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lightning dreamsLightning Dream Symbol – Lightning is a symbol of raw energy and power, which can be both generative and destructive. If you dream of lightning strikes in a storm, this indicates a powerful energy letting loose in your life. Like any storm, this can be frightening, and may involve the destruction of things you hold very dear.

Alternatively, If you are a struck by lightning in your dream it may signal that you are going to gain intuition or inspiration in your waking life. Perhaps there is a problem you have been trying to solve that you will find a solution to in the near future. Lighting may also signal unexpected changes that are going to benefit you.

Lightning may also signal the release of built up tension. Perhaps you have been bottling up your emotions for a while now and you are longing to release some of those emotions so they do not suffocate you.

The appearance of lightning in a dream may also be a sign that love will strike you unexpectedly. If you are single then perhaps you will find someone who will rekindle that burning fire inside of you. If you are currently in a relationship, perhaps this is a sign that you need to reignite that romantic flame inside of you.

Remember, though, that destruction is necessary to make room for the growth of new things, and this dream symbol of lightning is a symbol of powerful and generative change. Old things will pass away and you will grieve for them, but new things will come to take their place.If you can bear to be present in the storm, rather than hiding from it, you will be in greater danger of being hurt but will come out of it with greater wisdom as well.

Additional Meanings

Dreaming of lightning is a positive sign of spending happy times with those you love. This may only last temporarily. But small things can add up to improve your life overall. It can also mean there is devastation coming to some part of your life. This could signify a natural disaster in your area or in an area where loved ones may be affected.

lightning-dreamsWhen lightning lights up a particular object in your dream, it can indicate that you or someone close to you will discover something new that will benefit mankind. If the lightning highlights an individual, this can mean they are being singled out for gossip behind their back. Some people will take delight in trying to ruin your reputation by telling lies to all who will listen.

Flashes of lightning in a dark, stormy sky brings a warning there is not a solution to what worries you. You may just have to ride it out and deal with the consequences. You may need to be wary of others motives, in particular in regards to money. Be wary of the truths they tell.

Lightning that highlights your own body can represent your feelings of disappointment and despair. You could get some unexpected bad news, which is the opposite to what you expected. Dreaming of lightning directly above you is a sign your finances will improve very soon. You will not have to make much effort and it will be enough to set yourself up for the future.

A lightning strike suggests the impossible will soon become possible. You may find yourself in a completely different situation than you ever expected even only recently. Maybe you recently met someone and fell in love. Or, your dream job came up and you had to move overseas in a matter of weeks.

If you are close to where lightning strikes but remain unhurt, this is a sign that a great love will soon enter your life. This is a sign of “love at first sight”. Dreaming of lightning striking your partner can mean there are sexual issues between you. These could be caused by a lack of trust or respect, arguments, or one of you may be physically injured. It takes two for these issues to arise, so you need to be aware of this and play your part in helping to resolve them.

Seeing lightning damage something is a sign that you are distracted by something and not thinking clearly. You may be so busy thinking of your lover that you cannot think straight. You forget your everyday responsibilities as your day’s float by in a daydream. If lightning strikes you in a dream, it is a warning that others will involve you in their dramas. Be careful of what you say in these situations for you risk being offensive.

Thunder and lightning together signifies you may need to reassess your priorities. It may be that your dreams have grown into something new. You may need to make changes to reflect how you now feel. Fear of lightning represents feelings of dread when dealing with certain situations or people. Being blinded by lightning is a sign new opportunities will present themselves to you. These will be highly beneficial to you financially and socially. There may be some risks. You need to weigh these up before you move forward.

Seeing someone struck by lightning and killed can mean a difficult situation will develop between you and someone close to you. It can also signify that someone close to you blames you for the trouble in their life. Lightning striking your house, causing much damage, is a sign tragedy will strike members of that household. This could have long-term negative effects.

Lightning coming from a cloud signifies future prosperity. Things will soon become easier and financially your burden will lessen. It is a time where there is not much you need to worry about. It can also mean that something from your past comes back to haunt you. This is the time you need to face justice for past misdeeds.

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  1. I had a dream last night about lightning. I was inside my house, but not really. The area around me was highlighted as one of the rooms in my house but it was more of a fading area as everything else was forest with birch trees. All of a sudden I felt startled and my husband grabbed me from behind and embraced me in a hug. Then lightning struck around me, three times without doing any damage.
    I have no idea what this could mean as I haven’t been able to find anything similar. If anyone would have an idea, I would greatly appreciate it ♥

  2. I was in a dream yesterday under heavy rain thunder storms me my mom and sister I know God is answering to my prayer the devil is at work they want to destroy my marriage but I will defeat them because i served a living God

  3. Last night I had a dream I was walking with my mother in a field as a powerful thunder storm came out of no where , lightning struck the tree and split it in two and cracked the earth. At that moment I realized the intensity of the strike an threw my watch. Looking around there was nothing near , no where to run or hide , but in fear I wanted to run any way . I grabbed my mothers hand and she pulled away refusing my hand as Lightning struck strands of my hair , it hurt , it hurt my spirit , it hurt my emotions, it hurt my scalp . I cried “ mom help me “ and she said “ Son I can’t , just stand still “. I woke up to curiosity of what has been occurring in my life that led up to this dream. Or what might come about ? What can this possibly mean.

  4. I had a dream that there were gray ugly clouds and I was trying to get home but the weather was really bad, I don’t remember rain but I do remember the sky turning like fury. I went to a friend house and he said stay until all this has passed. I saw the clouds and thunder going after crowds of people I saw children running and I was trying to get them to safety. I went in the room and closed the doors and still heard the thundering as if I was outside. But I and other people were safe inside a house. What does it mean.?

  5. I saw a moon and another planet unknown next to it..almost like a 3d version in thr sky. Soon there is lightning that stretches from one to the other on thr upper circumference..and its cloudy as hell. The planets are hidden and a storm ensues. I see saving a lot of people and bringing them inside my home which looked like a church from the outside or a huge white pillar dome of a home.
    There is rain n storm but i ensure i get everyone inside before i get in last. Quite vivid.

  6. Karen Lisa Pantling on


    I had a dream last night that I had my own market stool and I was selling all kinds of trinkets. It was raining, and then the rain picked up, as did the wind. Then before I knew it, the storm was well under way with lightning and thunder roaring all around. For some reason I could see this particular bolt of lightning manifesting in the clouds before it struck me. Knowing that lightning happens so fast, for some reason I was able to watch the bolt come down in slow motion before it struck me violently. I didn’t move nor try to run away, I just stood there, as waves of electric jumped off of my body. I wasn’t in any pain, it didn’t hurt me at all in my dream. In fact, I felt liberated but those around me in the dream were frightened.

  7. ibrahim shariff on

    i had a dream where my aunt’s house was in a forest and i see tht forest faces a huge thunderstrom destructing the big teak trees….. and when i was passing by tht way one of a big teak tree fell on my head and i get hurt…and then i some how manage to go to my aunt’s house…..

    note: i even faced the pain physically when the tree falls on my head in my dream

  8. I had a dream where I was in a country like canada or australia with grey sky, having time changed every 10 miles, like day in 10 miles & night in another. Lighting in the sky and small twisters over the mountains. I am just driving and meeting different people, where everyone having weird houses and from different part of the world. Silverdust falling from the sky and fireflies everywhere, it was like I was in a different planet.

  9. Rajan dhakal on

    Last night in around 4:00 am l got legs injured by lightening with Strom and rain in my dream.
    What is the meaning of that???

  10. Aaron Brougham on

    My dream was of a single lightning from a cloud which was very close to me and I was not afraid of it, in fact I was in awe of it.

  11. Victor Joe Ireri on

    I had a dream which shook me,i saw lightning on mt.Kenya and lots of floods which were drowning everything.I was with my brother who recently passed away as i noticed lightning and he soon disappeared as the floods began,he was very scared and i seemed to care less.Then i looked as some cows and had mercy on them since they were to get drowned.I saw somebody stranded and called him so we drown together and that’s when i began to fear.Then i woke up.What does it mean

  12. It’s the morning of December 28th, 3:29 am. I just awoke from a nightmare. It changed into a nightmare so suddenly. It was one of those dreams where I was in a place I’ve never been around people I don’t know. But in my dream, they were just as familiar as Chris and his family. It was a normal dream at first. I can only remember moments before the bad part started. Bits and pieces of before that are coming back now. There was something about storage… retrieving food from storage, lots of food. I wasn’t the person getting the food, I was just there in the storage room and freezer which were considerably large from anything I’ve ever seen normally. So much of that is foggy now. I remember it changing. I was inside a house. Someone rang the doorbell. It was a girl, we all knew her. She was dating one of the guys in the house, I think. It was nighttime. I remember she’d come over to show us her hat or something. Then as the dream panned past the doorway and into a much larger space I assume to be the living room, the entire back wall facing the outside was gone. This is where it got bad. There was a storm. The clouds looked menacing, like something you’ve never seen. They were morphing and changing, violent. The sky was dark, but I remember seeing orange. Then the lightning came. There was lightning flashing in the clouds. I remember thinking of how it looked, i said something to myself but The exact thought I had, whatever I said had escaped me. Then the lightning began to strike the ground outside. And we all sort of just froze. It was loud. I can still remember the sound it made when it struck the ground. I can only describe this dream with one word, violent…but it doesn’t end there. The lightning didn’t stop. It struck again, and again, and again. Almost in a zig-zag pattern. I stumbled to the ground in an effort to evade it. I thought I had anticipated its movement enough to understand where it might strike next when it got near me but I was wrong. The closer it got I remember thinking, “Its going to get me.” But I couldn’t move. It cracked and boomed so violently the closer it got. It was bright flashes and what sounded like loud explosions. If I’d ever heard dynamite exploding, that’s what the sound was relevant to, every time it hit the ground. Then it struck me. The lightning struck my entire body and I remember not feeling any pain. I felt nothing. The sound. I still heard the sound. There I laid on the ground. I was enveloped in darkness. I remember thinking, “I’m going to wake up now right?”. I fought myself trying to wake up. I managed to Free myself from the darkness of the nightmare that consumed me. But it wasn’t easy to wake up. Even then, I was extremely groggy. As I was trying to wake up and this may have been my imagination, but I saw something. A part of a shadow of elongated figure. I only saw part of it that resembled and arm and a shoulder. I remember trying to hide from that by ignoring it, trying not to ignite a reaction within myself…slowly covering my face. But I could feel the dreamworld pulling me back to sleep but I didn’t want to go. The nightmare… The lightning… the sound… The fear … it was all still too fresh in my mind. I jolted up trying to shake off the groggy feeling.

  13. I had a dream that i was in a car packed to the rim with people. It was also night time. And we were driving to one of my friends when all of a sudden a lightning storm was suddenly happening in front of our eyes. a tree was being electricuted and lightning was going in and out of it. it looked like the tree was forming an energy from how much lightning was going in and out of it. the lightning stayed there and was coming from all directions. and we drove on and a transformer box was being blown up. and then i woke up.

  14. What if you have the same dream 3 nights in a row it is exactly the same. I’m sitting in my living room I know that it’s some kind of storm outside then it happens. I am not directly by the lightning but I see the flash in the living room lights up in active feel the lightning if you say the current from it. I’ve been having this same dream over and over

  15. Toby Daugherty on

    I had a dream I was on the phone with my online boyfriend while I was walking my rabbit outside and it started thunderstorming. The lightning started getting really close, like, REALLY close, like, it was hitting the house next door. I took my rabbit inside while I was telling him what was going on while watching it from the window, and at one point it almost hit one if the next door neighbors dogs because they started barking like crazy. The thunder was also weird. It would thunder loud, but be followed by a /really/ long and weak rumble. It was really really scary and I could feel my heart pounding when I woke up.

    What does this mean?

  16. I dreamt of a red lightning, it went on our way and was not hit but it turned back and my father got hit by the lightning

  17. Last night I had a dream where I was sitting in a car with the guy I dated ( we broke up) and in the sky there was a lightning bolt with thunder and it lasted for a really long time. I remember him saying ” Ive never seen one last that long.” I said ” yeah, thats really crazy.” Then our car fell downward, as if it went into the earth. I just remember it being dark for a second. Then the dream was gone. Please tell me what that means.

  18. So my dream was kinda weird, I dreamt that I was living with one of my older foster families for a couple of weeks because I was installing internet cabling in their house. (I don’t do this In real life but it’s a job consideration of mine.)

    I was basically arguing with them the whole time I was there, telling them how shitty it was that they were so rich but somehow made me and my life feel shit. Then it started going more deeper and darker. I was basically setting up traps and paying actors off to pretend they had been hurt by my traps, but I’d cry and say that it wasn’t me and promise my life on it, kind of deal, it essentially turned into a darker version of the movie “Big Fat Liar.”

    But while I was talking with my foster dad, his appearance and outlook on life for some reason started to change, more into how I wanted him to be, but whenever I’d be talking to him a thunderstorm would take place & it was literally the biggest and loudest thunderstorm I’d ever experienced and witnessed.

    The lightning didn’t really even look like lightning, more like soft edged tendrils slamming down on the house I was working on and the more he spoke, the louder and closer it got to me, physically.

    • Joyce Nyendwa on

      I dreamt of rains and lightning and after wards there was a very bright light. I really want to know what it means.

  19. I dreamt my sibling, myself and a few far off relatives were headed for a picnic and the relatives start acting stubborn. In the meanwhile, my sisters have been trying to cross to street to get to us. On their side of the street is a church. Suddenly out of nowhere a storm brews and lightning starts to strike. I fear for my sisters and run across the stress to try protect them. The lining bolt is huge and keeps zapping across the church as we try to seek shelter. I had a feeling of fear when I woke up. There is no conflict going on at the minute. The other night I dreamt that a donkey was being nice to me and by means of gesture, offered to carry me on it’s back for the journey. Don’t know if the dreams are related to each other.

  20. I dreamed that me and my family were having a bbq in the back yard when coulds began to form and i ran away inside in fear of the rain. As soon as i stepped inside i turned around ina sec to see a lightning striking the entire outside of the house and inside me screaming thinking of m family and hearing another scream at the same time. Then i woke up.

    • This morning I got a dream that continuous heavy lightning strike my area and I can see that I am in the next area at that time with few of my neighbours around me and some other people. And due to the heavy lightning huge fire smoke was seen coming from my area. I was worried and called my parents immediately who were currently in my area, dad picked up the call and answered me “Son, I dont think we would be able to survive in this situation”. I worriedly reply them back dad dont say such things wait I will come to rescue you and suddenly woke up. I didnt understood what my dream was trying to notify me!!

  21. Last night i had this dream/nightmare i still don’t know what to think of it i was in a house with what appeared to be everyone in my family also my girlfriend my dream started off normal but then i was hugging my girl and suddenly she pushes me away becoming angry i walk outside to see this women passed out in a car thats crashed into the front fence of the house as i focus in on the sounds arround me i can hear people screaming i look up and i see the darkest most devastating lightning storm slowly rolling towards me as i run inside everyone inside the house is scared underneath blankets and tables then the storm finaly blocks out the sun and darkness falls over the house i can hear and feel the lightning strikes as the house shakes with every flash as i run towards a space that i deemed safe my cousin walks in he looks at me and for some reason he has this stare that i still see when i think of it anyone with some answers for me as to what this might mean

  22. Last night 8/9/17-8/10/17 I had a dream my boyfriend and I were in the house with possibly a couple of friends. My boyfriends brother came over during this severe lightening storm and had no care about the weather as me and others were hiding inside from the weather. My boyfriends brother goes outside to his truck after coming over to leave , he proceeds to go outside in this storm and get struck by Lightening, there was a siloete of him inside the bolt of lightening, sparks fly and he just barrels over. In my dream I assume he died and the weird thing is, is that no one seemed to care he was possibly dead. After that dream it seemed to continue and we were having this what seemed to be a party and I had to walk up a steep mountain covered in snow to drop off something to someone or drop off something somewhere. It was beautiful and so peaceful. But when I woke up I was crying because I knew my boyfriends brother had died. My boyfriends brother is an alcoholic and is currently have problems with his now ex. They have a 4 week old baby and are trying to work things out.

  23. Francheska Olsen on

    I had a dream where I was barefoot with my mother and the street was very wet due to earlier rain. Then lightning stricked the ground coming from the sky. I took my mother hand and sort of flew away from it. It kept stricking the ground but I kept getting away floating in the air with my mother. Very strange!

  24. William Hollingshed jr on

    For the past 2 nights I have dreamed of being in a house and look out a window and see this major bolt coming close to house even where I can feel it. The second dream I was standing on the porch and saw the bolt start to form and ran in the house looking for shelter. It was if though the bolt traveled the side of the house where my family gathered. Found no room without a window. I could feel heat from it. Awoke in tears! Crazy

  25. I was in dream I saw a thunder striking an electricity wired, I was standing looking at it, I decided to browse and understand the meaning.

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