats and when he was done he just stared at me and I couldn’t move or run away I barley could breath then it’s eyes turned red and stared spitting at me then a camel came and I was trying to run away but I couldn’t move still then I there was spit everywhere I woke up and I had drool on my pillow and just decided no more sleeping I’ll watch doctor who but I couldn’t decide between David tennet or Matt smith Or Peter Capaldi so I watched the hunger games yeah that was a weird night

  8. Hi,

    I had a dream where I am at the backyard of my house with my roommates. We were talking to one of the girls to inform her of things she isn’t doing right. Then I leave as my friend comes. As I am about to reach the entrance of the grocery store, there is sudden wind and I am flying. I see a llama head with beak mask held by elastic in the back.

    I don’t know what to make of this.

  9. I had a dream and my brother was in it my son my grandson my sister her husband and my mother because she just passed away 5 months ago and I had a llama that was a pet in my dream they are waiting on me to do something for my mother I looked and I saw the llama it was in my house and I was trying to move it and it pooped on the floor had hay in his poop I mean in my dream anyways then my family left because I didn’t get ready on time cuz I was dealing with a llama can you tell me what this means

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