Lingerie Dream Symbol


Lingerie – Lingerie is a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. Dreaming of wearing sexy lingerie is an indication of positive feelings about your body and a high level of confidence. It also indicates a desire for sexuality and for sexual admiration. The other people involved in this dream symbol are also extremely important.

For instance, if you dream of showing off your lingerie to a significant other, this indicates confidence in your sexuality and positive communication between you two. On the other hand, dreaming of being caught by parents, an employer, or another authority figure in your lingerie indicates fear and shame associated with your sexuality.

If you are man dreaming about lingerie then the meaning is different. It can indicate your sexual desires that you may have locked up. Dreaming about lingerie as a man represents sexual feelings that you might have bottled up inside, trying to find a way to express yourself. If you are dreaming of wearing lingerie as a man than it could represent you desire for freedom and to go against the cultural norm. There can be underlying desires to become a woman if you have thought about it in the past.

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  1. I had a dream where I was wearing satin nighties and nightgowns in public and nobody noticed even though I still felt weird. – Backstory, I’m a satin fetishist and wear satin nighties etc to bed.

  2. I had a dream part of which some girls from my schools cut up my lingerie in front of a crowd to humiliate me. I have been struggling since I have felt I may have been the subject of abuse due to my dreams!!! Please help.

  3. I had a dream I was getting ready to go out i dont know exactly were and i was getting dressed up i put on a one piece black bodysuit and some fishnets and some black heels my boyfriend appeared and was telling me how sexy i looked we walked out the room and started to enter another room and another and more and more people starded to appear as if I was in a party. I felt empowered

  4. I dreamt that I came into my room and saw all my lingerie piled up on the floor and one piece on top of the dirty clothes basket like someone else came into my room and tried on all my lingerie but I didn’t recognize the house/room. It was so weird. I wonder what that means? I woke up feeling betrayed and violated that someone would mess with my intimate clothing. Was my significant other unfaithful? I can’t shake it!

  5. Actually in my dream…..the girl was wear black color transparent sxy dress.And she was doing Tik tok! I don’t know who’s the girl!! So what’s it’s mean too??????

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