Lion Dream Interpretation and Meaning (Spirit Animal)


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Lion Dream – To see a lion in your dream can symbolize strength, courage, assertiveness, and power. Lions can represent predatory feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, that is directed at people around you. Spirit lions may also indicate that you might have a threatening situation that has entered your life.

To see a spirit lion in the jungle can indicate characteristics about you such as loyalty, dignity, respect, and domination over the people around you. Lions are symbols of influence on the people around you. They can indicate the need to be more loyal and honest in your relationships.

lion dreamLions are considered the king of the jungle and represent authority over others. A lion could represent your desire to hold power over others, or it could indicate someone has control over you. Depending on the scenario of the dream, the lion can represent some different things.

A spirit lion can indicate the need to always be in control of your circumstances. Lions can show the need for you to monitor your temper and aggressive impulses that you have in your life.

Additional Lion Dream Interpretations

Lion is the king of the jungle. He rules with power, courage, dignity, and authority. The family is important. He gives out justice with wisdom and, sometimes, ferocity. The lion symbolizes strength, honor, and pride when he visits your dreams. It can mean you stand by what you believe. You like to do things your way, which helps you personally and professionally.

Seeing lion helps you to overcome negative emotions. The lion reminds that you are strong. You influence others, so it is important how others see you when in charge. You may need to be careful how you act when others are around. Be aware of how what you say and do affect others. On the other hand, the lion can warn about your need to be in control. Be careful you do not become a control freak.

Seeing a lioness can mean you have success using tenacity. Never give up. Keep going until you achieve your goals. It can also symbolize your motherly instincts. You fiercely protect those you love and your interests.
A tame lion in your dreams can signify you have become too comfortable. You may need to change the way you do things. This can be about your personal life and may be time to change old habits that no longer serve you. What do you do that is harmful? What can you live without? What would make your life better? You already know what habits you need to lose. This is a prompt to push you in the right direction.

A lion attacking can mean something or someone drives you to self-destruction. What does this mean? Who can this be? Who pushes you in ways that are not in harmony with your goals? You need to meet the challenges to deal with them and move on.

Dreaming of a lion hunting its prey brings messages of self-sufficiency. You are fiercely independent and like to spend time alone. You are currently in control of your destiny. When the lion is feeding in your dreams, it can indicate problems at work. The lion brings messages that all will be okay when you face others with truth and integrity.

Killing a lion can mean you are under pressure to make huge decisions. Take time out to look closer. If you feel too pressured, say no. Seeing a dead lion is positive. It can mean you successfully meet serious challenges that have you in trouble with the law.

When a black lion visits, be wary of negative energy around you. Someone is using their position to harm you and others. Who can this be? What can you do to reveal the truth? A visit from a white lion signifies your power. He shows how you can achieve anything you want when you draw on your wisdom, strength, and courage.

When Lion crosses your Path

Lion crosses your path to strengthen your courage so you can walk your truth without fear. She shows you when you should get involved with dramas and when to leave well enough alone.

Lion Scenarios you Might Encounter

Being Chased by a Lion

lion dreamBeing chased by a lion is a common lion dream scenario. In this dream, a lion will be hunting you as you struggle to outmaneuver and out run the lion. In most cases, it is impossible to escape the lion that is following you. You will try everything imaginable, but the lion will still be behind you.

In these dream scenarios, the lion can represent aspects of ourselves that we are trying to run away from. Maybe there is a part of you that wants to change your life, but you continue to choose the path of destruction that is affecting your relationships.

Being chased by a lion can also indicate feelings of aggression and anger that you have towards others in your life. If you have been locking up these emotions inside, they will often find their way out in your dream.

Being Attacked by a Lion

To dream that a Lion is attacking can indicate that you are headed down a path of self-destruction. There might by circumstances in your waking life that have completed overwhelmed you, making it difficult to make any progress.

If a lion bites you, it can indicate that there are people in your life that are affecting you in a very negative way. It might be time to close doors on toxic relationships that continue to “bite” you over and over. Once you say no, your wounds can start to heal after time.

Being terrified by a lion in your dream can indicate that you are aware of the problems in your life and need to address them. This is sometimes your subconscious telling you that you can no longer hide behind closed doors, you have to confront your issues.

Christian Interpretation

To most Christians, the lion represents a symbol of God. If you feel safe around the lion, it can indicate protection and a place of healing. If you have been hurt in your life, a protective lion can show the need to focus on healing those wounds. Lions are symbols of good and a representation of the power of God.

If you are running from a lion in your dream, it can indicate that you are running away from God. It might be time to analyze your life and decide if you are walking down the right path.

A lion’s roar can be telling you to beware of enemies that are conspiring against you. It could be perceived as a warning to stay on the right path in your life. In the bible, Peter compares Satan to a ‘roaring lion’ and warns of the enemy schemes that can destroy us.

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  1. In my dream, I was flogging a huge lion. Though with caution….d lion became afraid of me. I need an interpretation plx

  2. freddie barnhill on

    I was I my room it was dark , I was being chased by the lion , but it wasn’t trying to hurt me , but every time I moved it moved , I know it was a lion by it’s movements and Silhouette

  3. yesterday I had a dream about a lion roaring at me , I was scared , but all I did was sit next to it and close my eyes. it moved its head the other way and when I would move it would growl again then the animal tamers came to the rescue. later on in the dream I had a thief in my apartment as well . idk if this is a dream from the devil but I’m super scared by the way I’ve been reading my bible and honestly have been trying to get closer to God this month more than ever .

  4. first came a black panther he saw me and chased me down this corn field which was all cut down but had tall parallel rows .. he chased me and I managed to get in The back seat and close my door seconds before it reached me I just was him walk away .. About 10 min later I go out and three massive lions were chasing prey viciously large teeth and just massive and fast they just didn’t care they were doing when I and a friend saw this we started running to the car after 10 seconds of running the lions noticed us and focused us .. we managed to get in the car in the back seat .a Lion put the paws on the windows and trying but couldn’t get to us . This is the point I saw how massing and how big there teeth were and how there body motivation was just Big .

  5. thomas ayuba on

    i dream that an evil man was chasing me but at the end the evil man caught me.suddenly i turn to a lion and pieces the evil man off.

    • As i walk through an dead end of an jungle an female lion she to me, honey come here. I tried to avoid it, but than i heard an horse stilling by the exiting. As the horse jump to me the lion say “ugh here we go” the horse jump to me and i turn away from the lion i heard an bite roar. Then i woke up…

  6. I dreamt about 2 lions being kept in the kitchen. I was feeding them large pieces of cheese and they loved it. The lions were not aggressive towards me at all, very calm and friendly. There was also a dog sharing the kitchen with them. They were not aggressive to the dog either.

  7. Harshita Chatterjee on

    I dreamt for the second time about being chased by a lion. In the first dream there were multiple lions, in the second one, there was one big dark brown lion and a crocodile.
    In both dreams I was in a house, trying to lock myself in a room with multiple doors. But as I ran from one door to the next, the lion always seemed to catch up.

  8. Thanks for the interpretations. I had a dream of a black lion. It was in some office in which I entered. It was just going from one chair to another, I was kind of running away from it in that tiny office, then a lady got in the office to sit on her main chair. I was sitting on a chair myself and the lion came and bit me slightly, then it stopped. I got up to tell the lady and she said, can’t you see the lion is preparing you for beauty. Then I looked at the lion and it was sitting doing nothing but staring at me.

  9. I am trying to make sense of the dream I had last night. It involves me walking down the street and seeing a lion which started to roar at me. Naturally I was scared and tried getting away.The lion did not chase me but when I climbed up on the fire escape I watch three lions which were the color white and brown being cornered by people with guns, they fiercely roared as they were cornered. I immediately woke up after this but the dream has me scratching my head trying to figure out what the true meaning

  10. Had a dream with 2 female lions one in front of me and one behind me and a tee tiny male lion. The lion in front of me started to approach the little tiny lion about the size of a kitten but I reached out my hand and grabbed the little tiny lion away from the bigger in front of me lion because it looked like she was fixing to eat it. then I woke up.

  11. The lion tried to attack but instead I used a rope to tie him up, thereby preventing hi from attacking or hurting me.

    • I was walking down a street with a old friend when lions with cabs my showed up my friend tried to jump over the fence but the lions chased him Iwas naturally afraid and shortly out of the fence came out of the fence and ran after me,I tried to escape but I realised I couldn’t outrun them I remembered we are all one and if I send the right vibrations out the lion will not attack me and I stopped, turned around and looked directly to the lions eyes with my head filled with love and imagining how it would be sweet to stroke the lion’s mane. To my surprise it worked, Next I sat down with lion next to me as a friendly dog very calm. The next were cheetahs everywhere at home and neighbourhood when they want to attack me a prey shows up and they leave me alone my friends and I managed to kill some but with alot of struggling.Could someone help me understand this dream please?. Thank you.

  12. I was in dream wen a one lion was heard down by groups of men some minutes later Dey decide to let go for d lion in d street so me Nd my hus hold manage run into one building for shelter

  13. I had a dream that I along with my friends was walking in a room full of fire but that fire was just on the floor and we were not getting harmed.
    But as soon as we reach the room a lion starts to sniff everyone’s feet like they are looking for someone and when it started to sniff me I actually felt it and I woke up..
    It’s really creepy. I just dreamt that.

    • silvana caceres on

      I dreamed w another of lions hunting so many people I tried to save them buy they killed may just for fun not to eat them.
      It was pretty scary to try to save my life from madness lions not pretty
      I will probably have to stop watching movies at night before bed

  14. I hate a dream that I along with my friends was walking in a room full of fire but that fire was just on the floor and we were not getting harmed.
    But as soon as we reach the room a lion starts to sniff everyone’s feet like they are looking for someone and when it started to sniff me i actual felt it and I woke up..
    It’s really creepy. I just dreamt that.

  15. I had a dream… Probably I saw a lion come out from nowhere attacking my family and caught up with all of them…I guess I was the only one who fled. In that same dream…I lived in regret for not saving my family..note…my life was all better then.

  16. thelezinhle on

    I had a dream seeing two lions fight each other and it was like I was the other lion and at the same time it was like I was just watching it all happen.

    • I had a dream a young but not baby Lion was in an entryway where I needed to pass through to get outside where my mom was picking me up. The lion got in once and kept trying to stay close to me but we were all afraid the lion could attack so we got it to go back to the entryway but still none of us could leave without passing by and we were all in awe of this wild animal but unsure of how to scare him off. In the end my son was the one to walk by him and open the second door to set the lion free and I was telling all the men to remember it was my son that was brave so we could all leave safely then I was almost to be picked up and the lion was right there again by me. It was scary and beautiful the lion was curious about me ??

      • I had a dream where two lion cubs wandered into my dads house through the back door. The parent lion was looking for them and was scratching at the door to break into the house to find them. My dad was scared to let the lion in. It was just me and him in the front of the house. I figured the lion wouldn’t stop until it had its cubs. I told him he had to put the cubs on the front step and let the lion naturally walk through the house to go to the cubs. He was scared to and dropped the front door key. I picked them up, opened the front door, and jewelry the lion broke through the back and found it’s way out through the front to the cubs. I said, see, told you you had to let it out.. it just wanted its babies. The lion didn’t even look back.

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