Lizard Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lizard Dream Symbol – When lizard visits your dreams this can mean you are planning new directions in your life. You are looking at new possibilities. You have the gift of approaching people in new ways with new ideas others want to hear. Many opportunities open to you at this time.

You will meet many new people who inspire you. What do you want to do? What new goals do you have? What do you need to fulfil them? Or, you may have just accepted a situation without looking for alternative solutions and find yourself stuck in a situation do not really want to be in.

lizard dreamLizard can also visit to warn someone is going to betray you. While you meet good people with good intentions, be wary of what they hide. Make sure what they offer aligns with what you want in your heart. Avoid making reckless decisions that may hurt you or others in the future.

This amazing creature has the ability to stay still, and sheds parts of its skin regularly. Maybe it is time to look within. Too see who you truly are. Does it align with how you are acting? Are your driven by ego or your heart? When you come from ego you deceive yourself and others. You need to look deep within, beyond the veils of illusion to find the truth in your heart. It is a time to focus on your personal goals.

Lizard can also symbolize the drudgery in your life. You may be so caught up in daily chores your dreams are forgotten. Is this you? What do you dream of? Now it is time to rejuvenate. Start dreaming of your future and how to make it real. Start acting.

A lizard in your dreams can also symbolize your gut instincts. How you feel about food, sex, and the world and any anxiety that they cause. What makes you anxious? Is there someone around you that is downright rude and calculating? Alternatively, lizard can bring new creativity and regeneration. It is a time you feel grounded.

When Lizard crosses your Path

When lizard crosses your path you have the ability to regenerate things you may have lost. Maybe you repeat negative cycles, so it is time to face them and break those cycles.

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  1. Edward Alhambra on

    My sister saw in her dreams 2 huge friendly and playing green lizards on top of the mountain. What does this mean? Thank you in advance.

  2. Gaurav Tiwari on

    I saw my son in my dreams at early morning. A lizard moving A back of his left soldier ….what is the meaning. My son age is 3 years 7 months only…

  3. This is a morning dream in b/w 6:00am to 7:00am.
    I saw one lizard on the side of gate, I didn’t close the door else it will die by coming in between, I was trying to shu away the same suddenly I saw there is one more lizard. Both the lizard was about to fight meanwhile one jumped on me over my chest (left side), I didn’t panic that time but very soon I saw Lizard was crawling up towards my shoulder. Lizard was also trying to get out of me and I was also trying to shu it away by my hands but was unable to do so, after sometime I felt a bit scary that it should not bite me.

  4. I dreamt of myself squeezing out a black lizard from my arm. The more I squeezed the more a black stringy substance would shoot out. What does this mean?

  5. I saw a lizard bt it is nice to me. But it is not going from me. I am trying to let it go. Bt it jump on me.. What it means?

  6. Hi – I had a very strange dream where I’m observing lizards and amazed at their changed nature…they r hunting for food differently, changing their normal areas they move in and while observing them I put a flash light on one lizard and it immediately Jumps on me! …. I woke up atleast 3 times and slept again only to repeatedly see this and finally woke up with a disturbed feeling that lizards have evolved their behavior :/
    Please help interpret

  7. I saw couple of big lizards passing by in line in front of me. They didn’t do anything to me. What does this mean?

  8. I was standing near a toilet and Bollywood actors coming going.meanwhile Lizard on lizard came on they do during sex
    I kept my hand on lizard with fear and throw them.

  9. I dreamed with my friend who committed suicide about 3 years ago. He had a lizard in his hand and he was attacking me with the lizard. The lizard was spitting some black liquid and i was running away from them. What does this dream mean ?

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