Light Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Light Dream Symbol – Light is a dream symbol of understanding and knowledge. Turning on the light in a room is indicative of understanding the reality around you and being able to interact with it effectively and with full understanding. On the other hand, if you try to turn on the light and the light does not come on, or if it comes on but is too dim to see much, this is an indication of a lack of understanding.

At some point, your ability to gain knowledge about a matter is being frustrated, and your subconscious mind is aware that you are not able to gain this knowledge. Any people and places involved with this dream symbol are also highly significant.

For instance, if this dream occurs in your childhood home, this points the finger at your parents being the ones to “keep you in the dark,” while if it happens in a workplace, it is likely that a boss or a coworker is keeping information from you.

Additional Light Dream Meanings

When you see the light in your dreams it is about clarity, understanding, and greater insight. Seeing light streaming through the clouds can mean you have a new understanding of a difficult situation. You have greater clarity and may now see the truth. Seeing bright light is a sign you have a greater level of understanding.

Soft shadows represent the more primal aspects of your character rising to the surface. This may be a time to let them out, to face them. Not being able to turn on a light reflects your lack of insight in a situation. You may need to change your perception. Seeing a weird light or if a light diminishes, you will have an unpleasant surprise that something you thought would have success actually fails. Dim light symbolizes that there is only partial success.

Light is a positive sign if it represents the lifting of the shadows. It brings positive energy into counteract the negative energy in your life. It signifies new understanding, clarity, and truth. Dreaming of a beacon warns to proceed with care to avoid trouble. Seeing a far-off light is a shining light of hope that you can achieve success in the future.

Dreaming of light brings clarity to the shadows of your life. You are about to understand the real truth. The light of a fire can mean you are being guided by the light to new knowledge and greater wisdom.

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  1. Dylan Paim on

    What about 7 lights going into the sky. The dream was 7 years ago with me and 1 possibly 2 friends or enemies sitting on a tailgate behind a chain link fenced area in the country chatting. An Egyptian cat appears we go to hunt it then 1 by one 7 lights shoot into the sky then the cat disappears and im all alone in this fenced in area. Then the cats eyes appear in the distance looking at me through the fence and I believe the lights come back down to earth. It may be possible the lights dropped first then went into sky.

  2. Angelika Amador on

    In my dream, I was sitting in a room with a few people. Then a boy came up to me and was smiling. We prayed with a group of people, then there was a bright white light in the sky. Then i almost made it inside then I failed. I was sad afterwards, but the boy made it. Then I liked flashed to the future, and saw the boy again, but older, and he was my future husband. I saw 2 boys, 2 girls in my dream, they were my kids apparently. I was in a living room with my husband, mom, moms mom, and three random women.( I dont have any kids or a boyfriend/husband) Interpret?

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