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lightning dreamsLightning Dream Symbol – Lightning is a symbol of raw energy and power, which can be both generative and destructive. If you dream of lightning strikes in a storm, this indicates powerful energy letting loose in your life. Like any storm, this can be frightening and may involve the destruction of things you hold very dear.

Alternatively, If you are struck by lightning in your dream it may signal that you are going to gain intuition or inspiration in your waking life. Perhaps there is a problem you have been trying to solve that you will find a solution to in the near future. Lighting may also signal unexpected changes that are going to benefit you.

Lightning may also signal the release of built-up tension. Perhaps you have been bottling up your emotions for a while now and you are longing to release some of those emotions so they do not suffocate you.

The appearance of lightning in a dream may also be a sign that love will strike you unexpectedly. If you are single then perhaps you will find someone who will rekindle that burning fire inside of you. If you are currently in a relationship, perhaps this is a sign that you need to reignite that romantic flame inside of you.

Remember, though, that destruction is necessary to make room for the growth of new things, and this dream symbol of lightning is a symbol of powerful and generative change. Old things will pass away and you will grieve for them, but new things will come to take their place. If you can bear to be present in the storm, rather than hiding from it, you will be in greater danger of being hurt but will come out of it with greater wisdom as well.

Alternative Lightning Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of lightning is a positive sign of spending happy times with those you love. This may only last temporarily. But small things can add up to improve your life overall. It can also mean there is devastation coming to some part of your life. This could signify a natural disaster in your area or in an area where loved ones may be affected.

lightning-dreamsWhen lightning lights up a particular object in your dream, it can indicate that you or someone close to you will discover something new that will benefit mankind. If the lightning highlights an individual, this can mean they are being singled out for gossip behind their back. Some people will take delight in trying to ruin your reputation by telling lies to all who will listen.

Flashes of lightning in a dark, stormy sky brings a warning there is not a solution to what worries you. You may just have to ride it out and deal with the consequences. You may need to be wary of others motives, in particular in regards to money. Be wary of the truths they tell.

Lightning that highlights your own body can represent your feelings of disappointment and despair. You could get some unexpected bad news, which is the opposite to what you expected. Dreaming of lightning directly above you is a sign your finances will improve very soon. You will not have to make much effort and it will be enough to set yourself up for the future.

A lightning strike suggests the impossible will soon become possible. You may find yourself in a completely different situation than you ever expected even only recently. Maybe you recently met someone and fell in love. Or, your dream job came up and you had to move overseas in a matter of weeks.

Love Entering Your Life?

If you are close to where lightning strikes but remain unhurt, this is a sign that great love will soon enter your life. This is a sign of “love at first sight”. Dreaming of lightning striking your partner can mean there are sexual issues between you. These could be caused by a lack of trust or respect, arguments, or one of you may be physically injured. It takes two for these issues to arise, so you need to be aware of this and play your part in helping to resolve them.

Seeing lightning damage something is a sign that you are distracted by something and not thinking clearly. You may be so busy thinking of your lover that you cannot think straight. You forget your everyday responsibilities as your day’s float by in a daydream. If lightning strikes you in a dream, it is a warning that others will involve you in their dramas. Be careful of what you say in these situations for you risk being offensive.

Thunder and lightning together signify you may need to reassess your priorities. It may be that your dreams have grown into something new. You may need to make changes to reflect how you now feel. Fear of lightning represents feelings of dread when dealing with certain situations or people. Being blinded by lightning is a sign that new opportunities will present themselves to you. These will be highly beneficial to you financially and socially. There may be some risks. You need to weigh these up before you move forward.

Seeing someone struck by lightning and killed can mean a difficult situation will develop between you and someone close to you. It can also signify that someone close to you blames you for the trouble in their life. Lightning striking your house, causing much damage, is a sign tragedy will strike members of that household. This could have long-term negative effects.

Lightning coming from a cloud signifies future prosperity. Things will soon become easier and financially your burden will lessen. It is a time where there is not much you need to worry about. It can also mean that something from your past comes back to haunt you. This is the time you need to face justice for past misdeeds.

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  1. In my dream, I was leaving campus to go to my friends house with my friend and boyfriend. When we got to my friend’s house we were deciding what rooms to go in and where we could sleep. Soon the lightning and thunder started happening. It was so bad that the thunder was causing the house to shake and dust was falling from the ceiling. The thunder claps were so loud that that you had to cover your ears or you might lose your hearing it seemed like. I remember having to outside and there were people throwing a party for little kids with water slides. They were still trying to have the party because although it was bad thunder and lightning, it wasn’t raining at all. At the moment when I stepped outside the lighting and thunder stopped, so it was peaceful and sunny. I walked further out to find the bathroom, and it looked like a public bathroom you would go to at a park. It had many stalls and was spacious for people to go in and out. There was loud thunder when I was in there. I remember trying to hurry up and use it so that I could get back inside. I ended up coming out again because this girl that I knew in the dream asked me to take her little boy to the bathroom because she could not take him herself. When leading him to the women’s side, I ended up walking into the men’s side on accident and they had some naked women in there which was frightening and I immediately turned the boy around and went to the other bathroom. I remember helping the boy wash his hands and having fun showing him and having a friendly competition on who could do it better. I think my dream ended after that. I’m really not sure what to think of it or how to best analyze it. There was thunder and lightning, and strangely there was a kid.. and then my boyfriend who I’m newly in a relationship with but I’ve known and been in love with for years. and th

  2. In my dream I was running with many other kids I was running from someone, i think we all had some kind of power although I thought mine was useless considering it was little sparks coming out of my hands and it took everything in me to be able to make them lightly sizzle Or control them, the man who was chasing us caught up it was lightly raining at that point he took me to this metal cage where four other kids were at and locked us in while he looked for his gun (to kill us) I felt hopeless and useless a kid that could teleport tried getting out but the cage was made out of something even he couldn’t get out of, the man found the gun and while I was accepting death I realized we could beat him when he got ahold of the cage shocks came out of my hands and shot towards it. He stumbled back a little bit shocked as I very much was… he yells at me and points the gun towards me I cover my face with my hands but I never hear anything. the girl in the cage is twisting the water and choking him with it. I reach out my hands and I’m so angry and hurt that my feelings seem to somehow active the sparks but suddenly it’s not just sparks… it’s lightning and it’s a swirl of lightning and water and suddenly he falls limp next to the cage we took the keys and got out three of them ran in different directions but me and the girl didn’t. After that I screaned into the night and shot my hand upright and let the lightning lighting up the sky.

  3. Namuli safinah on

    I had a dream of white lightening mark on my left hand and someone was in the same dream was telling me u are heading into Trouble. Can someone help me with its meaning

  4. What does it mean to be struck by lightening yourself on a hot sunny day with blue skies? In my dream I was relaxing by the pool and suddenly I looked up and knew instantly some thing was going to happen, but my feet couldn’t move fast enough and was struck, multiple times, just me, whilst everyone was running and screaming.

  5. why do i see often lightning in dream now i even afraid to sleep so that i could see that lightning .i dont know why do i see lightning so frequently

  6. stranger danger on

    I saw a dream where I was outside in the rain and did not know where to go or at least I don’t remember.Then all of a sudden thunders started to echo and then lightning struck a few feet from me .Then it struck again and it was a breath away from my face .It was as if it knew on its own that it would not hit me.I couldn’t do anything I was almost paralyzed and I liked it, so I think I smiled.It was only a few millimetres away from me and it was freaking awesome.

  7. Aaliyah Sade. on

    I had a dream that I was in a bus with my friend we were talking about money , in the dream it was corona time and I had bout some stuff to sanitize myself such as mask in which I didn’t like , in the dream it seems as if we started to argue , out of no where She got up from her seat in which she was by the window and went somewhere in the bus where there were less windows the driver and I ran out of the bus not knowing what’s happening and I saw lightning coming from colds , I thought I was hurt , I thought I was struck by lightning but I wasn’t because I wasn’t hurt I just saw lightning coming from the colds and there were no storms , I got up walking like a normal person everything seems fine to me. I came here to figure what that dream meant and I think I did.

  8. I have been lately doubting my friendship with my bestie. I believe he might be taking me for granted…
    In my dream, we go on a trip with friends, and spend some time with everyone at eve by a huge lake.
    As sun sets in we walk over to a nearby river and sit by the banks. Everyone is having fun, but I m scared of the turbulent waters. I hide my fear from everyone. My bestie holds my hands and takes me closer to the water. I gripped his hands tightly. He looks at me and realises I m scared. The look on my face was mortified with fear. We sit down near the water with me holding on tight to him. Other friends call him but he doesn’t leave. We sit there. M scared but not as much because he is beside me. I see lightening in the sky that reflects off the dark rough waters of the river that rises and crashes in huge waves. As the water level begins to rise due to high tide, we get up to leave.
    He asks me to go back to the hotel room while he catches up with other guys. On my way back I see his name and signature on the mast of a small cruise boat. On enquiring I learn there was an event here and all participants wrote their names and signed on the mast.
    I call him up asking if he was here, and why hasn’t he told me about it. He acts as if he can’t hear my voice and hangs up.

  9. Daniella Dal Col on

    I dreamt that The Greek God of The Sea, Poseidon speared a trident upward into the sky and that it thereupon transformed into fork lightning. The dream was very vivid and I could connect with its energy.

  10. I dream where i was lying down with my mom and my kid sister and i saw a moon turn to red and the cloud where moving faster but the red moon stand without moving an inch, then a heavy thunder with lightning strikes coming to my direction and i was terrified immediately i grabed my kid sister and i woke up grabbing my pillow so tight. Please what’s the meaning?

    • I dreamt of being pregnant. With friends. Inside our room we were having fun. Until a lightning went in the room and struck me. Nothing was broken or anything. It struck me thrice. The third time I saw the lightning crawl on the wall, building up itself til it released itself all the way towards me. Can’t say it’s a bad dream, I don’t know why but it didn’t scare me. The dream itself has a storm but I was like, brave there. I’m not like that in real life though. I don’t know.

  11. I had a dream that I was at school, in an old building and I was in my media studies class. There were dark clouds in the sky and it was raining. For some weird reason, I was slowly removing my clothing at the front of my class until I wore just underwear. Then suddenly, lightening struck the building and forks of electricity ran through the building as well as rain. Everyone in my class was urgent and evacuated. I was the last to leave, trying to gather all my belongings at once. I managed to get out safely but now I was walking through my school mostly nude with my clothes in my hands to cover my body. For some reason I had a towel wrapped around my shoulders. Then as I walk further into the school, members of my class (a lot of them were absolute strangers) are walking back (to collect their things they left behind) and when they walk by me, they each give me these serious-somewhat-jealous looks. I wasn’t concerned, I felt confident. Then I remember walking by a guy I once had a thing with, we passed each other but we smiled and continued our paths. It was reassuring. Then I remember walking just a little further and stopping and seeing a bunch of people staring at me. All expressionless. I have an urge to turn back and I do. I go to the lockers and see that guy, he’s with someone else and they look really happy. I feel bad, but happy for them. I leave and find one of my actual friends and start hanging out with them….. then I woke up.

  12. I dreamt of a Thunderstorm which engulfed severe lighting and winds, it seemed to distract and vanquish everything in its way, it was coming my way, while I was in a room/shop with wide and tall clear windows and I could see vividly… But as the stormy mess got near and I kept telling the people around me that I’ve been trying to show them and they didn’t listen or pay attention…then as I was peeping to see the aftermath a huge flood of about 50meter high clean water that carried homes/Dupree was just around the corner, I closed the door and dashed back in the heavy flood passed and surprisingly I survived with just a hand full of people…I was still dazed and wondered how I got out of the mess but I was clean and scotfree and moving on with life…*what can this mean*

  13. I recently had a dream that I was outside looking into and trying to get into a class room of some sort. All I remember is that there was sort of a storm going on outside and I was trying to hurry up and get in the room. I was banging on the door and trying to open it for a few moments and then right as someone came to open it I was struck by lightning. I just about immediately woke up and I could literally feel it in my chest, it was like a burning sensation that I’ve never felt before. It was like the dream carrier over into the real life. This is by far one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced.

  14. Gigi de Belen on

    In my dream a lightning struck a tree and the tree was uprooted from the ground. There was no storm in my dream. All of my family members witnessed it and I saw my father went to look at the tree, the leaves of the tree are green in my dream, it was not burned, and then suddenly lightning starts to spark directly from the ground where the tree was planted and starts hitting us like a firecracker , none of us was hurt, all of us managed to escape the hit. In my dream, I was hugging my mother during the lightning strike.

  15. I just had a dream that my old friend Nick was outside my mom’s house talking to us, and he said something about a storm. As we looked behind my moms house there was a dark storm cloud and all of a sudden a huge lightening went all around that cloud. As I looked up I saw it heading for me and I was struck. I immediately tried to get to the garage for safety and i was struck again right before I entered it. I kinda swiped at it to get away from me and it did and then i told my mom to rush me to the hospital. I was actually pregnant in my dream, ( not in real life), and the doctors were putting a lot of medicine in me. Anywho I ended up being ok. What could this mean?

    • God answers through thunder , lightning and rain.if you have been on hard times it means something positive especially financial is coming your way

      • I dream where i was lying down with my mom and my kid sister and i saw a moon turn to red and the cloud where moving faster but the red moon stand without moving an inch, then a heavy thunder with lightning strikes coming to my direction and i was terrified immediately i grabed my kid sister and i woke up grabbing my pillow so tight. Please what’s the meaning?

    • God answers through thunder , lightning and rain.if you have been on hard times it means something positive especially financial is coming your way..I CAN interprete many me

      • Hi. In my dream I was going to a supermarket, then suddenly it rains then I went back home and I saw a lightning with a heavy thunderstorm I was not afraid. But I’m the person who is afraid of lightning.when I wake up I was asking my self why I was not afraid in my dream.

      • Dear Lazarus,

        As you said, I hope you can interpret my dream.
        I dreamed about, the lighting came directly to my finger (second one) from God, then I held if for a while, and then I shot it.
        The lighting struck on the roof (west south part) and went down to the ground and it was running and moving under the ground to strike the Power Pole.
        Then again, I had anger in my dream, and I was asking to have another lighting, and again it appeared on my finger, so I struck again a place of a person who I hated in my dreams.
        After that, I used my power to get rain, and at my office and surrounding area got heavy rain.

      • Heather Smith on

        What about a dream where I was trying to get into car and as I grabbed car door I was struck and wasn’t hurt but went into the air as if I was flying and then lowered back to the ground then it was over.

  16. I just had a dream where i was in a car with my mom. It was night and raining hard. It was also VERY windy. And i saw lightning strike a building in front of me as we were driving past it on a highway. At first i was in aw like “WOAH!!! Did you see that mommy!!??!?!!” But later as we were Parking back home the car the radio said something about a huge storm coming and to take shelter. As we went inside i turned on the radio but then suddenly mommy said I’ll be right back and left. It was a while until i started getting nervous and worried. I keeped hearing in the news how more and more places were being struck and caught on fire. (Now usually when the news says to take shelter there’s a storm, we dont really care much since nothing serious happens to us). I was getting worried at were my mom was. I decided to go outside but upon doing that, on the floor was a cable with blue lightning flowing outside of it and into our house. Seeing this mortified me. I ran inside and called the cops on what to do or if they can keep me with them. I cant quite remember what they said but i was upset and scared and i felt alone. So i grabbed my cat. Put her in a carrier. And ran out to my mommy’s black car (she has 2 a green and black). I turned it on to hear the news on the radio. Apparently the storm was right above me. And i look out. Yup electrical still flowing throw the cables into my house. I then looked across the street and i saw 2 men. Tge owner on the house across the street, and some guy just about to leave after checking the electric of that house. Seeing as this was my chance to leave i run out of the car through the wind and rain and (at this point i was just crying hysterically) begged the man to take me and my cat with them and I told the man about the electricity flowing to my house. He looked distressed and ran to my house. He found the cat food and i grabbed my cat from the car and we both raced for the mans car. He started driving. I was sat in the passenger seat shaking and crying. I didn’t know where my mom was and i didn’t was to loose my cat. I again turned on the radio to hear the news. “There will be a shelter underground to keep you safe” and so we decided to go there. I dont remember this part much but i remember making stops at random abandoned houses to raid for food. Through out the time of meeting the man, my cat (stella) has been escaping her carrier and getting out. I always get very fearful of something happening to her or her being struck. I always end up catching her and putting her back. Later, way later I apparently found a panchum (like in Pokemon) and i decided to take him with me. He then because family. About a day later (still with constant fear of being stuck) as we where driving down a highway. I realized that the storm was not getting better. I was getting tired and all i wanted to do was rest. But suddenly our car was struck. Luckily we were unharmed but the car was now destroyed. I was now very, VERY terrified and started crying again. We were stranded in the middle of a deadly lightning storm. Every sound the sky made, every light the sky made, they made me shake and flinch. We started walking or more like run then hide. We wound plan a place to run to have coverage and then once there we would plan where to go next so we dont get struck. As we were passing under a highway bridge i heard lightning strike something but i wasn’t sure if it was from ahead or behind us. It was so loud. (Now this part is kinda. . . Silly) the. Out of nowhere that bald guy from despecable me and his 3 kids were there kind enough to give us a ride in their fully packed SUV. Grude (is that his name . . . Idk sorry) then asks us “why are you walking in a storm like this?” We reply by telling him what Happened to our car. He then says that the bridge up ahead was struck and had collapsed on the road and that we would need a short cut. So grude then drives into the water and turns his SUV into a submarine??? And starts driving. From there i dont remember much and after hearing a loud thunder sound and a light i wake up. Can anybody tell me what that dream means?? Im very shook and my stress has skyrocketed. Its currently 2am and i dont know if i can go back asleep. Throughout the whole dream all i had on my mind was fear of being stuck and loosing stella (cat) and panchum and i was the whole time wondering where my mom went. No I didn’t watch a disaster movie nor a horror nor despecable me or Pokemon.

  17. I had a dream of an old friend and I were walking down the street.. all of a sudden he held my hand.. then I saw the back of his leather jack with a lightning I watched us walk down the street..

  18. I dreamt of very powerful lightning it was coming from the north west this lightning destroyed and flattened a volcano.

  19. I dreamt of a large intimidating figure striking myself and several unidentified people with red fiery lightning. I then saw a warrior helmet that split in half, revealing half of my face/half helmet

  20. Teri Claiborne on

    I had a dream that my family and I were in a huge house (that apparently we owned) with big windows around the house. I could see out the windows that there was a storm coming in. But, this storm was different, it was like it was alive. The clouds were dark and dense, huge with gray and purple coloring.. it was moving and coming in quick to our house, like it was coming for us. I started to panic and gathered my Kids to move them into the basement where I thought we’d be safe. I started to notice lightning flashes through the windows, so I went back upstairs to see.. the storm was surrounding our house, lightning was striking various spots outside the house and some were able to strike within our house.. and then I noticed that the clouds, the gray purple clouds, the ones that seemed alive was looking for something… like moving from window to window, and the lightning was a distraction..
    I got my kids back upstairs so I could see how it would react. That’s when I noticed my youngest had caught it’s attention. It was looking for him, and it wanted him.. I stood my ground and tried my best to hide my youngest behind me, but I was so scared. Then this HUGE thunder sound came out of it. It shook the house so hard that the roof caved in, and then I woke up.. what could this mean?

  21. I had a dream where lightning struck my husband and I remember hearing and feeling vibrations as I woke up. I remember seeing balloons? My birthday is August 30. It scared and freaked me out. What could this dream mean?

  22. Samdisha Kochhar on

    I had a dream, where I was hanging out with my family and relatives outside my house in rainy weather, and suddenly there was some lightning which no one noticed, except me & lightning hit my right shoulder injured, but there was no pain or fear. My scar was like a bullet shot. I was quite scared first & then I told my mom & other family members, but they didn’t believed that it was lightning. And then my doctor relative check my shoulder & confirm it to my dad that “Yes, it is sky lightning”.
    After this I woke up. Can u please explain this ?

  23. I had a dream where i was stood somewhere on land (probably a cliff side or a grassy area) and in the distance, it was dark and cloudy, suddenly, lighting started to strike the ocean, and at times it lit up the beach/ cliff edge in the distance. However, in the dream i wasnt affraid, in fact i felt safe and thought that it was beautiful. (The way i have written it makes it sound lile a story )

  24. I had a dream and there were dark clouds everywhere and it was very stormy (as if it was about to rain). Soon lightning started strucking, but then it strucked on the dark clouds and the sky started clearing up. I was standing by the roadside with some old friends by then. I suddenly saw a cloud tossing in the sky above. I knew it was going to fall and surprisingly, I wanted to catch it. I separated myself from my friends and I caught the cloud. It surprised me that I was able to catch it so I kept holding it and looking at it vividly. A friend saw me holding it and asked, “what is that?”, and then I replied, “its a CLOUD”. It felt like a cushion, a very cold soft cushion. It started melting in my hands and then I woke up.
    Please can anyone interpret this dream for me, if you can? Thank you.

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