Living Room Dream Symbol


Living Room – The living room is a symbol of shared space and communal time. Dreaming about events occurring in your living room is an indication that the family is involved in these events and that this community nature is very important to you.If you dream of a house with a large living room, this means that you are looking for more family togetherness in your life.

On the other hand, dreaming of a small living room or no living room at all indicates isolation. In addition, in waking life, the setup of a living room is very important in how the family can use the space and the enjoyable activities that can happen there, and your living room dream may indicate this as well.

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  1. I dreamed I met a realtor to see a house up on a smooth canyon where water once ran. On either side of the house were deep spouts where the water had run from one side to the other. I knew I could not live somewhere that my dogs would likely fall and die, but I still went in the house to meet the realtor. The floors were huge sweeps of stone just like the outside and she crossed from the back the room barefoot to meet me at the door which I felt was odd. As I looked into the large room I first saw what looked like a large deep hole that scared me., as I got close I could see it was only a few feet deep bout it wasn’t like the rest of the rock. I felt it had been filled in unnaturally by something black and charred. I allowed her to show me a beautiful bedroom, she said the house had eight of them, then I refused see more. I asked how the b people could live there. It felt very spiritually charged and not meant for white people. It felt native American. She told me the owners had to stay until it sold. I left but the influence of how the house felt bothered me even after I woke up.

  2. I finally woke up from a loop dream each time I would wake up in the dream and look into the living room the first time it was cleaned but everything was moved to corner the second time it was decorated beautifully with christmas decorations lights a tree no presents the third time I ran to my mother and told her to pinch me cause I didn’t believe I was awake she called me a witch and tried to pinch me with a tissue I finally knew I was in a dream because my dauther came to me asking what was wrong she’s in Texas for the summer each loop my mom was excited talking about they’re coming and she was preparing for these people she was cleaning cooking had all the energy in the world she can’t do any of these things in life in the first dream she comes into my room zipping her jeans talking about she will be back she’s going to buy food in the other loop she’s in the kitchen cooking in her bedroom my sister was laying on her bed and I ask her who’s coming and she’s smiles and tells me that I know them I also remember looking through pictures in a phone one looks like there was a ritual that took place with white and baby blue candles and I remember the word hope sorry for sending this with no punctuation so much more happened in these loops I just need some clarity I have an idea but I would appreciate the feed back thank you so much

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