Limousine Dream Symbol


Limousine – A limousine is a dream symbol of wealth and luxury. If you dream of riding in a limousine, this indicates a desire for recognition of your achievements, as well as a sense of entitlement to comforts and luxuries for what you have achieved. This is also an auspicious symbol of good luck and good fortune that are coming your way, especially in the form of material goods.

If you dream of seeing another person riding in a limousine, this is an indication that you perceive them as receiving good things, and possibly envy that you are not receiving the same recognition. Watching someone else ride in a limousine may also be an indication of wealth inequality and failure on the part of the economic system.

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  1. I dreamt of four white limousines and I had a choice of which one me and my kids would ride in for where ever vacations I wanted to go with a man I have never seen before. I am not married and he told me to choose and I was happy really happy.

  2. I dreamt of a over-sized White Limousine. No-one was inside it, 3 of us were standing beside it looking in, the side door was open. It wasn’t one that we hired, we were just passing by and saw it. I said to my friends “The seat is so big it looks more like a pew.”

    That’s it that’s all I remember!! What does it mean?

    Thank you, Caroline

    • I dream that I was at my guy house there were to brown dogs on his counter top. My guy went to get in the shower. I got in the shower with him but he still had his clothes on the doorbell ring it was my family at the door.They were in a limousine telling me to come go for a joy ride. I didn’t want to be around them. I wanted to be at my guy house with his family. When I was in the shower I was able to feel the temperature of the water cold and then hot.I couldn’t get the water temp right and the water kept on shut-in off so I couldn’t really enjoy a full shower so I got out, went outside I saw my family in the limousine. I was telling them I wasn’t interested in going with them because of the way my mom always make me feel when we’re together. Thatso my dream

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