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Lion Dream – To see a lion in your dream can symbolize strength, courage, assertiveness, and power. Lions can represent predatory feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, that is directed at people around you. Spirit lions may also indicate that you might have a threatening situation that has entered your life.

To see a spirit lion in the jungle can indicate characteristics about you such as loyalty, dignity, respect, and domination over the people around you. Lions are symbols of influence on the people around you. They can indicate the need to be more loyal and honest in your relationships.

lion dreamLions are considered the king of the jungle and represent authority over others. A lion could represent your desire to hold power over others, or it could indicate someone has control over you. Depending on the scenario of the dream, the lion can represent some different things.

A spirit lion can indicate the need to always be in control of your circumstances. Lions can show the need for you to monitor your temper and aggressive impulses that you have in your life.

Additional Lion Dream Interpretations

Lion is the king of the jungle. He rules with power, courage, dignity, and authority. The family is important. He gives out justice with wisdom and, sometimes, ferocity. The lion symbolizes strength, honor, and pride when he visits your dreams. It can mean you stand by what you believe. You like to do things your way, which helps you personally and professionally.

Seeing lion helps you to overcome negative emotions. The lion reminds that you are strong. You influence others, so it is important how others see you when in charge. You may need to be careful how you act when others are around. Be aware of how what you say and do affect others. On the other hand, the lion can warn about your need to be in control. Be careful you do not become a control freak.

Seeing a lioness can mean you have success using tenacity. Never give up. Keep going until you achieve your goals. It can also symbolize your motherly instincts. You fiercely protect those you love and your interests.
A tame lion in your dreams can signify you have become too comfortable. You may need to change the way you do things. This can be about your personal life and may be time to change old habits that no longer serve you. What do you do that is harmful? What can you live without? What would make your life better? You already know what habits you need to lose. This is a prompt to push you in the right direction.

A lion attacking can mean something or someone drives you to self-destruction. What does this mean? Who can this be? Who pushes you in ways that are not in harmony with your goals? You need to meet the challenges to deal with them and move on.

Dreaming of a lion hunting its prey brings messages of self-sufficiency. You are fiercely independent and like to spend time alone. You are currently in control of your destiny. When the lion is feeding in your dreams, it can indicate problems at work. The lion brings messages that all will be okay when you face others with truth and integrity.

Killing a lion can mean you are under pressure to make huge decisions. Take time out to look closer. If you feel too pressured, say no. Seeing a dead lion is positive. It can mean you successfully meet serious challenges that have you in trouble with the law.

When a black lion visits, be wary of negative energy around you. Someone is using their position to harm you and others. Who can this be? What can you do to reveal the truth? A visit from a white lion signifies your power. He shows how you can achieve anything you want when you draw on your wisdom, strength, and courage.

When Lion crosses your Path

Lion crosses your path to strengthen your courage so you can walk your truth without fear. She shows you when you should get involved with dramas and when to leave well enough alone.

Lion Scenarios you Might Encounter

Being Chased by a Lion

lion dreamBeing chased by a lion is a common lion dream scenario. In this dream, a lion will be hunting you as you struggle to outmaneuver and out run the lion. In most cases, it is impossible to escape the lion that is following you. You will try everything imaginable, but the lion will still be behind you.

In these dream scenarios, the lion can represent aspects of ourselves that we are trying to run away from. Maybe there is a part of you that wants to change your life, but you continue to choose the path of destruction that is affecting your relationships.

Being chased by a lion can also indicate feelings of aggression and anger that you have towards others in your life. If you have been locking up these emotions inside, they will often find their way out in your dream.

Being Attacked by a Lion

To dream that a Lion is attacking can indicate that you are headed down a path of self-destruction. There might by circumstances in your waking life that have completed overwhelmed you, making it difficult to make any progress.

If a lion bites you, it can indicate that there are people in your life that are affecting you in a very negative way. It might be time to close doors on toxic relationships that continue to “bite” you over and over. Once you say no, your wounds can start to heal after time.

Being terrified by a lion in your dream can indicate that you are aware of the problems in your life and need to address them. This is sometimes your subconscious telling you that you can no longer hide behind closed doors, you have to confront your issues.

Christian Interpretation

To most Christians, the lion represents a symbol of God. If you feel safe around the lion, it can indicate protection and a place of healing. If you have been hurt in your life, a protective lion can show the need to focus on healing those wounds. Lions are symbols of good and a representation of the power of God.

If you are running from a lion in your dream, it can indicate that you are running away from God. It might be time to analyze your life and decide if you are walking down the right path.

A lion’s roar can be telling you to beware of enemies that are conspiring against you. It could be perceived as a warning to stay on the right path in your life. In the bible, Peter compares Satan to a ‘roaring lion’ and warns of the enemy schemes that can destroy us.

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  1. sounds pretty messed up and unchristian. Good job bailing on your buddy in favor of your imaginary friend.

    • I dream that I had a lion in my house, one minute he was playing with me and the other he started to act weird like a small biting

      • I had the same kind of dream. I was outside on someone’s lawn and the lion was play biting my leg. I’ve have a very negative ( narcissistic) family member living in my house for over a year.

  2. I dreamt about a lion a python and 4 other animals chasing me in a jungle. I set a trap to get rid of them but the escape. The lion and the python bites me but I do not feel the pain.I think I’m gonna die.But then however I survived and escaped the jungle. Then the dream switches to a kingdom where may be I m the queen or the princess and there was a king and a prince . And the king dies. BTW it kind of did have ending which was not sad. What does this mean?

  3. I had a dream that a friend and I was walking to the car and all of a sudden a lion came and took him/her down. I kept walking calmly in went into the car as if nothing was happening. I am Christian so I took the Lion as God. What do you think?

  4. i saw a dream in 6:30 morning today, i saw two lions. One of them talked to me and said that is not going to hurt me but other lion standing at distance might harm me. I saw that other lion and closed my eyes and sat still, i felt like something touched me, something pointed, may be fangs or claws, it didn’t hurt much but then i opened my eyes.

    i saw two dragons also in the same dream.

    2 dragons
    2 lions

    couldn’t understand anything.

  5. Evangelista on

    I just awoken from a weird dream. I always dream of a lion chasing me but never catches me, but now I dreamt about a lion that killed somebody, and ordered (is that the right word to use?!) me to pray with it, me and my kids Kindergarten teacher. It prayed as follows “Father Lord please forgive me”, than I ask why it did it? It said “Because I feel bad and we often have to ask forgiveness for our sins”.

  6. Elias Xavier on

    Hello 🙂

    So last night, I had a deam about a lion and it’s cub. In my dream it was me, my friend Ashley, her friend Dawson, and another person who none of us can recognize yet they are a dear friend of ours. So we were all walking in the woods when we see a lion coming towards us. Ashley and Dawson both ran away which cause the lion to eat them. The other friend and I kinda sat back and watch then decided to slowly walk away. The lion and the cub kep following us but they never ran or got close to us to harm us. We then ran to some sort of a wooden shelter/hut with someone in the car yelling at us to go away. We hopped in the car with the guy once he saw the lion behind us and drove away. I am still trying to come to the conclusion of what this might mean

  7. Riya chawla on

    i my dream i saw a lion who is so far from me… his tail is up … and he look completly harmless and i’m closing all doors of my house to protect my family becausw i’m completly scared of him .. again i saw that lion outside my home and he is not killing or harming anyone infact the lion was so beautiful i want to touch him .. but still i’m scared i close the gate and he was outside my gate

  8. I had a dream that I kept trying to protect me and my kids from a lion that kept trying to get in and out of my garage door. The door kept opening and closing because there were so many cats in my garage that the sensor kept making the garage door open over and over again and then the garage ended up being so cluttered that me and my husband couldn’t get our kids inside safely. At some point my kids and husband made it inside but I didn’t and after the lion was done eating the cats it hunted me and bit me. As he is biting my arm I’m trying to convince him with gentle words to stop like trying to make the lion understand it was wrong. In a way I didn’t want to hurt the lion even when he was hunting me and my family. After he realeased me and I got safely inside and my kids were safe my dream ended with me telling my husband that I was going to call animal control to have him put down but I never saw it happen. I woke up terrified and right away had to check on my kids sleeping . I woke up terrified and felt even defeated. What does dreaming of a lion and cats and protecting you and your family all mean??

    • Omg.. I had a very similar dream. I was trying to protect my kids and some kittens from a lion oh yeah…. and a goat. We were in the garage and the door would not close. He wasn’t aggressive though but I felt Or thought he was preying on the kids, goat, and kittens. I believe at one point he was eating something in the bushes but I didn’t see him attack anything. He moved slow so I figured he was full but he still circled them and followed them into the garage. I held the house door open directing the animals and my kids inside. I was having a birthday party or something and there were lots of people there. I kept trying to warn them of the lion because many of them were sitting outside but no one was listening. I spotted my kids outside again and ordered them inside. Still no sign of the lion but I felt afraid and anxious.

  9. Trudy Davis on

    Stephen, I must admit you are spot on with your analysis, at least for my dream. But first, a small run down of my past 3 months. I became re married on Dec 1 and became a Grandmother on Dec 28. —- fast forward til today… we are basically raising my grand daughter as our own. My son hasent laid eyes on her , he left as soon as his gf took the pregnancy test. —Long crazy story short…My dream was extremely vivid,I had my precious Grandbaby in my arms and was so exhausted that we lay down on the ground to rest, I felt a huge nuzzle at my back, as if a bear had laid down beside me back to back, it was so very real I i could feel the warmth from this creature. As I opened my eyes to look over my shoulder there was a lioness in front of us , just lying there looking at us. I was scared and comforted in the same emotion because I knew immediately what was at my back with out looking, the Lion. It was then I realized I had apparently wondered into a huge room where people would come and the lions would be loosened and some people would be attacked and others could just walk about as if nothing was wrong. I just recall taking my grand daughter and climbing several flights of stairs and leaving the room. —-I am a Christian, I have been praying for the safety of my grandchild… and my son to return to God. I have also been questioning myself of how am I going to raise another child?? I’m 42yrs old! But God visited me last night in the dream and Im comforted in the knowledge that He has my back! Thank you again!

  10. Brendan Broas on

    In my Dream Inwas in thw woods and there was a bunch of Very long bodies Male lions but in my Dream I called them female because I notoced the length or the torso was larger for moving faster and I was very frightened that my first instict was to run but I knew they were to fast for me and that would be painfull.I ended up eye balling the lion down and facing up with her and had nothing but a stick I used for a spear that would have surely snapped and only impaled it if I werw extremely lucky like one in a million..we charged and It stoped at the attacking moment i slammed it i to her facial areanot knowing mt outcome I beleive i killed it or it ate me either way facing it stoped me from the dream of going on but it the. restarted I think where it wasnt clear but I think I was approached by three more this time or the same one and in the woods with trees I may have tried climbing but didnt end working to escape and I think I failed all together exept I may have scared them off now i had duck taped a spear to my left arm and a shorter sprar to my right arm that looked like a vampire stake ….so i could deflect block with one and penetrate its eye balls with the shorter stake hopefully to do some
    damage in my attacks to attenpt to fight for my llofe almost exactly like the movie The Gray.!

    Never been so
    terrified in my life or dream life ive had these with recently running lose and now lions…But never a face to face certainty of attack as feirce as this long boddoed female lion..It it were real she would make
    anyone piss her paints…and the mane on the thing was super dark charcoal brown like its been in the jungle a seriously long time that only survives that kind of living condition environment so kind if snake colored like its a venomous lion but just exteremly skilled at killing and hunting.I think my brother duck taked the stakes when the dream restarted but the first fight had me certian that was the end but the circling it did and I showed it no fear with my tree branch spear..I stood up to it and faced it down..Had it been real im sure it ate me that thing was huge and my stick was tiny and brittle…..maybe gave ut a sscratch as it ripped off my head. But I am not sure….

  11. I see a grey lion came inside our safe place. I asked my friend to hide up a cabinet and i jumped out of the window. When i was sure of the safety, i came back for my friend, but she is too noisy that caught the attention of the grey lion. We all stopped but due to her panic, she kept on moving and the lion draw near. I gave the lion food instead. He ate it and i got the chance to hid my friend under the kitchen sink. But the lion look again for my friend after the food. Then i saw cut chicken thighs and gave it one piece. The lion ate that so i took all and throw in the hall way so the lion will go there. The lion is very calm that i could maybe embrace it but I’m afraid. When it started eating the thighs, i get my friend to send her out of the window then i go next and we both ran away from the house. The windo is huge that it can fit a king size bed in any position. After a safe escape, I woke up confused and horrified and curious

  12. I had a dream where there was what seemed to be black lion cubs now the cubs had white splotches making them look like my puppy and there was too that looked the same so my grandma took one of them and my grandpa got the other I saw something in this hammock or tarp and I look and saw a male black lion that saw we where taking away its cubs and it jumped out of the thing and pounced on top of me I closed my eyes for a few seconds then I felt it get off me fast and got quickly to the corner of this yard we were in then it turned black again for a second and when I lifted up my head again and I saw something it was either a white puppy or a white lion cub and I began bottle feeding it and then I woke up…this is one of the longest dreams I remember so I would like to know what this means please.

  13. I had a dream I was in a Cemetery with my grandmother and we were walking around trying to find my deceased nephews grave when I seen Two beautiful White lions walk on a little hill laying by a grave likethey were protecting it they were no threat to me at all but they were looking at me because I was crying and they sensed I was there, we eventually found his grave and the lions ended up there before we got to it and I remember it was a while of walking around so I have no idea how they got there and at his specific grave so fast but they were so comforting and meant no harm again one of them actually bowed their head at me and i started to cry again, now I have to mention I lost my sister this past Christmas day and I have been so angry at everything not sure why I had this dream but it was weird….

  14. Jadah jackson on

    I had a really long dream that had to deal with a maze in a building , a boar that turned into a lamb which ended up horribly got eaten by a lion in the bush

    • I had a dream that a whole pride of lions were attacking everyone in the RV park. My husband went out to save our dogs and got attacked, but they didn’t kill him. He had two big wounds. One on his shoulder and one on his back. We both hid in our closet with our dogs. The leader of the pack came into our bedroom and just laid on our bed waiting to finish off the both of us. Then I woke up.

  15. I had a dream where a black lion and lioness crosses my husband’s and my path in a grassland kind of forest. The entire forest is lush green and we riding separate bikes are trying to ward off the lions approaching us. All of a sudden our daughter walks in and the lions ate trying to go behind her. We are trying to chase away the lions by riding the bikes towards them.

  16. I had a dream with 3 lions…one was small and black. They were all in locked up rooms and they were aggressive so I freed them to stop them from attacking me and they just ran off.

  17. I dream i was walking with some friends and the sun was shining very hot in my face some time after 6pm i know that was weird because sun never shine that time of the day here, i use my phone to take a picture of the sun and see a lion on the sun but it run so i catch the tale part of the lion in the picture , i then decided to video it and thats when i catch everything even though the lion run again… when i was going to show my friend the picture and the video on my phone they are both gone, not in my phone…

  18. I had a dream where I was on an island of sorts, where I met a red headed woman who dream me believed was my soulmate. In the dream, she had been taken in and raised by a white lion which had a rather spiritual aura/presence. I felt no fear towards the lion and she was trying to convince me to stay, even though I was about to board a plane home. Any thoughts on to what this dream could possibly indicate?

  19. Hi there. What if the dream scenario is as detailed below:

    You are in the woods/jungle alone, lying on hammock of sorts and dwelling on past and present events & memories that have led you to a particular juncture faced. Around yoi are animals but they are in the shadows. As uou return to your surroundings, you see a lion gazing at you. Before you can panic/register fear, it leaps on to you but doesn’t attack/bite you. It lays on your tummy, allows you to give it a hug, play with its mane,etc..

    What does this mean?

  20. I had a dream of about 14 lions in my back yard tearing things down. Then tbe mom ahd dad and the cubs laid right under my window. A few minutes later a big snake came and ate all of them up. I could hear them cry being eaten. What does this mean

  21. Lions roaming freely my common dream lately only this time they were closer to home in people’s back gardens when they were trying to eat and in the communal area of the flats I’d run lock everything up while trying to get away from the lion, so we had crossed paths and also I was put to the test with the lion we was under tarpaulin with lions in cages and a lion outside nuzzling at my toes and the circus girl said you have to run now I said why should If you won’t she said I can’t you have to

  22. I had a dream about Steve Irwin. I, my deceased mother and my brother was in the bedroom when out of nowhere Steve appears with a Male Lion. At first the lion was controllable. All of a sudden the lion turns aggressive and begins to destroy the room. We began to run and try to hide under the bed but the lion kept coming after us. I began to say to Steve please gain control of your animal. He was trying but he wasn’t successful. We kept running, then I was awaken with fear. I began to quote that God didn’t give me the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

  23. I had a dream of a white and black lion and tree cubs or lionesses’ . Me pushing a mattress down some streets to a destination and off and on a vehicle. My sister driving very fast backwards and taking me to the path of the lions and she knocks out and me having to rescue her from being attacked by the lion I do believe the black lion was trying to feed the white I’ll lion. Crazy but why both black and white?

    • I had a dream this morning about me being in the with a male lion in my room where I sleep at and in my dream I was on on the carpet playing with him then idk when I fell asleep and when I woke up I was thinking to myself wait lions attack when their prey is off guard so I opened my door to let him out he got out staffed rolling around on the carpet and when I saw I had the chance to shut my door I did but slowly but he noticed I was trying to shut the door on him so he became mad ran towards the door but didn’t attack it he just started pushing the door back so I wouldn’t be able to shut it completely then out of no where he started talking telling me to open the door I’m not strong enough to go against him so idk how I got this strong strength within me I was able to shut the door on him and lock it, after that I realized I was actually asleep in real life and needed to wake up and so I did. First time I ever dream about a wild animal.

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