Life Jacket Dream Symbol


Life Jacket – Dreaming of wearing a life jacket is a symbol of holding onto safety in a risky situation, rather than relying on your own strength. A life jacket in water will hold your head up, but it will also encumber your movements and make it harder to swim.

Similarly, the life jacket in your dream represents something you are holding on to, something which legitimately does help prevent bad things from happening to you, but something which is also perhaps preventing you from reaching your full potential by being able to swim freely. There is also often a certain amount of latent fear present in this dream symbol, especially fear that you will sink and fail if you remove the life jacket.

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  1. sammy davao on

    i had a dream riding on a speed boat on a bluish shore and clear sunny day with my daughter. i am looking for a life jacket to speed boat operator for safety purposes due to very fast speed.

    • Had a dream about an old friend who leave on a boat with a couple (unknown), a storm hit, and she was the only one who came back with a life jacket on.

    • Had a dream about an old friend who left* on a boat with a couple (unknown), a storm hit, and she was the only one who came back with a life jacket on.

  2. Faith Endicott on

    Not look before taking my family to buy life jackets, I had a dream of me hovering over water…I could touch it, ……but was hovering. Between these dreams, I had a dream that I was driving in no headlights either, ……but i drove perfectly fine. This dark dream was before NY blackout.

  3. what does it mean if a parent that has passed is showing you a white life jacket with a hole through the middle? you can see through to the other side with the hole.

    • Carl E Thacker on

      Interesting. In my dream I had a surfboard with a hole in the middle I found it after I crossed a river with a life jacket on

  4. I was sitting up by the shore of the forest with my friend when a person goes crashing through on the dock knocking a woman, my friends daughter, and my son off and into to lake. I run down the dock and see the woman holding my friends daughter and i start yelling but he is wearing a life jacket and then i dive in the lake and the life jacket goes by me. As im swimming i see my son lifeless at the bottom by the docks pole. My heart stops beating and i woke.

  5. I dream that the whole church had on white life jackets and I had to check to make sure everyone had on one then I saw,water but it was rain not a lake or pool

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