Light Bulb Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Light Bulb Symbol – A light bulb is a dream symbol of understanding and knowledge. Turning on the light bulb in a room is indicative of understanding the reality around you and being able to interact with it effectively and with full understanding.

On the other hand, if you try to turn on the light bulb and the light does not come on, or if it comes on but is too dim to see much, this is an indication of a lack of understanding.

At some point, your ability to gain knowledge about a matter is being frustrated, and your subconscious mind is aware that you are not able to gain this knowledge. Any people and places involved with this dream symbol are also highly significant.

For instance, if this dream occurs in your childhood home, this points the finger at your parents being the ones to “keep you in the dark,” while if it happens in a workplace, it is likely that a boss or a coworker is keeping information from you.

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  1. Jaymie Rivera on

    I’m pretty spiritual and I try to acknowledge signs from the universe. But one thing I keep noticing in the oddest places is light bulbs. Not turned on or even connected to a power source. Just different kinds and bulbs randomly in certain rooms or what not. Does anyone know what this can mean?

  2. I dreamt my bottom front left tooth was so loose it could go up and down in my gums. (My grand daughter showed me her loose tooth today)
    However, all of a sudden the tooth was a lightbulb. A lady came over and turned it on for me, and it lit up and started flashing like a Christmas bulb.

  3. It is currently 5:40 am and I’ve just woken from an extremely strange experience that I must say has given me the chills, I’m not sure in a good or bad way.
    Firstly I was dreaming that I was in my bed my bedroom was completely dark, yet the room was stretched, I wasn’t able to turn on my lamp, nor my phone and I became scared because it was completely dark. I’ve never liked complete darkness and my room (in real life) was unusually dark tonight.
    In my dream I was speaking with someone, not in the room but above me, like a figure who was all knowing. They were saying they could see the lamp was on and that my phone was on. It felt like my eyes were only seeing darkness. In the dream my lamp’s bulb blew out, I couldn’t see it but the voice said to touch it to feel the heat from the bulb. I could feel the heat and I wished my grandfather was there (he is alive) because he is educated in electricity, he used to be an engineer and he would be able to fix the anxiety I was feeling in the dream by fixing the light. At which point I was trying to use my phone again to some success and then I woke up.
    When I awoke my room like I said before was unusually dark, the dream had given me a somewhat strange sensation but I recognised I was out of the dream and everything was okay. I felt relief knowing my phone and lamped work. I needed to go to the toilet and proceeded to get out of bed, flick the switch to my lamp and the bulb immediately blew. I felt a wave of awe come over me as my dream literally manifested itself in reality in something beyond my control. Of course I realise now it is probably coincidence but it still gives me chills thinking about it as I type. I’ve lived in this apartment for 9 months and no bulbs have blown in my room up until 1 minute after having this dream. I move out next week. I am now on my phone with my lamp on after replacing the bulb feeling more at ease.

  4. I’m tired of flipping wall switches and turning on lamps but still dark. I always complain I need to buy lightbulbs. Really frustrating dreams! 3 nights now. What’s up with this?

  5. This dream has happened twice within a couple days. I was drunk and had a lightbulb in my hand and bit it. Started chewing. My mouth was bleeding but, in my dream, i was wondering why i can’t really feel it. In the dream i was like consciously thinking “oh its because I’m drunk”

    Ftr im 24 years old but i don’t really drink very much any more so its not like I’m craving alcohol

  6. Francis Tawiah on

    I dreamed that l was asleep in my bedroom, when a dark man,l couldn’t see his face, entered my bedroom and turned on the light. He then proceeded to my bed, he pushed my curtain aside and l panicked and woke up suddenly, with fear.

  7. But me i dreamt when am with my mummy and the house has different bulbs with different colors but am the one who switch on the lights and house was look so beautiful.

  8. In my dream, I was in a my room and then the light bulb is still turning on but I can saw that it has leakage on it but it is still turning on–afraid that It will just bring greater damage-I decided to fixed it with my hands -it really did but after a while-the white flourescent bulb-breaks–I could see the halogen dust gets out from the broken bulb and then I told my sister to tell our landlady to buy a new one.

    anyway what does mean?

  9. Laura Rodriguez on

    In my dream is complete darkness I’m not scared I keep asking and searching in the darkness for bulbs I keep trying them in multiple lamps but none work. I feel like I had to read something but couldn’t then when I woke up to having a panic attack

    • it means you’ve always searching for truths and you really tried to search it from the people that surrounds you but still it never give you satisfaction–God wants to tel you -you have to read something from Him-and that ‘WRITING’ will bring truth to what you have searching for.

      • I beg to differ. God does not tell us what to do – especially with traits like reading and speaking etc., as for Mankind, it’s ALL about OUR OWN Choices. One of the problems with humans is that they turn to other humans for help and rely on the guidance of man instead of seeking God’s Help themselves. We are so misguided when it comes to God that we shall continue to experience fear, discomfort and have NO peace of mind. Dreams are often THAT, which is already embedded in our sub-conscious, hence , dreaming only of those with whom we are familiar or related to. Maybe if people become more aware of God’s Power – NOT in anyone else’s name – not his angels, nor prophets nor messengers nor ANY creation, then God’s Guidance & Inspiration will let them see the reason for their dreams and embedded thoughts. It may be be very hard except for those who bring a lowly spirit. 🙂 Peace

        • Comprehend the Bible before you say it’s not god. People who say it’s not god usually stop asking questions they still don’t have answers to. The Bible will explain the purpose of living. Bible stands for (Basic.Instructions.Before.Leaving.Earth) God can’t tell us what to do nor can he make us do it, but he can guide us to do what’s best for our lives. And the only way to understand that is to comprehend the Bible. If you can’t then go back to learning English then read again. You choice.

  10. Katrina Powe on

    My cousin was in a coma when I dreamt that she was at my home. She kept walking from room to room clicking the lights on and off. She asked why we were sitting in the dark. It wasn’t dark. I tried to explain it to her, but she didn’t respond. Then she walked out of my huge picture window into a bright light and disappeared. The next day she died! I believe this was a warning for me preparing me for her death.

  11. in a work place there is light and some bulbs were off out side while the one in my office were bright .meaning pls.

  12. My dream was jut in a home. It may have been some relation to a book I was reading wen I imagined it . I had read that part of the book before I had went to bed that night. I wasn’t even fully asleep. Only sleeping about an hour. I knew I was on my be and the whole left side of my body stared to get warm. Kind of like hot flahes but I’m not even 16 yet. My body almost felt so hot that it was cold.(in real life) in the dream I was in a room. It was dark. Sort of like a basement type area. The walls were solid. There was a light . It wa almost like a flame though. My foot was near it. I was with one or two other people. We knew there was a spirit there. Then we asked a question. (I can’t remember) (sort of like a ouiji board) then the other person took a breath looked at me and said. The light bulb in the office. Then the flame went out& I woke up in cold sweats. I have no clue why I freaked out. It meant nothing to me.
    This doesn’t make anyyyyy sense to me what so ever.

  13. I dreamt I was changing bulb at burial ceremony which was very dull to a bright one. What does this mean

  14. I dreamt of many light bulbs just last night. I can’t count them they are just too many and it surrounds me and my face. The light was so bright it filled the room. I also see that one in the dream was turned off but it was still bright.

  15. I had a dream of turning a light bulb on in a room an one came on slowly while the other collected smoke in the inside as if it we’re about to burst wat is the meaning of that ..!

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