Litter Dream Symbol


Litter – Dreaming of litter and trash outdoors, on a trail, or on the side of the road, is a symbol of irresponsibility and causing harm to the world around you. Litter is an environmental issue, and littering indicates a selfish attitude in which one does not consider or care about the other people, animals, and plants which must share the space with one.

If you dream of littering, this indicates that you are behaving irresponsibly and selfishly to people or the environment in your own life, whether or not you actually litter in waking life, and that you need to consider the effect of your own actions. If you dream of someone else littering, this indicates that they are behaving harmfully and that their selfish actions are having a negative impact on you.

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  1. hello i am really confused i saw the dream that i am littering and peoples around me and all peoples thinks its a normal that i am littering. after that i saw the color of litter is bright yellow its not normal color but its color is looks nice . Then i put mud on that litter and i believes that litter must be covered so it should not Fetid to others.

  2. You are spot on with this! I had numerous dreams last night after my sister, once again, acted completely irresponsibly by not a paying a debt that is in my name. I dreamed that the street was littered with trash and that a truck driving ahead of me had trash in the back and it was blowing out hitting my car. I pulled along beside him to tell him and he sped away. Prior to that, I dreamed that men came to my mother’s house (where my sister lives completely free yet my mother lives with me at my home) and took my car. I later found out that they had also been to my home and my mother let them take my dogs! I was completely distraught over the fact that my dogs were taken and my mother didn’t know where they were, how or when I could get them back. Your interpretation of this dream makes perfect sense. Thanks!

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