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lightning dreamsLightning Dream Symbol – Lightning is a symbol of raw energy and power, which can be both generative and destructive. If you dream of lightning strikes in a storm, this indicates a powerful energy letting loose in your life. Like any storm, this can be frightening, and may involve the destruction of things you hold very dear.

Alternatively, If you are a struck by lightning in your dream it may signal that you are going to gain intuition or inspiration in your waking life. Perhaps there is a problem you have been trying to solve that you will find a solution to in the near future. Lighting may also signal unexpected changes that are going to benefit you.

Lightning may also signal the release of built up tension. Perhaps you have been bottling up your emotions for a while now and you are longing to release some of those emotions so they do not suffocate you.

The appearance of lightning in a dream may also be a sign that love will strike you unexpectedly. If you are single then perhaps you will find someone who will rekindle that burning fire inside of you. If you are currently in a relationship, perhaps this is a sign that you need to reignite that romantic flame inside of you.

Remember, though, that destruction is necessary to make room for the growth of new things, and this dream symbol of lightning is a symbol of powerful and generative change. Old things will pass away and you will grieve for them, but new things will come to take their place.If you can bear to be present in the storm, rather than hiding from it, you will be in greater danger of being hurt but will come out of it with greater wisdom as well.

Additional Meanings

Dreaming of lightning is a positive sign of spending happy times with those you love. This may only last temporarily. But small things can add up to improve your life overall. It can also mean there is devastation coming to some part of your life. This could signify a natural disaster in your area or in an area where loved ones may be affected.

lightning-dreamsWhen lightning lights up a particular object in your dream, it can indicate that you or someone close to you will discover something new that will benefit mankind. If the lightning highlights an individual, this can mean they are being singled out for gossip behind their back. Some people will take delight in trying to ruin your reputation by telling lies to all who will listen.

Flashes of lightning in a dark, stormy sky brings a warning there is not a solution to what worries you. You may just have to ride it out and deal with the consequences. You may need to be wary of others motives, in particular in regards to money. Be wary of the truths they tell.

Lightning that highlights your own body can represent your feelings of disappointment and despair. You could get some unexpected bad news, which is the opposite to what you expected. Dreaming of lightning directly above you is a sign your finances will improve very soon. You will not have to make much effort and it will be enough to set yourself up for the future.

A lightning strike suggests the impossible will soon become possible. You may find yourself in a completely different situation than you ever expected even only recently. Maybe you recently met someone and fell in love. Or, your dream job came up and you had to move overseas in a matter of weeks.

If you are close to where lightning strikes but remain unhurt, this is a sign that a great love will soon enter your life. This is a sign of “love at first sight”. Dreaming of lightning striking your partner can mean there are sexual issues between you. These could be caused by a lack of trust or respect, arguments, or one of you may be physically injured. It takes two for these issues to arise, so you need to be aware of this and play your part in helping to resolve them.

Seeing lightning damage something is a sign that you are distracted by something and not thinking clearly. You may be so busy thinking of your lover that you cannot think straight. You forget your everyday responsibilities as your day’s float by in a daydream. If lightning strikes you in a dream, it is a warning that others will involve you in their dramas. Be careful of what you say in these situations for you risk being offensive.

Thunder and lightning together signifies you may need to reassess your priorities. It may be that your dreams have grown into something new. You may need to make changes to reflect how you now feel. Fear of lightning represents feelings of dread when dealing with certain situations or people. Being blinded by lightning is a sign new opportunities will present themselves to you. These will be highly beneficial to you financially and socially. There may be some risks. You need to weigh these up before you move forward.

Seeing someone struck by lightning and killed can mean a difficult situation will develop between you and someone close to you. It can also signify that someone close to you blames you for the trouble in their life. Lightning striking your house, causing much damage, is a sign tragedy will strike members of that household. This could have long-term negative effects.

Lightning coming from a cloud signifies future prosperity. Things will soon become easier and financially your burden will lessen. It is a time where there is not much you need to worry about. It can also mean that something from your past comes back to haunt you. This is the time you need to face justice for past misdeeds.

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  1. I’m not sure if any of these examples fit what happened in my dream. In my dream I was in this building and the lightning was furiously trying to strike me out of anger. I say out of anger because for some reason I felt like it was a conscious sort of being. Instead of being scared, which I completely out of the ordinary for me in my waking life since I’m terrified of lightning, I was annoyed and angry at it. I really want to know what it meant since I haven’t forgotten it after over 24 hours and it’s just stuck in my head.

  2. When I had a car crash a few months ago in real life something was triggered in my head I felt it was the end of something and something new around the corner well I had this dream last night I sor thunder and lightening with a big bang I heard in my dream the bang woke me up is this a start of something new.

  3. in my dream, i saw lightening and thunder through the window of my room. i was so much afraid that i held my daughter very tight. it was not striking at us though. i just happen to see it through the window. then later in the same dream, someone from my house brought me a sad news of someone i know dieing. what can this mean?

  4. I just drove into the employee parking lot and headed to my usual spot which is far away (to avoid door dings). I noticed a parked car that was abdonded and vandaluzed. I changed my mind to park near the entrance so as I drove to the front there were many spots open (surprisingly) and I saw a few people walking. As I statred to park, the rain poured down, it was dark. I started to walk and got soaking wet, then a bright light flashed in front if me, I was startled, and remember thinking what would happen if lightening struck me. Then there was another quick flash of bright light, except I was struck in the back of my neck, but kept walking. Realizing I was struck by lightening I woke up frightened, and that’s where I am now “googling” lightening dreams.

  5. I was driving in my a car when I Saw lighting and could hear thunder from a distance and it wasn’t raining it was a dry thunderstorm.
    my car stoped working for couple minutes but after I tried to start it a couple of times it started. Then I work up

    • I work in the automotive business my dream was I was on a test drive with a co-worker that has recently quit it was raining outside we were stopped in a parking lot lightning hit a car next to us and then the lightning hit the back of the van through the back doors blew a hole came in almost touched me neither of us said a word he kept driving when we were driving lightning struck the van and I could feel the energy and the bright lights all around the van another whole blasted through the top and the lightning came in and almost touched me then we drove forward I move to the front seat and ask if he realize what just had happened he looked at me with a face of disbelief and said oh my God are you kidding me yes we drove to a place I don’t know what it was when we stopped I looked outside to make sure it was not raining and figured we needed to get out and get into a building we both ran into a building their first door was locked we panicked and split up I ended up inside and couldn’t find him there were lots of people in this building

  6. I had one. The storm was striking lightning outside of town one every second in the forest. I thought oh no big forest fire going to start. It was heading our way. I ran into the house an unplugged all electrical devices from the wall and then the lightning destroyed​ the roof striking me. If it helps right now in real life we are selling everything to move for my new job.

  7. Just woke up from a dream where I saw the most beautiful lightning storm in front of my house. I set up a camera to take a picture of the lightning striking me but someone stopped me. Wish I could remember who it was…

  8. I saw it was night time and was raining heavily. I was with family, my mom dad and my sister. We were holding hands when the lightning striked. It made a big love sign. It was so big that we waited for the thunder in fear but it didn’t come. I also saw in that same dream that my ex wanted to get in touch with me. We don’t talk in waking life and we had settled things well enough. I don’t feel anything towards him and don’t even think about him so I was surprised I saw him in my dreams. And right now I’m single. I found many useful things from the article but what about the sign the lightning made? Please reply me. Thankyou

  9. It was a peaceful day, the sky is clear blue and im with my family, when suddenly the white clouds appeared and started to cover the clear blue sky. The white clouds spread rapidly and create massive lightning strucks everywhere. Me and my family ran to our house and no ones got hurt and then CUT! Huh… i dont have a clear idea about this dream. I hope some one can lighten me up. Thanks

  10. I dreamt of my late older brother struck by lightning infront of me. It was night time and i think raining and he was walking towards me and struck by lightning. I woke up after that

  11. Henrietta Diop on

    There was lightening outside and suddenly a big thunder bolt directly on the roof above me. No one was hurt. What does this mean?

  12. Ok..this isn’t really about lightning a such as it is the dream itself..for about a week I keep dreaming I was at this place and I was praying for this person.I was burning little pieces of paper and incense.. now the weird part is there is these purple electrical “bolts” were coming out of my fingers in all directions and they are centering on this little statue or rock I can’t remember what it looked like but there was this guy there and all of a sudden I drop an incense but it’s burning like a sparkler and begins to burn a hole in the floor…this guy looks at me and says I thought for a second you could have been my son but I was mistaken..oh yea .I remember seeing this lady I used to go to church with look at me as I was getting these papers to burn and she was smiling..but the strange part is every morning my hands are killing me..they hurt to even make a fist

  13. I dreamed of a storm with multiple lightnings hitting next to me in close rage. Lightlings everywhere in front of me at the back and side to side within seconds , lightning’s hitting around me in every second but a am surprised that it did not hurt me I got home safe

    • I’m no expert, but it sounds like you are going to survive a life threatening experience within a narrow margin. …… Aaaand I forgot to look at the date of this comment.

      Anyway, I hope that helped.

  14. Hi I’m dealing with a lot in my life and had the biggest argument with my boyfriend about something stupid and went to sleep on the fact he said he was done with me. I had a dream a lighting bolt came and hit a building across from me and the electricity from it went straight through the building as if from a movie. But it did it 5 times not knocking out the power only to be making it stronger. And then it happened to mines but it was four times knocked out the power on the third strike only to make it so much stronger on the forth strike. Idk how to feel about this dream because as I wrote this I felt like I got a sign that everything will look up for me after this last bad attraction.
    Please respond to me ??!!!

  15. I am here because I was looking for the meaning that I was struck by a lightning and saw myself dieing. Thank you for the informations that I found here. It’s helped clear my mind.

  16. i was sitting on a pier with my brother at a lake it was very calm , i told my brother ‘ hey you know what i can?’ he said ‘ what can you do ?’ i said’ i can control elements’ he didn”t believe me i said ‘look ‘ and as i counted from 3 to 1 i made the intention clear that i wanted to control the water .., but then my left arm raised into the air and i looked at the sky and felt electricity energy entering trough my left arm going trough my lower arm and i could feel it in my veins in both my lower arms as the electricity was charged up in me i released it and there was a huge lighting strike in the middle of the lake and i saw huge waves at the back of the lake like 10metres high , like a storm that was coming up

    what could this mean ? also before this dream in this same night someone reminded me to the chi energy

  17. I was in such distress from the beginning of this dream, crying all the way through it. From what I can remember, these people of about 20 I knew where some of my family but couldn’t see their faces where being forced down a hill from a town to a raised stream to get baptised and they wore green garlands in their heads. They where all content at knowing they where going to die because of this huge lightning storm that was going to hit and it was following us as I rushed to get people baptised. (Can’t remember if I ended up being baptised) Next minute, there was a barge that 3 of my family members got on (still couldn’t see faces) but they knew they had to go inside this barge to die. I was crying and crying throughout and I asked them not to go, begged and pleaded for them to stay with me and my little brother, but they HAD to do this for it to stop. The storm gets closer and closer and I’m still crying holding my brother tight, one of the three people on the barn who, felt like my mum, told me to take my brother away upstairs into a house so he couldn’t see them die. I did and within seconds he was in a basement near a big power box which was right next to this barge and the lightning was overhead at this moment. I rushed down to get him as the lightning was coming in and I said close your eyes as the lightning hit 3-4 electric boxes, a bright light shon and I closed my eyes too and then, it was over. I look up at the burnt power boxes and knew it was over. The lightning storm was leaving and I sighed as I knew all I had was my brother.

  18. Logan Seymour on

    I’m going though a very rough time right now and I’m falling apart I’m so confused and hurt and just hate life and I heard about this , so I had a dream where everybody I knew where running in a feild and getting struck by lightning so I ran to them to try to help and I got struck in the back by lightning and woke up crying it was so painful I felt my back just feeling like I really got struck I need to know what it means plz someone answer me

  19. I dreamed I was driving through a storm with dark skies bright lighting striking in sky but I made it home safe.

  20. I dreamt that I was sitting on the beach next to my husband, other people were also sitting on the beach. Our son was to the left of us, playing with some other children. As I was looking ahead, a straight lightning rod came down and hit the sand infront of me. I was shocked for a moment, then a huge wave of sand came up and covered everyone. I felt unconscious for a second, then told my self to get out of the sand and look for my son. I felt that my husband was ok. I got out of the sand and said “where’s Nikolas, is he ok?” Then I woke up!!
    What does this mean??? It was a very strange dream and I woke up with a bad feeling.
    Any response would be great!

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