Limping Dream Symbol


Limping – Legs are an important mode of transportation in our dreams, and one of the main indicators of your level of self-actualization. Any transportation in a dream indicates your ability to reach your goals and accomplish what you want in life.

If you dream of limping, this indicates that you are experiencing difficulties reaching your goals, but that at least you are strong enough to remain on your legs and continue moving. On the other hand, if you dream of having weak legs, or of falling down and having to crawl, this indicates that you are not confident in your ability to change your own life for the better.

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  1. Hey so I had a dream where I was getting off of a what I think is a train. with my cousin.( cool, chill relationship).We were walking down a bit. I was suspecting to find someone. at first didn’t noticed but stop and turn direction to see a missionary beside us(I think was looking for her to begin with). I met her before as she knocked on my door one day. mouths later I was convinced to join the church, she recently moved to a to a new area to teach and spread the book of Mormon (yes I know, but honestly once you get to know them and read its not that crazy at least to me, and that coming from a guy of science), and god’s love. We were having a pleasant conversation. One of us said something each gave a look. then she started to run ahead. I chase after her. this was a fun chase not of anger. I noticed that I was running funnying and saw that my foot was stuck facing inward. but I didn’t care. I just ran with it. I couldn’t catch up to her. but I continued running with a limp, not in pain, just handicapped I guess. she stopped letting me to catch up to her. we laughed then he bended over in pain. I thought she had a cramp to her lower side of chest. then she said my nail. the nail on her thumb(right one) split in-two close to the center and it seemed to extend to her hand and forearm it looked like a scar than a fresh cut.

    I am feeling that I am crushing over this girl. but that nail thing is odd. what are your thoughts.

  2. smith (optional) on

    Hi, a friend of mine called me in the morning to say that she dreamt of me limping. “We were three of us looking for a hostel, and it seems I was limping”. Can u help me interpret this dream. I’m worried..

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