Liver Dream Symbol


Liver – Your liver is the great cleansing organ of your body. Dreaming about your liver indicates that there are toxic aspects of your life that need to be cleansed. Your life is currently unbalanced and has certain harmful influences that are having widespread consequences. Humans are resilient and have a powerful ability to assimilate and heal from the consequences of negative influences, but there is a limit to this ability.

Your dream about your liver is a warning that your healing capacities are being tested and stretched, and that you need to focus on cleansing for a while. Dreams about physical symptoms and diseases can also indicate the presence of an actual physical disease, so if you notice any other symptoms of liver problems, you should go to the doctor immediately.

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  1. Wondered if you could shed some light on my dream? All’s I remember is seeing my liver out of my body and I knew it was ok and healthy and I remember thinking it’s quite healthy considering
    In waking life I am currently 2 months and 19 days sober I’ve struggled more psychologically with anxiety ECT I have been very focused up on Self care and healing myself with patience


    I had a dream in which all my intestines, liver and kidney were removed from my body in a theatre and the surgeon was washing them under running water. In all that I was watching whatever was going on and when it was time for the surgeons to fix it back into my stomach, they were all delaying and dragging their feet. I saw some of my friends as well as myself pleading with some of the surgeons to fix it back for me and one came to give me an injection and said he was coming, then I woke up.

  3. I had a dream last night that I was in liver failure and didn’t want to get it fixed. What did this mean? Please email me!

  4. I had a dream last night that my liver was removed. That’s kinda shocking. Woke up very confused. What can that mean?

  5. I dreamt that my boyfriend was very unhappy with me and telling me I was jealous of his daughter and his relationship (which I am not in the least) and in the dream as he was upset with me his mother was sitting in a chair as we all were outside and told me be patient, that his liver is bad and that seemed to be the focus on the dream was his liver. but he was telling me he did not want to be with me anymore.

  6. I just had a dream that my cat was injured, he was laid on his side with a syringe full of white liquid sticking out of his eye, then when i looked at his body i could see his internal organs especially his liver. Also dreamed that the same cat couldn’t walk and was dragging his legs behind him!!!..WHAT is that all about?

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