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lightning dreamsLightning Dream Symbol – Lightning is a symbol of raw energy and power, which can be both generative and destructive. If you dream of lightning strikes in a storm, this indicates a powerful energy letting loose in your life. Like any storm, this can be frightening, and may involve the destruction of things you hold very dear.

Alternatively, If you are a struck by lightning in your dream it may signal that you are going to gain intuition or inspiration in your waking life. Perhaps there is a problem you have been trying to solve that you will find a solution to in the near future. Lighting may also signal unexpected changes that are going to benefit you.

Lightning may also signal the release of built up tension. Perhaps you have been bottling up your emotions for a while now and you are longing to release some of those emotions so they do not suffocate you.

The appearance of lightning in a dream may also be a sign that love will strike you unexpectedly. If you are single then perhaps you will find someone who will rekindle that burning fire inside of you. If you are currently in a relationship, perhaps this is a sign that you need to reignite that romantic flame inside of you.

Remember, though, that destruction is necessary to make room for the growth of new things, and this dream symbol of lightning is a symbol of powerful and generative change. Old things will pass away and you will grieve for them, but new things will come to take their place.If you can bear to be present in the storm, rather than hiding from it, you will be in greater danger of being hurt but will come out of it with greater wisdom as well.

Additional Meanings

Dreaming of lightning is a positive sign of spending happy times with those you love. This may only last temporarily. But small things can add up to improve your life overall. It can also mean there is devastation coming to some part of your life. This could signify a natural disaster in your area or in an area where loved ones may be affected.

lightning-dreamsWhen lightning lights up a particular object in your dream, it can indicate that you or someone close to you will discover something new that will benefit mankind. If the lightning highlights an individual, this can mean they are being singled out for gossip behind their back. Some people will take delight in trying to ruin your reputation by telling lies to all who will listen.

Flashes of lightning in a dark, stormy sky brings a warning there is not a solution to what worries you. You may just have to ride it out and deal with the consequences. You may need to be wary of others motives, in particular in regards to money. Be wary of the truths they tell.

Lightning that highlights your own body can represent your feelings of disappointment and despair. You could get some unexpected bad news, which is the opposite to what you expected. Dreaming of lightning directly above you is a sign your finances will improve very soon. You will not have to make much effort and it will be enough to set yourself up for the future.

A lightning strike suggests the impossible will soon become possible. You may find yourself in a completely different situation than you ever expected even only recently. Maybe you recently met someone and fell in love. Or, your dream job came up and you had to move overseas in a matter of weeks.

If you are close to where lightning strikes but remain unhurt, this is a sign that a great love will soon enter your life. This is a sign of “love at first sight”. Dreaming of lightning striking your partner can mean there are sexual issues between you. These could be caused by a lack of trust or respect, arguments, or one of you may be physically injured. It takes two for these issues to arise, so you need to be aware of this and play your part in helping to resolve them.

Seeing lightning damage something is a sign that you are distracted by something and not thinking clearly. You may be so busy thinking of your lover that you cannot think straight. You forget your everyday responsibilities as your day’s float by in a daydream. If lightning strikes you in a dream, it is a warning that others will involve you in their dramas. Be careful of what you say in these situations for you risk being offensive.

Thunder and lightning together signifies you may need to reassess your priorities. It may be that your dreams have grown into something new. You may need to make changes to reflect how you now feel. Fear of lightning represents feelings of dread when dealing with certain situations or people. Being blinded by lightning is a sign new opportunities will present themselves to you. These will be highly beneficial to you financially and socially. There may be some risks. You need to weigh these up before you move forward.

Seeing someone struck by lightning and killed can mean a difficult situation will develop between you and someone close to you. It can also signify that someone close to you blames you for the trouble in their life. Lightning striking your house, causing much damage, is a sign tragedy will strike members of that household. This could have long-term negative effects.

Lightning coming from a cloud signifies future prosperity. Things will soon become easier and financially your burden will lessen. It is a time where there is not much you need to worry about. It can also mean that something from your past comes back to haunt you. This is the time you need to face justice for past misdeeds.

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  1. Last night 8/9/17-8/10/17 I had a dream my boyfriend and I were in the house with possibly a couple of friends. My boyfriends brother came over during this severe lightening storm and had no care about the weather as me and others were hiding inside from the weather. My boyfriends brother goes outside to his truck after coming over to leave , he proceeds to go outside in this storm and get struck by Lightening, there was a siloete of him inside the bolt of lightening, sparks fly and he just barrels over. In my dream I assume he died and the weird thing is, is that no one seemed to care he was possibly dead. After that dream it seemed to continue and we were having this what seemed to be a party and I had to walk up a steep mountain covered in snow to drop off something to someone or drop off something somewhere. It was beautiful and so peaceful. But when I woke up I was crying because I knew my boyfriends brother had died. My boyfriends brother is an alcoholic and is currently have problems with his now ex. They have a 4 week old baby and are trying to work things out.

  2. Francheska Olsen on

    I had a dream where I was barefoot with my mother and the street was very wet due to earlier rain. Then lightning stricked the ground coming from the sky. I took my mother hand and sort of flew away from it. It kept stricking the ground but I kept getting away floating in the air with my mother. Very strange!

  3. William Hollingshed jr on

    For the past 2 nights I have dreamed of being in a house and look out a window and see this major bolt coming close to house even where I can feel it. The second dream I was standing on the porch and saw the bolt start to form and ran in the house looking for shelter. It was if though the bolt traveled the side of the house where my family gathered. Found no room without a window. I could feel heat from it. Awoke in tears! Crazy

  4. I was in dream I saw a thunder striking an electricity wired, I was standing looking at it, I decided to browse and understand the meaning.

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