Lily Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Lily Dream Symbol – Dreaming of lilies represent your subconscious mind. They symbolize love, noble intentions, and humility. They can also indicate death because of their use in funeral wreaths. Dreaming of lilies in the garden is a sign you dream of peace fulfilling your life. And, a woman picking lilies is a sign your life will be filled with peace and harmony.

lily-dreamsSpiritually lilies represent peace and innocence, and can be symbolic of virginity. This can be sexually or in some creative way or within a relationship. Lilies can also symbolize passion. The erotic side of your nature.

Holding lilies is a powerful sign you will reach your potential in whatever you try to achieve. Throwing away withered lilies can mean you either abuse your position of power or you are the recipient of someone else abusing their position.

White lilies represent pure love and harmony, and yellow means jealousy. Yellow lilies can also mean good health and healing. Picking them can mean you will give into someone else’s agenda. The outcome will make you glad you did. Seeing lilies made into a wreath signifies there may be delays with business deals. This could affect your finances in the short term.

Picking lilies signifies a sensual love affair, but be careful not to be selfish. Watching someone picking lilies is a warning to be careful. Someone around you will abuse their power. You may be their target. Seeing blossoming lilies is a sign to stand tall independently and you will achieve your dreams. Remember, renewal is coming your way.

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  1. My mother unfortunately passed away on 9/22/2017 from cancer. I took care of her to the last minute and I was at peace with her passing. However, last night I had a dream she was getting of my car and she was looking for flower since she was going to church and she found a couple of beautiful lily white and a dust of purple in the middle on the side of the sidewalk and she pulled them and continued walking. Any idea what the message may be?

  2. I was meditating and saw an image of a bouquet of rainbow colored lilies being given to me. Any ideas what this could mean?

  3. I dreamt of making love to a man through a white lily. His penis was coming out of the flower. It was beautiul and divine. I remember there being marble and maybe a grand building that happened to be a shopping center that dissolved in the background as we came together through this flower.
    The image of the dream popped right back into my head as I heard my sister tell our friend that she is a unique flower. So awesome! Thanks for reading. curious what others out there dream about lilies.

  4. I dreamed a high plant of lilium with a large flowers ,some times some of flowers peeled from plant and flew around and again back to the plant..pls send me interpretation

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